Hollywood’s Present Fixation With Butlers, Uncle Toms, Mammies And Slaves – And You Call This Progress?

First of all, please don’t dog me out about where am I getting my facts from, because this article is an open post about my feelings and observations about the intentions of what Hollywood projects for the Black race in the near future.

…….when speaking from the heart I just find it difficult to be so anal about it.

But with the recent movies showcasing Blacks as Slaves, Mammies, Uncle Toms and Butlers, immediately the thought hit me that this was a way to get the minds of Black people conditioned to more easier accept the subservient status in society that is desired for them from many who control the system by pulling the shadowy strings of influence in Hollywood.


…….and yes, I know that I sound like that conspiracy theorist who overloaded on YouTube videos, but I will not be afraid to ever express myself from the fear of being labeled that!

If you told me 30 years ago that you would have a nation of young Black men who sagged their pants on their own will and thought it was cool to do so, I would have told you that you have lost your mind!

But lo and behold, you have so many who believe that this twisted fashion statement is merely a fluke that happened by chance.

But of course I happen to think otherwise.

Saggin Pants

Look, you’d have to be a fool to not feel as though it was a bigger hand in this “chance” happening to come about and if you look closer I believe the reason is the culture components of music, fashion, media projections and what the stars do as far as what they considered cool to influence these naive minds.

Our powerful Black culture has been infiltrated, hijacked and turned inside out to now being the readily digested sugary sweet addictive poison to our minds that it has become.

We have always been a very useful, helpful and lucrative race of people to the majority population here in America and I believe that every effort is being made to keep most of us in that space by controlling how we think and see ourselves as a people.


At a time where too many young Black men and women are set up for a disastrous life by their persistent indulgence in their compromised legacy, the failing grades, ignorance in basic life skills and the scars received through our own poor choices of teen pregnancy, incarceration etc., most will accept the subservient offerings much more easier after absorbing these movies into our subconscious minds as we realize our options for a quality life and painful employment are slim.

We as a people are so starved to see anything in the media that represents our struggle that we simply don’t question the motivations behind the gifts of these movies that portray the time in American history when I”good Negroes knew their place”.

Mammy - Gone With The Wind

Why don’t the creators of these big screen offerings make movies that show the Black race in their brilliance in their mighty historic empires BEFORE slavery and the beat down damn near useless husk of a human being that has been stripped of all knowledge of self to the point that they will now reject anything other than what they’ve been taught in these American schools of indoctrination?

How about a fantasy movie to stimulate the minds of our young Black men and women showing what would have happened if slavery never happened as it did with the evil blood thirsty demonic invaders who took free Afrikans as slaves as well as this who sold their own Brothers into slavery being defeated.

Try making a movie on how we as Blacks in the current day would be a powerful people who are masters of economics who successfully utilize the vast resources found on the Afrikan continent for their benefit while those envious demonic entities the world over have no chance of exploiting a wise people who were raised intact mentally, physically and spiritually.


You want to inspire Black people with a movie that will stimulate us? Then why not start with those?

Why not show the freedom fighter named Nat Turner in an effective story if a righteously brazen Black man who rose against his enemy to inspire his descendants on the present time to rise up against THEIR enemy and oppressor?

Why not make a movie about that to utilize the vast life force contained within these Black youth who are thrown away by society and told through the media that they are nothing only to be happily subsidized by the State to easily generate money for the modern day slavery in the privatized prison system?

Private Prisons - Modern Day Slavery

I’m hearing crickets over here!


Does the thought of creating such motivational works scare you because they will loosen the oppressive grip on a people who you hate because of their innate spiritual power, yet love because of what you can easily get out of them profitably as they live in a state that is literally out of their minds?

Of course it upsets you because as long as Black people can be misled into your brand of manufactured insanity they will always be out of their mind while keeping you in a life of luxury that most of us will never see.

But I can’t merely blame the movers and shakers of the mainstream media because they couldn’t influence us as they do if we ensured that we were made whole by being infused with the powerful education and vital knowledge that their schools simply refuse to teach us.

Not to mention how they study our history in secret knowing how powerful we are while making every effort to keep “their” books out of “our” hands! Even though they know that their free ride on our backs won’t last forever, they’re damn sure trying to extend that free cruise for as long as they can!

Masonic Old Charges Constitution

But sadly we show no interest in ourselves as we prefer to emulate the high priced sellouts that are the media clowns and Pied Piper’s who we follow on mass so readily and into our doom.

So we are again reminded of how far we are expected to go as the Hollywood mind control machine churns out movie after movie of to lower our standards subconsciously by what is placed out into the atmosphere for us to digest.

It’s definitely a proven fact that as human beings we take on the shape of what is around us over time.

There’s no disputing that.

Terminator T - 1000

If you put an American in England for a time to live, after a while he will begin to speak with an English accent.

So if you don’t smoke weed but go to a party where everyone else in attendance does so, then you will smell just as guilty as all those who are high out of their minds around you.

So stop thinking that we as Black people are making progress simply because we can now see more images of ourselves projected across the enemies big screen as though he is telling us something about our history that we don’t know.

I was once told by a Great Elder in my personal life with the initials W.C. that “If you go back, you stay back!” You’ve got to ask yourselves WHY is Hollywood making us reminisce on a time in our history that was quite demeaning, uncomfortable and painful?


Do YOU as a progressive person want to wear shoes that you’ve outgrown by two or three sizes merely because someone else loved the way they looked on you when you could fit into them?

Those same pair of old shoes should inspire you to get up and change your present reality so that you don’t go back to that potentially exhumed framework of the time in our not too distant history that had you ON YOUR KNEES scrubbing someone else’s floors, picking someone elses cotton and sucking someone elses genitals and a side order of crotch sauce against your will with the threat of you losing your life if you didn’t acquiesce.


Remember, if you can celebrate what Hollywood puts out there to call it progress, you just might be deceptively placed in a mental dress rehearsal only to find yourself regretting that you did when it becomes reality once again.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brutally Honest Brother,





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