High End Technology & Old School Wisdom – Too Much Of One Or Not Enough Of The Other?

Is there a direct correlation between how far we’ve sunk as a society and how far away we have gotten away from the basic life giving truths shared by our wise Elders?

One would think that with all of the affordable high tech gadgetry that we have at our disposal that we would all enjoy a heightened improvement and quality in our lives but it seems to be just the opposite.

In actuality we are living even more like cavemen and barbarians more so today before we had these advantages of technological advancements which leads me to ask, were we better off without it?

With the gadgetry that is supposed to SAVE us time, we oftentimes find out that we seem to have LESS time at our disposal than ever before!

With the advancements that is supposed to have us communicating even more, we find ourselves as social misfits who are moving toward a state of being reclusive hermits.

With the wealth of information at our fingertips instantly, we are the most uninformed generation of people who are moving about the earth in a daze and without a clue.

With any form of entertainment and distractions available to us on a whim, we are the most suicidal chronically depressed and out of touch culture without a touch of joy in our collective souls.

So what is it about the gadgets like our computers, smartphones and realistically impressive video games that is sucking the life out of us that its presence is supposed to enhance and improve?

I look at it this way, our technological advances are on the opposite end of the same spectrum as the presence & wisdom possessed by our Elders except that the former needs the latter to live and the latter can and has always stood on its own.

What do I mean by this?

Well, good old fashion wisdom just cannot ever be taught on a flashy piece of gadgetry that has not one life experience to share. It is like junk food, very stimulating to the senses but without the substance of nutrition that your body is craving for. Our high tech world actually leeches wisdom. It turns wise men into fools as it blurs ones judgment.

It bombards the brain with images and scenarios to stimulate the senses and cause us to things that were only thought of because it gives us an imaginary example of what is possible and we go out and finish the facade and bring it to fruition!

A married man who has a weakness with sexy women in his heart but has maintained control over his lower desires might just be pushed over the edge when he spends an afternoon at home alone on the computer to finally “see” what was always in his imagination.

A teenage boy with a system flooded with testosterone and a short temper just might forget that life is not a video game and go out and pick fights with strangers or anyone who angers him to act out his desensitized emotions and find himself locked up in jail with no one else to blame but himself.

LanceScurv in New York City

A young lady with no strong male figure in her life might fall into the trap that her night in shining armor will come faster if she – just like in the music videos that she is addicted to watching at bedtime on her smartphone – dresses seductively and emulates the movements and actions of the video vixens who have lured my young ladies into a faster life and the bad consequences above what they were made to handle and encounter only if they had a little more wisdom.


…….can true wisdom and understand be something that could be Googled and downloaded quickly into our psyche and utilized without spending time with someone who has been there and bruised there knees in life to gain that knowledge? Of course the answer is NO!

But because we are bedazzled by the never before seen technology that has flooded our senses with a drug-like dominance, we think that to sit down and listen to the people who are so willing to teach and share what they have taken a lifetime to learn is just a waste of time because they appear to be outdated. But oh how we can get slapped with a dose of reality and come running to seek out those who may not even know how to push the “on” button on a computer but have the wisdom to deal with that very situation that has you running scared!

The fact of the matter is that we have traded in the necessary human touch with an ice cold robot who cares not for you because it is not even alive! How can a smartphone comfort you in the midnight hour when you’ve just received the news that you have lost a loved one? Can all of your “Apps” hold you close and guide you through one of the most difficult periods in your life?

Can your “touch screen tablet” give you eternal life and save you from a never ending damnation in the lake of fire? Well, any observer would surely think so because you clutch that tablet with a sense of urgency that our Elders clutch their Bibles yet we can’t even tell the world when was the last time we’ve even TOUCHED a Bible much less open it up to gain that precious wisdom that will guide us through the storms that are sure to come in this life!

Technology can be a very good thing if we live in balance and understand that it can aid a life that is based in righteous principle and not the bedazzling distractions that bombard the senses and are not worth anything at all as far as substance is concerned. Let us spend more time seeking knowledge from our living breathing peers and Elders who have walked the walk and lived to talk about it.

Too much of one and not enough of the other?

Of course.

Can’t you tell by how our world has “lost it” and become another Sodom and Gomorrah? Heck! This place is even worse than Sodom and Gomorrah has ever been! And we are being lead by our lower desires to use technology to manifest our darkest urges with the blessing of satan as he causes us not to hear that loving voice of those who care about us and are trying to share with us what is right.

We are so caught up in these gadgets of death that we can’t hear what will breath life into us so we are sinking fast and don’t even realize it.

I myself really miss those days when an older experienced person would take the time to sit on the front steps of a friends home and share with us golden tales of what things were like back when they were our age and the timeless wisdom that is just as relevent today as it ever was.

While after a few months or a year when the new I-Phone and Droid phones arrive, we will throw down and toss away what was deemed the hottest thing around in exchange for the new thing never realizing that the wisdom shared that teaches divine principle will never fade away out of style but the fads of the day will pass on even faster than one can realize.

Take the time one day to pick up your land line and call someone who has a few years on you as well as some wisdom or better yet, go visit them so you can see them face to face. Cut your phone off and resist the urge to see what folks are saying on Facebook because that useless chatter is not as important as the living breathing guide who sits in front of you and can suggest which path to take when you are in the valley of decision!

…….and what’s even better is that the revelations of God sent to you through your Elders never drop a “signal” like your cellular carrier does occasionally because the signal from which they derive their words from come straight from the Creator Himself!

Think about it and switch over your account for free and for an eternity!

God’s voice never gets dropped and his service and love for you never gets cut off if you don’t have any money!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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