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Many are misled to believe that Homelessness is something that could never exist in Washington D.C.

When we think of Washington D.C. of course we think of the imagery that is put forth on television of The White House, The Capital, The Pentagon as well as every wing of the United States Government doing their jobs in a clean sterile environment where everyone has access to abundant resources and discomfort of any kind is as far away as the twinkling stars in the sky.

But you will soon learn if you already didn’t know that nothing could be further away from the truth.

Now, for those in the know, it’s old news that Washington D.C. has more Black people in it than media platforms like CNN, Headline News, Fox News and others will ever let on to.

If you happened to ask yourself why then understand that they are merely doing their job which is to paint a picture of an illusion to make the masses believe something that doesn’t really exist.

This is not only done in Washington D.C. but it’s done all over this country.

Washington D.C. at one time was considered the murder capital of the United States.

It’s also called Chocolate City and it’s obvious why it is.

It also has a notorious reputation for being a place that is known to have the best and wildest parties.

But you’ll never grasp this reality by watching the television and would only know this if you happen to have a strong connection to that place by living there or visiting.

So now that you know this it can’t be too much of a stretch for the imagination to grasp that Homelessness is damn near in epidemic proportions in the nation’s capital!

Healthy real raw dialogue is very necessary in this day and age because too many of us have swallowed the lies and propaganda hook line and sinker to realize that we’ve been believing lies all along!

So today I want you to listen in good at our guest Michelle who has been homeless in Washington D.C. and describes her personal walk and the tragedies that she has observed and endured first hand and has somehow maintained her sanity through it all to live to talk about it.

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