Who Hijacked Our Divine Gift Of A Stress Free World?

The hijacked substitute life that we all are living now is so far beneath what our Divine Creator gave to us as a gift and it’s a shame that most of us don’t even realize it.

The level of stress that most consider the norm is so far above anything that the human body was made to endure.

anxiety - gift

While I’ve always felt this way about life and this world in its present state, it really hit me today when I took a little trip to visit with my Father-In-Law on Father’s Day.

While it wasn’t a visit would be long, the little time that we spend together he showed my much love as always and made me feel so good in the little time that we were there.

When I arrived there he just finished up pruning some trees in his front yard and cutting the lawn, for a man who has been on this earth for 78 years he is very strong and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all in the years that I’ve known him.

He has his own thriving lawn care business and is officially retired from his life profession but says he will never stop working because movement is life.

He has always proclaimed that the moment one stops striving for something in this world is the moment that they will begin a straight march toward the grave before their time.

He also mentioned how it’s a damn shame how the powers that be have this world set up to keep them in power and snatch away the God given gifts from us in order to keep them profiting off of us.

So I was tickled pink to hear this Jamaican man from the country echo the same thoughts toward this worldly system that I do.

So we got into the most interesting discussion about life and the things that we felt just shouldn’t be in a world that feels as though it’s spiraling out of control.

Downward Spiral - Gifts

But the basic conclusion that we came to is that our Creator made this world to really be like a Heaven on earth, stress free and freely giving us all that we would need to sustain ourselves over and above anything that we could ever desire.

And somewhere down the line some evil envious entity was hellbent on taking away our spiritual divine birthright and determined to make us pay for a life that was meant to be free from all debts forevermore.

Now the things that were given so freely by our God has been hijacked and for some reason we have to toil and sweat for unfair imbalanced wages that keep us forever stressed beyond our natural capabilities so that the evil imposter can stay living in the life of luxury that was meant for us.

Why is it that the fruits that grow so freely that are made just for us now must be paid for to an imposter in a system that could never treat us fair and always on the short end of the stick.

This is like having someone steal your holiday gifts and forcing you to pay a premium price just to get them back!

Stealing Holiday Gifts

It’s not supposed to work that way! That’s called hijacking!

While we are to work to cultivate the earth so that it can bring forth its fruit in a timely manner, we who are all Brothers and Sisters in this world were to pool together our talents and abilities freely with each other without a penny being exchanged for not one thing.

No one would need a retirement plan if the world was run in this manner the way that God intended.

Everyone would be considered family and the entire world would truly feel as if it were our home.

There would be no division in any way whatsoever and everyday would be a total blessing of an experience for us to behold.

But someone hijack this gift of life indeed and I just can’t understand why many people don’t see it as clear as I do.

Too many of us have merely accepted the world the way that it is on face value because that’s the way it has always been and are terribly afraid to question it.

But why is it that we have to pay a huge amount of money to a man for some land that was made by God to house us, produce food for us and lay a foundation for our future generations to come?

Land For Sale - Gift

Whenever a home goes up for sale, there must be a title search completed to ensure that the person who claims to own the house actually does.

Also, there just might be someone else who could lay a claim to the ownership of the property so to make sure the title is clean is to proactively avoid a complicated legal mess that would transpire if someone stepped forward claiming that the house can’t be sold without their consent.

My thing is, how far back could one go in this system of things to lay claim to a land that at one point no one else could claim except the one who created it?

And since we know that no man precedes God Himself, how is it that man has set himself up in God’s place to receive anything when the one who created it gave it all so freely to us? Why is that?

I mean, in some countries no one questions a family who has occupied a land for countless centuries and no one would dare step to them to even move their mouth to say that they are being foreclosed on!

So where does this modern day madness end and when will we realize that we are suffering from such a high level of toxic stress because we are living out of our purpose to each other while someone else is sitting back on “Easy Street” while we work until we leave this earth.

It just wasn’t meant to be this way!

When I drive outside of the city limits and enjoy the view of the country, I notice that there is such a peace and order in the animal kingdom but most people have been brainwashed to think that the animals are wild and out of control when in fact we as human beings are the ones who are out of our divine lane.

Florida Conservation Area - Gift

You see, we have become inoculated with envy, hate, racism, sexism, feeling higher because of status and pedigree, superiority based on complexion and all kinds of foolish idiosyncrasies that have poisoned our minds to cause us to see our Brothers and Sister to be everything else but one family under God.

Sure, we do have many different wonderful cultures sprinkled throughout the world, and the planet is a better place because of it but we all have one Heavenly Father.

So understand that our cultural and racial differences are a wonderful thing and give the experience of life on this planet more flavor as long as we don’t fall for the trap of exalting one people over another.

And it was the intention of our Heavenly Father for us to see each other as family and be on call to readily help one another as needed no matter what our areas of expertise may be or where our talents exist.

In my opinion everyone would freely contribute and everyone would immediately benefit with a peace of mind that would be unheard of in this modern day twisted society that specializes in the age old tactic of divide and conquer.

Young kids would be taken care of freely and taught by the best teachers who wouldn’t have to concern themselves with keeping a high mortgage because their house would have been built by the very parents that are taught by that teacher.

The elderly would be the babysitters of the children because they possess the wisdom to share with them and the time to give them in order to ensure that a responsible law abiding adult was being cultivated to add a quality person to society.

Elderly Man Reading To Children - Gift

The doctors would treat everyone freely and they also wouldn’t have any huge bills to pay because again, our community would all barter our abilities in return for what we need.

Of course there would have to be a system in place to allow such transactions of personal energies to be exchanged fairly and equally, but the bottom line is that all of your basic needs would be covered without the stress of holding down a job where you boss refuses to compensate you according to your true value to the workplace.

If we fall sick then the community comes on in to pick up the slack from the lost efforts that you would have shared so generously.

There would be absolutely no worries as to who has the best healthcare system because the doctors would be a part of a collective styled system that will keep everyone from ever worrying because the resources of this planet and each other belongs to everyone.

What a beautiful world it would be!

Just remember, every time you feel some envy toward someone who is honestly putting in work and making great progress in their chosen lane, you are moving yourself away from that ever elusive Utopia that God has promised for us on this earth from birth to ascending to the next level of existence.

For those fruits of the nether spirit are like acid eating away on everything that is wholesome and good for us.

Danger Acid - Gift

We in fact have taken a template handed down to us to keep this world in a state of perpetual bliss and tainted it with the Evil One’s spiritual transgressions in order to keep us from that perfect world and allowing “him” to slip into the cracks of our psyche’s to hijack the total gift of life.

But the good news is that we can still have bliss on earth 24/7.

If we can rid ourselves of these negative spirits that appear to really be embedded in some of us, and sway those back in line who are tempted to walk the straight path, then almost immediately we can turn this world around free of all war, free of all rape and robbery, free of all hurt, pain, abandonment and broken hearts then the hopelessness that is a precursor to suicide would cause those statistics to vanish!

So to fall in line as human beings the way that the birds of the fields fall in line as birds will always keep us – like them – well fed and without worry, the Holy Spirit will always guide you right into your destiny that is sure to hold great blessings simply because of your obedience to God Himself.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



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