Hoopties Weren’t Made To Travel In The Fast Lane!

What do I mean by saying hoopties weren’t made to drive in the fast lane?

Well for those who don’t understand what the slang word hooptie means, it’s a run down “on its way out” car that really doesn’t have much life left inside of it but offers some of the most carefree driving that one can imagine because the owner expects it to break down at any moment! You don’t get upset if you find yet another dent on it and you care not about the thick billowing black smoke that blocks your view of all of the things behind you on the road because you just don’t care!

So many of us drive our lives in the same manner that we do hoopties. We go places and just don’t give a damn that we might get stranded somewhere after getting broken down because some hoopties owners feel as though their “piece of car” on the verge of a major and final breakdown was in actuality a Lamborghini!

1972 Chevrolet Impala Custom

This type of thinking- when you are of a hooptie mindset – will get you in trouble quick and knocked out of your delusion very fast!

When your ego causes you to travel down the wrong lane in life attempting to compete in someone else’s divine lane, it’s only a matter of time before you have a head on collision to get smashed with reality forcing you to see the insecurities that drove you to that wreck in the first place.

Yes, I know that was a very long starting line but when you really look into it, it is very true. To many of us in this life are in the wrong lane as far as our endeavors are concerned and wonder why we don’t get the satisfaction out of those areas of pursuit as the next individual.

We ALL have great talents but some of us never took the time to look within ourselves honestly and have allowed the influences around us to fool us into making decisions on those pursuits that were never in line with our inner abilities in the first place!

So here we are in life out of place and feeling as though there is something more, feeling as though we are not doing what we were put here to do, trying to lie to ourselves that we are successful but for some reason not deriving the satisfaction that comes when one is truly successful.

The funny part is that many who are not in their own divine lane of expertise can many times become successful by the world’s standards yet know deep down in their hearts that there is so much more within them to accomplish but no outlet within there area of influence to do so.

This is why you can have a corporate “big wig” abruptly leave his well paying and extremely secure position in order to free lance and photograph wild animals in the Sahara desert with no guaranteed pay at all because it’s not even about the money!

This is how you can witness a well kept housewife go out to school after decades of being out of an educational setting to get a degree so that she can give her energies to a bigger charitable cause to make a change in a very big way in the world instead of the satisfaction of personal lusts.

This I promise will not happen to me because I am on my own road in my own journey and no one can fill the space that I’m in.

Cockiness? NO! Confidence? YES! freedom? ALWAYS!

Never cut your true success short by refusing to possess the confidence that comes when you KNOW you are a proven product! I don’t care what area of life you have your most confidence in, whatever it is, rock it until you have yet another victory to which you can draw more strength from. For you to curtail that well earned feeling of basking in your own accomplishments is comparable to smashing a hole in your vehicles gas tank and expecting to drive uninterrupted into the next city over.

…….to do so would be to sabotage yourself.

Did Heavyweight Boxing Champ Joe Frazier change up his fighting style when he entered the ring with Muhammad Ali? NO! He didn’t go in their trying to dance like Ali or jab like him, he was known for having such a powerful left hook and he rocked it all night until his victory came.

Joe Frazier Left Hook

He didn’t change himself according to what others deemed how a victory would arrive. He trained hard to become a better version of himself so that he was once again considered “new” merely by the amplification of himself.

Be very careful WHO you have in your midst when you are going through your personal metamorphosis, because there will be those who are not about anything and not want you to “leave” them behind in that frozen state of non productivity.

For me, after over a decade of doing this I am pretty much over the strange entities that hover around for a time to criticize and discourage. Many finally get wise to realize that they are wasting their time as I have painstakingly set up my life in its every facet to support what I do and the only thing that can stop me is death. Unlike most who clamor for attention here online or whatever channel they choose to show off in, it’s only to supplement something that they lack in their personal lives by seeking it from the outside.

My journey is fueled by a passion to go deeper within. If no one gets into my work it will continue, if the world acknowledges me on a grand scale I still won’t miss a beat. The who what where doesn’t matter because I’m self motivated and at this point already very successful at what I do because I am rocking my unique talents and I am staying in MY lane!

But one can never get to this point when they are looking sideways at what everyone else is doing while ignoring their job to excavate the greatness that God placed into you for you enjoy. Rabbits love being rabbits and cats love being cats. WE are the only high minded species who try to believe that we are something that we are not. We were made to be successful on different levels but from what I’m seeing too many of us are just too damn stupid to realize our strengths by attempting out of insecurity to ditch what we really are.

…….this is the BIGGEST mistake that WE make but understand that God NEVER makes any mistake so if you don’t make it then it’s because YOU broke your connection to Him and took on your OWN methods that can NEVER shine like His!

All hoopties PLEASE stay in the slow lane PLEASE!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Authentically Original Brother,



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