Hillary Clinton “Don’t Feels No Way Tired!” – The Red Carpet


Dr. Ramona Brockett examines the real agenda of Hillary Clinton as she brazenly marches toward a Presidential Bid and reveals what segment of the population is NOT too high in her book of priorities. But then again, what ELSE is new? Listen, Comment & Share!

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  1. Vontonio Johns

    I hate to say it but outside of alternative media, I’m not really interested in this next election. I’m not a dumb guy at all but I feel that I was kinda duped into supporting things that really aren’t good for this country and damn sure aren’t good for melanated people.

  2. Daniel Murray

    11.55… I can not really understand, but it made me so angry… her mock
    black voice.. and when Obama did it at Selma, when he put on his black
    voice, her didn’t sound black american, he sounded like Hillary.

    These people need to be removed.

  3. It's Ya Girl, Jesus' Wife

    Hillary Clinton is wack. Besides the fact that she must think all blacks are idiots, how can she quote an old black GOSPEL song, yet is running for president?? The word of God doesn’t permit women to lead men. The hypocrisy. If Hillary Clinton is elected president next year, that will be the complete downfall of this nation. We have to submit to the Lord… Has she not done enough? This woman is almost 70. Retire already. 1st lady of AR, 1st lady of the USA, US NY Senator and Secretary of State wasn’t enough for her? Feminists make me sick. H.C. can keep that garbage she is trying to sell. I ain’t drinking her kool-aid.

  4. YellowRoseOvTx

    You don’t feel “no ways tired”?? Good! Run back to where you came from and fire your public relations person and speech writer. I researched Hillary Clinton about 4 or 5 years ago and because I know so much about what she stands for, I could NEVER EVER vote for this woman. She is a non-factor…they say her name and I start thinking about what I might have left in the oven or what I need at the store. Screw that eugenics wench. She is just so fake and she makes me so angry.

  5. Jss Pss

    Politicians are all full of shit … but yeah I was offended by that old church quote. And she did a terrible job of the black church lady accent …. it made me hate her more.

  6. SheSoonStar90

    Hillary tried it! She definitely has an agenda. Maybe this is what they meant by Obama will be the last president. She separates the types of blacks but they separate the gender. They wouldn’t take her serious. They would over ride her decisions. The plan is for the patriarch to work behind the scene to make the matriarch look bad and to further more prove their fucked up way of thinking when it comes to women and power and how women should be bare foot and pregnant and are not capable of holding a position of power. Some may see this as black and white but I see it as the battle for power period. Man Vs. Wombman. This is not about color. When it comes to the elite and agenda they will use color but to them it is just a distraction. Racism is a tactic given to them by a set of beings that are well versed in the art of war and it worked for them so they continue to employ this tactic especially over the last few years with big cases like Trayvon martin to Eric Garner which were blown up for their propaganda. This right here is letting me know women are finally breaking free of the Disney fairytales and shaping a mind of their own. Old systems are falling and they are not dealing with it very well so what better way to take women down than to put a mk ultra puppet out there to push their agenda. This could get bad. This goes back into my area of astrology. It is all in the stars. They know a big change is coming. It is time and they are doing everything to prevent this from happening. Once again ladies who are blind to see whether you are black or white this agenda is to set you back by an egotistical male dominated society. They have so many tricks in their bag it is not funny and this is just another one for you. Thanks for sharing Mr.Scurv

  7. blackcougar1959

    100% on point again. I for one am not drinking that witches, HELL-ary ‘s evil brew, and black people or ANYONE who was not offended by that condsending, cringe worthy “performance” of a speech, should re-access their dignanty, and sensetivity meters. Patricia Arquette is no better. These particular white women are pushing a dangerous agenda that will throw black people, and black women included, under the bus. So if, heaven forbiid, HELL-ary wins, and those black sheeple who voted her in office… PLEASE don’t be suprised when your N***** moment hits you,


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