How Can God Invest The Impossible Into Your Life When You Are Prepared To Let It Go So Fast?

Time is moving but our minds are not!

Wake up to the possibilities of all the wonderful things within your reach and break free of the mental barriers that are nothing but imaginary to live the life above and beyond your wildest dreams!

Trust me when I say this to you that the elusive reality that you crave so badly is just a good dream away. Sure, you will have to plan your work and work your plan, but too many of us elevate our own frustrations out of a belief that was instilled into us from someone who said that your reality is a limited entity that cannot be expanded into what YOU desire it to be.

I say do away with the shackles of mediocrity and challenge your unlimited God to keep up with your desires to live a life without barriers that limit us into a finite manner of thinking.

Many of us will get charged after watching a program or enjoying a worship service then turn around and fall flat on our faces when the cold winds of what they THINK is reality slaps them AND their enthusiasm right in the face to intimidate it from ever resurfacing again no time soon!


How fragile we are in how we embrace the thinking of no limits. Instead of being so fast to admit that maybe it that pristine reality wasn’t for you after all, you should hold on as though your new life depended on it and not go out without a fight!

How can God invest the impossible into you when you are prepared to let it go so fast?

That doesn’t show Him conviction!

That doesn’t show Him determination!

That doesn’t show Him that you refuse to die without achieving your goals or at least if you are called back to your spiritual home you would have been in the process of reaching and striving for it.

But how can we expect supernatural results in our lives and have our desires ignite the vast potential within us if we “feed” our hungry yet very minds with full plates and second helpings of mediocrity?

If you hang out with mediocrity and go to bed with mediocrity and live your every waking moment with mediocrity then how in the hell do you think that great things will come up out of you?

When you eat corn and finally hit the restroom are you shocked that you don’t see raisins?

You ARE what you eat and THAT STATEMENT doesn’t merely mean that it’s only a physical thing!

…….it’s also mental AND spiritual.

Corn Cat

So now with all that we have in the order of information and inspirational resources there is NO place for excuses anymore. If you are not making grand progress towards your goals in leaps and bounds then you have no place sitting up playing “Farmville” or “Mafia Wars” on Facebook!

If you are not seeing yourself better year after year better than ever before then what are you doing going out to the hole in the wall neighborhood club when for the most part you are struggling to keep gas in your car but are ready to buy every woman that you are trying to talk to all the drinks the can consume!

You see, we damage ANY chances of receiving that gift of a new wonderful reality because we are investing our energies in the wrong areas. We have NO ONE ELSE to blame for our failure to ignite those righteous seeds from within that we ALL possess because we are so distracted.


If you need to make it to your new life then you are going to have to be prepared to walk alone and sacrifice more than you have ever had to sacrifice before. God’s promise to you of success and satisfaction will never go void in your life if you do what is required of you to meet Him halfway to ensure your personal realization of Heaven on Earth!

Try it and see if I’m not telling the truth!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Passionate Brother,


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