How Long Is The Runway Of Your Life?

Just the other day while at the airport when returning from a trip I found myself deep in thought as the plane taxied slowly down the runway and into position in order to allow us passengers to exit the vessel and head home to our destinations.

As I gazed out of the small window of the plane, I noticed how intricate an operation it was to insure that every plane had a spot open and that each plane exited off of the runway in a timely fashion so that the subsequent aircraft’s that arrived had enough space the land themselves because when you really look at it there are planes coming down to land out of the sky every several moments which means that there is absolutely NO room for error!

Airplane On The Runway

But we, as passengers lost in our own world of reading and deep thoughts oftentimes take for granted what a wonderful job it is that those who run these very important operations at the airport that our very lives and safety depend on.

I then watched a few planes take off and observed how they had more than enough of a runway to where they could start from almost a halt to then pick up enough speed to gain the lift that they need to become airborne and fly off into the heavens toward their personal destination.

What an amazing sight that is to enjoy!

The thought hit me that if the plane did not pick up enough speed then they will NOT get the lift required and would find themselves in a situation where they would waste the space that they have on the runway (Which was MORE than adequate to give the plane enough time to gain the “lift” needed!) and possibly roll off of the runway and into the lake that is situated at the end.

But since these pilots are wise enough to know that they have to get to a speed to gain this lift, they do not waste ANY precious time dragging along slow when there is something that the need to be getting.

Any flight that doesn’t runs the certain and definite risk of rolling right into the lake for a disastrous result.

…….and when you come to think about it, there really would be no excuse for this because of the years of training that these pilots have as well as the technological gadgetry that they possess that is so much better than what was available many years ago that literally reduces the margin of human error close to zero.

Now that I am on dry land and I thought about my flight and the runway experience, it hit me quite hard that WE as human beings go through the “runway of our life” must elevate ourselves like that airplane not with the “lift” of air under our wings but with the “lift” of wisdom absorbed into every fiber of our being!

Yes! This life is a runway and our God has given us ample time to get it together in the form of an adequate runway that will allow us to gain that wisdom that will allow us to “ascend” to a higher way of thinking/doing and living before we lift up off of this earth and into the next level of existence which will include a divine judgment on how we utilized our time on this earth efficiently before liftoff and how well we flew our particular planes in this life!

What a beautiful comparison I thought to myself as I absorbed this truth hitting my mind!

God gives us the adequate opportunities to hear His word to “lift” us above the foolishness of this world and to give us the strength to resist indulging in those things that slow us down on our runways and prevent us from rolling off into that lake at the end of the runway.

What does that lake symbolize you might ask?

Well in my vision that lake at the end of the runway represents spiritual failure and the refusal to gain the necessary wisdom to lift up above it after being given chance after chance to rise up above it so that lake represents to me the lake of fire!

You see, God will allow us in our foolishness to waste away a little of that runway space but after a time the more we waste is the more we bring ourselves into a place where we cannot waste anymore or we will run the risk of eternal doom by dropping ourselves because of our own foolish ways into the everlasting lake of hellfire!

Now granted, we all may not live to be 150 years old and some of us don’t even make it to be twenty five years old, but the fact remains that all of us we given an ample amount of years to live and to hear Hid divine word to know better before our runway time expires.

So some die young and some die old but some will die young and have it together in a pleasing fashion to God and some will live out their years on this earth to a ripe old age and STILL not gain the necessary “lift” of wisdom required to appear acceptable to God’s standards when we stand before Him in judgement.

Airplane Takeoff

But the beauty of going down the runway of God’s airport is that just like those Air Traffic Controllers who monitor your every move and will NEVER cease communications with you to guide you right even when you are “off” on your particular runway, HE always wants the best for you and will help you no matter how bad it looks or what dirt you are doing in order to fly high in His glorious name!

But to reject His wisdom under your wings of consciousness as you roll forward down this runway called life will only handicap you and doom you to a life with no lift and when your runway expires you will then know that all of the activities that God didn’t ordain that lack the wisdom to bring you higher did you NO GOOD to help you avoid that tortuous lake of hellfire.

The bottom line? Anything that doesn’t bring divine “lift” to your life is only robbing you of your salvation and must be removed from your midst or you run the risk of losing your promise of eternal life!

So I suggest to all of us and even myself, do things that will bring you “lift” to your life and reject all things that waste your runway time on this earth because we do not know how long our personal runway of a live will be and the most beautiful thing would be to reach our destination to our Heavenly Father safely forevermore after passing the ultimate test of flying high above the transgressions that will not only bring us down, but will keep us down for eternity.

The choice is yours but I know for me, I want to FLY HIGH!!!!!!!

…….bring me the wisdom!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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Yeen Nat
Yeen Nat
February 25, 2016 8:19 PM

I like the photograph of the airplance taking off. Is there a chance you are able to sell the image to me or can i pay you royalty fee?

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