How The Heroic Actions Of Bus Driver Darnell Barton Showed The World What The Only Real True Religion Is!

While I often rant about what’s wrong with the world or exposing injustice on so many levels, I really do see the good in the world and there are many doing good things under the radar.

But one story that caught my eye in a strong way was that of one Darnell Barton, a bus driver in Buffalo New York who is now considered a hero as he should be for pulling over his bus to stop a woman from jumping off of a highway ledge.

He could have done just like so many others and continued on, but he felt something when he saw this woman who was contemplating suicide and took an action that saved her life!

Darnell Barton - Rescue

This happened this past October 18th 2013 as he was driving a packed bus full of High school students home after school, I know for a fact how easy it could have been for him to become distracted with a noisy bus full of kids so he truly had to be connected to the Holy Spirit in order to understand what was in that woman’s heart and also to hear his divine commands from the Almighty above.

We need to showcase and applaud the good acts in our world because God knows we have too much buffoonery and foolishness on our televisions and computer screens.

Not only that, as a Black man it’s really great to see a Brother who has the spotlight on him for doing what he did. Not that our brother’s good acts are far and few between, it’s just not in style by the so called mainstream media to make us look good because it’s bad business for them.

We are the bogeyman that gets the job done to strike fear in the masses in order to clear out entire neighborhoods in the name of gentrification, justifying the law enforcement agencies across the country in their brutality of us.

Our demonizing also gives an easy out for anyone looking to have someone to blame for all of the ills and malfunctions of society, and looking closer this is going on big time as President Barack Obama is the poster boy for all things wrong in the world no matter how much good he has done.


Now understand that I do not agree with all that he has been doing on a political level, but I know what it is when I see the extra venom toward him flowing that it’s not merely a political feud but a racial issue with those who are not used to taking orders from anyone who isn’t White.

But something like the good deed of Mr. Barton should ring on forever! Why? Well, think of it this way, if that woman was successful in taking her own life, then any children that she may have had afterward would have never been born into this world. All I’m saying is who knows? Maybe one of her children will grow up to find the cure for cancer or become a catalyst in bringing about World Peace or something close to it.

God Calls

We should never ever again take any kind deed as something to be minimized because those deeds alter the course of our lives in a positive manner in ways that we can never dream of.

So the next time something is placed on your heart to do you should NEVER ignore that command no matter how small you may feel it is. It’s not for you to rate the effect of your actions because in reality you never really know how needy that individual may be for the human touch and a gesture of caring.

Your heeding the divine call to action in a small way may be all that’s needed to jump start that weakened and saddened spirit to greater heights to overcome the rut they have fallen into to have caused them to see the world in a negative manner.

Donald Trump To Give Darnell Barton 10,000 Dollars

It can happen to any one of us and we must remember that we will reap what we sow. So to continuously look to be that person who will make a difference in someones life or situation and just might make the difference in our destiny in the afterlife.

Okay, I know that we’re saved by grace and not by deeds, but if your deeds aren’t correct in the eyes of our Creator don’t you think those deeds could keep us OUT of that never ending perpetual place called Heaven? Too many of us take God’s grace for granted and treat our fellow man as though they are not precious unless we need them for something but Darnell Barton showed us something very different when we think of what the normal reaction would be.

He wasn’t looking for attention because I get the feeling that he would have been quite alright with not receiving ANY attention for what he did and that he probably is a man who does good deeds all of the time just like we comb our hair or brush our teeth.


Isn’t that quite a contrast to these clowns who are supposed to be the men and women of God but won’t look to reach out to a person unless it’s a publicity driven photo opportunity for them or something that will line their already full pockets to fuel another unnecessary shopping spree or exotic trip?

It is imperative that we see how God works in one another and not wait until Sunday Service to worship a mere man who barely wants to shake your hand unless you have a crisp bill to slip to him. This is not God at all! But we witnessed god in that humble unassuming bus driver from Buffalo New York named Darnell Barton!

He doesn’t have Reverend in front of his name.

He doesn’t have Dr. in front of his name.

And while I can’t say for sure, he probably might not have any letters behind his named but the one thing I’m sure of is that when God told him what to do HE LISTENED!

Darnell Barton

How many of us will listen when God calls out to our hearts?

Are we caught up in our worldly status in thinking we are too big to submit to a divine calling? Too many of us are and if we could learn a lesson from anyone we have the finest example of righteous submission in the form of Mr. Barton.

He didn’t ask for a seed offering. He never claimed to be God’s middle man. All he did was submit to the will of God and when you really look at it, that’s the ONLY ONE TRUE RELIGION that God will acknowledge…….submit to His will!

…….it’s as simple as that!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Submissive Brother,



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