You can’t walk with God while holding hands with the Devil are words spoken by Sister Terri’s beloved Grandmother and are just as powerful today as the day it was first spoken. While our Sister may have thought to herself saying “now where did Grandma get that saying from” it is quite evident in the present day that she inherited the vast treasure of wisdom that her Grandmother held in her soul.

So today Sister Terri speaks on the decadence exuded and practiced in the Music Industry overall but especially the Hip Hip Music Industry as it affects the development of our youngsters and beyond. We as Black people are paraded across the airwaves and internet as hedonistic clowns who have nothing on their mind but all things that cater to their lower selves. Our image is not controlled by us nor are we profiting in no way from it other than being displayed as a lower form of life that has no value.

This makes it so much easier for a police officer to pull the trigger to snuff out our lives and for anyone to feel any remorse as the casket is lowered into the ground. Sister Terri does an excellent job as always to be that voice to pierce through that thick veil of propaganda to bring a mighty word to our ears that have been hungry to hear the truth!

Please share your perspectives on Sister Terri’s powerful monologue and feel free to add on to her words to create a tsunami of righteous vibrations to halt the attack on our mind, body and soul through this demonic music.

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