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Why Is Hollywood Attacking Bill Cosby’s Credibility & Legacy?

Anyone can see that the never-ending Tsunami of allegations accusing Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct and rape has to be part of an organized effort to destroy his legacy and bring his credibility down to nothing.

But the question in many of our minds is who might have a motivation for doing this and why?

Why pick on an aging icon who isn’t an apparent threat to anyone or at least not a threat to anyone who doesn’t possess a twisted agenda in their heart?

What is it about Bill Cosby that makes him a threat to someone and what would he possess to be a threat in the first place?

Well we all know that it’s a fact that Bill Cosby has been an extremely successful man who has worn many hats in his journey as an entertainer and man of influence and beyond.

And while we all will admit that he has had his own fair share of rocky moments being a very visible man as far as the public goes, for the most part we all can say that he has pretty much been a man that not only the world could be proud of, but one that Black people could draw a positive inspiration from when compared to the fallen icons that have been smeared by their own hands as well as the hands of others.

Cos - Hollywood Is Afraid

But for the most part, who else has the positioning, the wealth, the discipline, the knowledge and the experience to navigate Hollywood’s roughest and most deceitful shark infested waters to remain relatively unscathed with so many positive plans for the future in the entertainment industry.

So many positive plans?

Yes, rumor has it that Bill Cosby intends to create his own major network that will challenge all other major networks without the negative and buffoonish imagery that has become all too common for Black people in what television and media are exposed to today.

While I cannot validate this information and saying this officially, I believe the mere rumor of such a power move would motivate the established inner circle and powers that be to do anything within their power short of killing him to ensure that he has no foothold in the industry with his long established constituents to make him untouchable to work with because of his smeared image and character.

Someone is trying to stop him from moving forward with something that would cause a power shift in Hollywood indeed.

This is simply my gut feeling and I’m not afraid or hesitant to say so.

These women who are coming forward with these OLD tales of sexual misconduct have no credibility as far as I’m concerned but make for the sensational news that grabs the ears of the masses and keep those advertising dollars rolling in!

You see, the biggest threat to this hierarchy that has been in place for so long is an independently thinking Black man who can fund and finance his own influential projects away from those who would surely stop them if they could.

To control your own brand of media and infuse it with positive imagery would cause those who starve for such material to begin to think higher and act in a manner that would bring a smile to God’s approving face.

The satanically based Hollywood agenda cannot stand to see this so in order to thwart the plans of this very rich Black man who has the world in the palm of his hands and nothing to lose is of the utmost importance to those wicked devils in Hollywood who profit from the perpetual ignorance of the downtrodden.

Please leave your thoughts, opinions and perspectives in the comment area below and let us continue our intelligent dialogue.

God bless you always…….

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