Hold On To Hope Real Tight Because The Storm Never Lasts Forever!

When I go to the shopping malls I see so many happy looking faces full of smiles but when I look deep into the eyes of those who appear to have it all together I can see a deep sadness that doesn’t match the grins.

This is not everyone but it is far too many that I can see. I observe how people make their purchases that give them a temporary sense of pleasure and satisfaction as an escape from their inner void and as soon as the euphoria has worn off it is back to the depression state of being once again. They continue to hold on to their bags tight while not holding on to the things that will bring them true joy.

How many times have we seen on the television how a person who seemed to have it all just pick up a gun and kill themselves after there was no clue of their pain to even the closest individuals to them in their inner circle.

Why is this sense of doom so prevalent and where does it come from?

Just earlier I was thinking to myself how at this particular time in my life I have been the happiest I have ever been as an adult and am so glad that I held on through the rough times to be so blessed to see and experience this day. But what if I didn’t hold on through those times that seemed to go on forever with no end? I dare not think of it and thank God that He gave me the strength to carry on when there didn’t ever seem to be a way out.

We all can find ourselves in that dark place and the cause of it could be many reasons as no two situations or people are the same. So in seeking clarity as to why you feel this way, understand that there is no one size fits all answer that will rid you of this cloud over your life. Some storms take time to go away and you must realize that while you may be going through a very intense storm right now, that the sun still shines over those clouds and you must hold on until it is over.

Perception is everything, I understand that, but do not take your perceptions as being reality because the human mind is so easily deceived and all it takes is for one authentic sounding negative thought to push you off the precipice of hope and joy into a downward spiral in the bottomless pit of depression.

Cliff Hanging

Once you find yourself in that dark place everything that once made you feel good will make you feel bad. Your mind when in this space will find a way to turn everything that you observe into a reason why you are no good and doing worse than everyone else.

The good intentions of friends only help to push you down even more as they offer words of advice without even trying to understand what you are feeling or how dim those rays of hope are barely shining in your life.

“Snap out of it!” “Get over it!” “Just get up and live life and it will go away!” These are just some of the cliches’ that they will utter in their amateurish attempts to bringing you back to the “old person that they knew” before you “got this way” as though you are diseased or something

Well I am here to tell you that this feeling may expire soon or it may expire later, I am not a professional so I will not even move my mouth to give any advice that I am not licensed or trained to share. But what I do know and what I will say is that you are here on this earth for a reason and that reason is valid and very much real even if you don’t know what that reason really is right now.

All you have to do is hold

When one holds on through that fiery furnace of affliction and troubled times, it builds within us a character that will later view all prior obstacles that brought so much fear and apprehension to our lives as though they are minor molehills in our path to our ultimate selves.

Remember when you were in school and was so intimidated to go to the next grade higher, you may have thought that you didn’t have what it took to go through but you did. You had to hold on and go through to see that you were capable to achieve a new level and standard just like you do right now in your life.

Look, the source of your present woes may be financial, they might be emotional stemming from a broken heart in a relationship that came to an unexpected abrupt ending. Maybe it came from the loss of a loved one and that sense of closure doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the horizon.

You may not even know what it is as the world around you tells you that you have it all but this is the most empty that you have felt in your life and your material possessions are a mockery to you know because they don’t even bring a modicum of satisfaction. Whatever it is know that there is a flip side to this equation and you will never find it in a bottle of pills, a liquor bottle, a porn site or an affair.


And not for nothing, you may have to let some people go out of your life no matter how far back the both of you go, if they are bringing you back to those areas in your life that do you no good then they are NOT your friend!

Only the one who created you has the answer and to get to that answer you have to delve into the word that He left here for you and I when times like this arrive to our doorstep.

Just like that person who needs to back off of the heavy meat, dairy and junk food consumption, our depression is a call for us to let go of all of the things that we thought at one time that would bring us joy. We can sometimes become so stubborn in our determination to not want to let these things go that it becomes our downfall in the end.

These vices and indulges are not what will bring us to that calm, tranquil and happy place but the exact opposite. It will clog the vision of your third eye and have you so far off of the mark from where God wanted you that while you may not know it in your conscious mind, you will feel it in your soul and walk with the burden of living in a sad reality that was never meant for you.

I can safely say that now that I have cleansed certain people and activities out of my life, I can see the true beauty of this world that was so hard to observe even though it was right under my nose all along. When the world around us seems hopeless and looks so negative, sometimes it is our own mindset that can color it that way so we have also got to accept some responsibility about how we feel about our lives.

But my inner cleansing has me enjoying every single minute of every single day with even more enthusiasm than a freshly graduated high school kid who desires to conquer the world in record time! My drive to live life and give back to it is not some manufactured outward show to the world but a deep rooted appreciation for the life that was given to me by my God and my way of thanking Him is to be all that I can be!

Only the negative forces of this world want you to not see the true beauty and worthiness of ourselves and throw the towel in by either committing suicide or living a life as the walking dead to indulge in vices that numb you until that day of passing really arrives.


Sun Through Storm Clouds

Release all things superficial and notice the passing beauty of a sunset or a walk through the neighborhood to see what you’ve missed by driving your vehicle everyday. Feel the bond and warmth of a stranger to whom you’ve nervously struck up a conversation with only to find a warm kind human being behind the defensive mask that most wear to distance the predators away when traveling in public.

We all have so much in common yet we have distanced ourselves from one another in the true ways of intimacy only to become a faceless social media network page that does nothing form the needs that human have for each other and the human touch that leads us to become depressed when we lack that in our lives

Let us get back to what counts the most and that is the true human contact and exchange that makes such a difference in our lives where the lack of it merely leads us down that dark road of depression.

I’ve been there and experienced that and now that I am at the happiest time in my life barring childhood I can truthfully say that every bit of inner and outer struggle that I’ve had to endure to make it to THIS point in life was WORTH IT!

Remember my personal saying: “You can’t appreciate what’s sweet until you’ve tasted what’s sour!” Believe that!

I hope my sincere words have brought a semblance of clarity and hope for you I am real and you are too so if you need to reach out to me do so by hitting my with a text message or call at the number below. If you think no one cares then know that I care and that I won’t let anyone of my Sisters or Brothers fall by the wayside if I can help it!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Sympathetic & Understanding Brother,


About The Author

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