Jamaicans the world over definitely need to absorb this very powerful thought provoking dialogue that will leave no stone of ignorance unturned, while many will agree and disagree, one will have to commend our guest for sharing his perspectives in an uncensored and bold fashion.

There are so many fallacies that are pushed on us and we accept them on face value because we’ve blindly been trained to trust in the age old institutions that were created to brainwash us into servitude to a bigger system that most are not even aware of.

Whether you agree or not, one thing that we must do in our personal lives is to question everything and research it independently until we KNOW the facts that will empower us more than the powers that be would like to allow. Let us continue the talking points of this conversation and in the meantime leave your perspectives in the comment section below. Thank you for listening and make sure to share the content of this website freely!

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