How Many Chavis Carters’ Will It Take For Us To Wake Up To The Game And Finally Take Action?

Have you heard?

About 21 year old Chavis Carter of Jonesboro, Arkansas according to a police report shot himself in the head while handcuffed in the back of a police car. This situation was so outlandish that the F.B.I. elected to step in and investigate this tragedy themselves!

But how many of you have really heard about this and if you did how quick was it flashed in front of you before something else of little substance was placed at your feet to take your mind away from the issues at hand that means something to our community?

Chavis Carter

We as Black men and women try so hard to be digested and assimilated into a system that has no use for us and who views us as a liability and we are “burped” “rejected” and “thrown up” like a bad meal that made an already distressed social order sick!

But not many of us want to speak about it.

Am I complaining? Yes I sure am! It seems to me like I’ve been complaining all of my life but here in Amerikkka, it’s business as usual and nothing seems to change. But it amazes me how many of us are “afraid” to make waves or step on the toes of those who are okay with the way things are because the positioning that they hold is advantageous to them!

Am I one who subscribes to the victim mentality? Am I one who all I do is complain about what is going on around me yet accept it when it is time to execute a plan of positivity and force change to happen?

You know me better than that! But one thing I will say that it is time to stop posturing with a good word in our mouths and get up out to pound the pavement to force these so called leaders, clergy and government officials to do their jobs because if things are left as they are, all we will ever do is attend the funerals of our children who were killed senselessly and without the righteous noise that would come if these same killings would happen in the many other communities who nurse themselves to economic freedom off of our lack of doing for self!

Since Christianity has been the accepted path for most Black people here in America, I ask those who hold the position of Pastor and Preacher – Why are things the way they are in our communities and where is the outrage? – You know what? I KNOW that there are many great leaders in the church who are doing the right thing in an unsung manner and will probably be condemned for upsetting the applecart or having their character smeared because their positivity call to action makes someone else in position look bad.

Hey, if you can’t do the job, move over and let someone else who is willing to do so take control! But I sincerely believe that many of our religious leaders are nothing more than the designated agents of the government put in place to keep the people disillusioned through the narcotic of religion!

Sure, they will all speak a great word and even do a good well publicized deed but how many are actually going into the trenches of the so called undesirable areas of the community to reach in boldly to snatch out who they can truly “save” from the conditions that are allowed to thrive in those same areas for the profits of others who have no problem with it as long as their pockets are kept full from somebody elses pain and suffering?

The ‘hoods and the ghettos of Amerikkka are the farming system of the State Government to keep its cash wheels turning and many of these Pastor Pimps are protected by the government because they know that Black people have been rewired in this country to be the docile non confrontational entities that will never become an independent thinker to challenge a system that fails them time after time over and over again.

So when another tragic incident transpires our pastors are their to say a few good words to sooth us into a state of non action as we wait for change to come when the “Lord” decides to grant it to us but until then we must “endure” these oppressive conditions that can easily be changed literally overnight if we woke up one day and realize that we have the power to move mountains and there is no politician, crooked police department or government agent preacher who can stop you from rising and disciplining yourself to reach any goal of self improvement if you put your mind to it!

Black Church & Politicians

We as a people have got to stop being so damn afraid of the little power that we think will come down on us if we tell and LIVE the truth.

I am merely one man but armed with my ability to communicate via the internet and my willingness to HIT THE STREETS UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL has allowed me to become an independent voice that has benefited others in ways that the mainstream media outlets has refused.

So I issue the challenge to everyone reading this to do one thing within your reach, power and influence to make a difference in someones life. Stop waiting for the clouds to part and the Heavens to fall down onto this Earth because it is not going to happen that way. God has well than more equipped us to manifest anything that we can conjure up into reality after extensive planning and deep consultation with Him to get Him to sign off on it. You don’t need the approval of any preacher or politician to do what is right in your community.

Another point that I wish to make is that we have got to stop believing in someone elses value system of who WE are! If you look at how this judicial system is set up and the treatment that we get from it, it is plain as day that they do not value a Black life equally as they do others as they are giving us life sentences and severe punishment that others get let off the hook for because they will say that they were temporarily insane.

Well we all need to become permanently insane to those who wish us no well yet benefit from our degraded state and stay away from their mind control media devices as well as their genetically altered food! We need permanent insanity in a righteous manner to reject all of this garbage that the powers that be are feeding and fattening us up with for the kill!

We need to stop looking down on our own neighborhoods as inferior and treat them as they are better! We make the difference in that perception. You wouldn’t dare go over to the so called affluent side of town and throw down the trash to the curb that you do when you are at home in the so called ‘hood! It is the same sun that shines in your ‘hood that shines down in the rich side of town yet they say that we live in the bad part of the city in their media outlets and they force YOU to believe it!

So show them different and fix up your dwellings right where you are. Show the world that while you might not have a million bucks right now at your disposal that you can keep your place clean and respectable and a joy to come home to! This in fact increases the value of it and the police and outside passersby would respect you more when they see that you respect yourself.


If we dressed ourselves like decent conscious forward thinking men and women then the authorities would think twice about harassing us in our own neighborhoods because they would look at us as budding lawyers, doctors, business owners and respectable citizens who are unified and they will think twice about shooting us up, beating us down and getting another collar for career advancement and overtime money.

Complaining? NO! I am more than ever more about doing, even if it requires me to be a lonewolf warrior for what is right and do what I have to do all by my damn self!

Monitor THAT!

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Leslye Miller
August 8, 2012 6:35 AM

Like Change dot org, I wish we all came together in our communities to make changes, it's time, otherwise we will continue to lose our most valued innocence ones. I think most African Americans are being unfair to themselves, then they are to others. Power-up yourselves by listening to those who are trying to speak to you, and follow their hearts to start seriously doing. Otherwise your lives will continue to be useless and eigenvalue=disappearing from earth. With all ears, and actions combined we becomes the strong untouchable Great Warriors. Listening, and Actions speaks way louder than truth spoken. Make the change before we lose many more! PLEASE! Now I can say I'm seriously complaining! I want to help, but not without your listening and serious actions!

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