How Can You So Easily Balance The Tires On Your Car But Not The Drama In Your Life?

Everything in this beautiful creation that we live in is made for a specific purpose and has within it a delicate balance that it must work under in order to realize its full potential.

If something or someone is operating out of its divine balance then it may briefly flash the brilliance of its full capabilities for short bursts of time but will always fall far short of its own designated potential.

So what do we mean when we say “balance?” Why can it be such an elusive quality to maintain and how is it so easy to lose?

Out of the many Merriam-Webster definitions for the word “balance”, I believe this one in particular best fits the one that I had in mind for this blog entry:

Balance- A condition for which opposing forces are equal to each other.

In creation there are many extremely powerful forces at work, but they exist in balance to continue the life giving rhythms of the earth. The weather, the seasons, the movement of the earth, sunrise and sunset all work together for a specific purpose.

We as human beings are part of this amazing creation and are governed by these earthly rhythms whether we acknowledge them or not. We need to take a cue from what we observe going on around us in the natural world. The natural environment gives us very easy to understand indications of what goes on in the spiritual world. Those of you with the depth to understand where I am coming from will agree. And to those of you who may have let that one go over your head, then it may be more convenient to say that Lance Scurvin is extremely crazy. It’s okay, I am used to it! LOL!

So if there is a spiritual reflection in the earthly movements and we are governed by these same physical rules then it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that there is a spiritual part of our being that we cannot see. See, although while many of us can go to a religious service on the weekend, we do not for the most part disconnect with the physical plane in order to enter into that spiritual realm to be receptive to what is truly being shared from the pulpit.

So even in the righteous attempt at worship, we are off and out of balance. Spending 4 hours getting ready for a church service does NOT make you appear any better to God nor does it increase your ability to absorb His righteous instruction any more than if you wore a pair of gym sweats to the very same service.

Correct the imbalance!

Hear the mind of a deceived so called believer:

“Dear LAWD, I spent 150 dollars at the beauty parlor yesterday and this outfit costs over 500 bucks, don’t you see how much of dedicated servant I am to you”

Dedicated servant?

But on your way out of the mall’s beauty salon, you had your backside up on your shoulders so high that everyone thought it was a knapsack!!! And those who needed a good encouraging word in passing (There may have been someone in need that God put in your path that day to witness to!) were turned off to your stink musty “churchified” attitude that you were unable to truly execute God’s bidding because you were just too caught up in your own self centered ego contaminated FUNK!

Get back in balance!

You can’t wait to pay your tithes (Not that you REALLY want to part with God’s money anyway!) because in your mind that’s the time to turn that center aisle of the temple into your own private fashion runway, hard shaking booty cheeks that are in a sensual Jezebel attention grabbing state of constant chaos switching while smothered in a three sizes “too small” dress like a crazy man in a straight jacket slowly sashaying down to the front with that boulevard hooker strut that you should have been purged of a long time ago when you claimed you were saved! And you wonder why most of the “church brothers” not only want to pray with you, but “lay hands on you” too! This blog may not be for everyone, but I know SOMEBODY out here knows what I’m talking about!

Get back in balance!

Balance helps us to latch on to the forces of the universe and amplify our efforts to build and to grow. When you find someone who is always in drama, always unable to maintain stability in their lives, always in the same damn rut for YEARS on end and ain’t lookin’ to go beyond their little corner of stale contentment, then something is terribly imbalanced!

Nothing goes unchallenged and smooth forever, we will all face major obstacles in this life and the chance to earn our gray hairs, but the basic premise of life is movement and if ones life is not moving in SOME direction, it is comparable to existing as the living dead.

Living a life out of balance forces us to pay an inflated price to bring it back into it’s proper place. Don’t want to pay your bills on time? Well when you want to purchase that new car, you WILL pay a higher interest rate because of your past recorded indiscretions. Want to live a life out of balance and try to keep it a secret that you have 15 women all over town? Well eventually you will be downtown in front of the Judge for your child support hearing if not also down to the Health Clinic to see what that itchy yellowish fluid is coming out of you “down there!”

But contained in the prior paragraph were examples that appeared to be undesirable, but how many of us have worked so much overtime on our jobs or multiple jobs for no apparent financial reason, gain or goal, appearing to be hard working individuals but really were trying to avoid some form of madness at home? Now when we hear of that very same someone who appeared to be living a good life because of their hard earned financial accumulations blowing their brains out with a gun in a suicide, we realize that we were not aware of the painful imbalances in their lives that could have been corrected and a sad situation avoided.


We can NEVER recapture our balanced lives if we refuse to face the underlying issues that throw our lives out of whack! There is absolutely NO benefit to make excuses for our own failure to correct our imbalances! If we don’t take action, it will ride us for the rest of our lives and hamper us from living a truly fulfilling life!

…….and THIS is NOT what our Maker desires for us!

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