Homosexuality Is Pushed Hard In Africa By White Supremacy! – The LanceScurv Show

If there’s one thing that I can’t stress enough is that the so called “Mainstream Media” is nothing more than a tool of “Mind Control” over the masses of people to get the population to think in the manner in which the ruling class wants them to think.

One thing that’s hard to digest for most Caucasians who are not part of the “Elite” is that they too are ignorant to how they are being manipulated just the same as all other races are. Basic surface racism is pushed and jump started as a distraction to keep us from deciphering through the smoke and mirrors that keeps us from seeing the so called Jewish Control that is in full effect.

By not identifying these Caucasians who have hijacked our Hebrew identity as those who were sold into slavery, we will never see them for who they are as they play innocent while Billy Bob in the hicktowns across amerikkka get the headlines to keep us at war with each other as they control all of us!

That being said, conversations such as this one with our powerful Brother Keith Newsome need to be heard because of the uncompromised delivery that pulls the covering off of the lies that are being perpetrated in the White Jewish controlled Mainstream Media.

While they are extremely shrewd in how they manufacture and choose the willing entities who have absolutely no interest in Black Empowerment and only in their narcissistic fame and material gain, the spin masters know that most of us will flock to mimic the mentality of these sell out stars to the detriment of our very survival on a planet that we are indigenous to.

Listen to the facts in this conversation of what will never be presented on CNN, FOX or MSNBC and clear the cobwebs away of White Supremacy that has rendered us useless to our own very divine existence and purpose! Enjoy and please share!

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