Hit Your Stride And Never Look Back!

When you hit your stride you must never look back.

The universe will line up for you to shine to the world your brilliance and the winds of change come only so often so you must seize the moment and utilize the gift and the opportunity to manifest that new reality.

You won’t get second chances.

When that time comes, you must not waste a moment seeking the approval of anyone.

You must not seek validation from those peers who are not privy to the vision that has blessed your eyes.

You must not allow a mate to hinder you, for they may not even be destined to be in your life at the time of the harvest that came from your great stride in the present. If that mate plans on being there for your victory run, they will applaud and encourage your efforts!

You must allow no one must interfere with that gut feeling that you have deep within to take that great shot at the unknown that you KNOW is tangible even before you’re blessed to touch it.

The greatest artists never sought the approval of their biggest fans when it was time to manifest the beauty that lay dormant from the world in their heart.

The greatest singers have always felt until the day that they passed on that they never hit that high note in the way that they were capable no matter how great the fans would beg to differ and make a case for otherwise.

Those who have attained a level of notoriety for excellence know that they have become the masters of seizing the moment where a higher level of execution is necessary to attain the greatness that resides within them.

If you are to achieve the higher levels of your potential then you must know how to isolate and neutralized all of the factors in your midst to make your breakthrough happen.

Too many of us sit back in a docile manner and expect to have our new blessing of a reality to magically appear without having to hit our stride in the manner that God created us to manifest.

Understand that there will be a time of pulling yourself away from the thinking of mediocrity in order to ascend upwardly in life because it is the thinking of the mediocre defeated individuals that will add weight to your personal mission and most likely halt it from becoming a reality in the first place!

Think of all of the great wasted potential that never got sprinkled with the bold waters of urgency that fell short and never had the chance to be displayed to the world as to what can be accomplished when one believes in themselves enough to invest the positive righteous actions that will separate the mediocre from the brilliant!

Don’t miss out on your chance to do just that, it is easy in this world to miss the mark because time waits on NO MAN!

The weight of missing the mark combined with the discomfort of regrets makes for a very uncomfortable aging process when those who have taken advantage of their window of opportunity have nothing but joy in their chest cavities as time grays their hair.

This kind of explains the disgruntled old men and women who cannot escape the pain of their regrets as they have come to realize that second chances are not always guaranteed to anyone much less than tomorrow is guaranteed to no one.

From a very young age I always knew from the examples that I witnessed in public of the venomous older folks that I had better live every single moment of my life to the fullest to create a wonderful collage of memories that will titillate my soul long after the bounce in my stride has long disappeared from my repertoire of youthful imitations that we do of ourselves in old age.

So never allow anyone to hinder you from hitting your stride because at the end of the day it is you who must live with your decision to not act when greatness beckoned.

To hit your stride you must never look back because the place that you should be striving for should be the all encompassing goal with every fiber of your being. Looking back will take away from the power of your “liftoff” and actually weaken your ability to make it to your new reality. Therefore, all negative entities in your midst must be banished or you will suffer the same fate as those disgruntled cranky elders.

Your sanity will be questioned because of the moves that your are making in your personal life but eventually it will be replaced with praises of brilliance! The outside factors of all that is around you good or bad should not sway you in any direction as your motivation should come from within.

To remain independent of any influential exterior factors will keep you hitting your stride for years to come.

If there is any secret to longevity in any chosen field of excellence it would be that one should stay true to themselves in order to maintain that sense of true success because if you must alter yourself or change your morals in exchange for worldly accomplishments you have prostituted yourself in the worse way, losing something that is so precious that you can never get back.

What is it you may ask?

It’s your personal character and integrity.

…….and no amount of worldly riches is worth it.


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