How Powerful Is YOUR God?


I said it!

Why should I be afraid to ask such a question when you profess a mighty God who is the Creator of all that we can see from horizon to horizon and all that is contained within, yet most of you live a life that is about as powerless as a disoriented freshly sprayed roach under the well worn thick black orthopedic shoe of a 486 pound determined fat church lady rushing for that last precious scoop of potato salad at your church’s building fund dinner?

Our God is a mighty God, but many of us act as though we have NO connection to Him when the going gets tough in our lives!

We can sometimes act like the person who brags about hanging out every weekend with rich millionaire friends who we claim would do ANYTHING for us but when its time to get bailed out of jail on some petty charge, all of a sudden you have no one to call to bring you the 100 bucks to get you out!

We scream and shout in church about how our God will always make a way, yet in the midnight hour you bite your fingernails down to the quick with a massive sense of worry that even the so called SINNERS know nothing of!

Ain’t that some smack?

The man that is all out in the world has more of what would be comparable to this thing we call “faith”, yet we, who SHOULD be connected to the source wonder how everyone else is making it better than us!

How powerful IS your God?

……and you wonder why the so called worldly folk do not want to follow you into the church house, but it’s because they don’t need a dose of your chronic misery and pathetic lack of drive to excel. You sit down on your well fed backside telling anyone who will listen that “the Lord will give me what He wants me to have,” while it’s just an excuse for the lack of drive to improve yourself and make your life better!

How powerful is YOUR God?

You wouldnt have to BEG someone to come to church with you if you have Gods light within you shining over the darkened terrain of this demon infested world. They will come to YOU because they will notice something quite different about you compared to their other acquaintances.

And with my aforementioned examples don’t get it twisted in thinking that I am speaking about the material world only, finances will come and go and is NOT an appropriate gauge to really seeing if one has a strong connection to the Creator. Some are foolish enough in this status seeking planet to think that because they might be doing well, it is because they are doing something right in their spiritual lives and they are favored by God when in actuality that period of prosperity might only be a mere test to see if you put your “butt on your shoulders” while having an accumulation of material goods.

Ever wonder how some thought they “had it all” at one time and could never seem to “get there” again while living in the past on memory alone?

“I remember when we had that nice big house and four cars…..we used to go shopping EVERY weekend and eat out every night!” ………

They never figured out that when they “had it like that” that they lost their humble spirit and became ungrateful to the One that gave it to them!

Don’t make that same mistake when YOUR blessing comes, or you just might get it snatched away (and someone ELSE will receive it!) and you might find yourself worse off than you were in the first place!

Remember, there is a lesson in EVERYTHING that we experience in this life and on the levels in which we live. The beauty of this is that on EVERY level there exist the keys to advance to the NEXT level higher! WE are to seek THAT knowledge that will elevate us into that new reality! If we do not possess the common sense or the clarity of mind to understand that our answer is almost ALWAYS right under our noses, then we can’t blame our Creator for not doing and following through on His promise! It is because WE did not get up off of our party of self pity to look beyond the trenches and the “slump” to seek a better way!

So NEVER question the power of the TRUE GOD!

But again I ask YOU how powerful is YOUR God?

You see, it is quite evident that most of us are serving two different entities indeed! I am a realist and am brutally honest by nature and can’t help but to question everything around me! NEVER will I “fall in line” like some weak brow beaten sheep in order to keep the peace! If one lives their life in this manner then in a sense while there may be peace and “quiet” around you in your part of the world, there will be an inner turmoil because you refuse to challenge the falsehoods around you and fully express your discontent with your surrounding world! This is why so many of us must turn to dumping foreign substances and chemicals into our bodies to numb our minds because the reality that we live in we feel powerless to change anything…….

So if YOUR God is so powerful, then why do you turn to the cigarettes, the liquor, the porn, the gambling, the false church, the weed, the crack, the chronic masturbation, the gossip……..


The answer is because you have been fooled all along as to how this thing called religion is to work! First of all, man will NEVER match the power of the TRUE God! But you damn near “pray” to the Pastor and the Preacher as though He is the one to whom your praises must be directed! He is merely a MAN! And that’s why he gets away with the crap that he does in your life “in the name of the Lord!” All he has to do is come at you with some slick talk and look clean in a suit and not only does he have full reign over your bank account, but you might find him in YOUR bed between YOUR thighs calling out the Lords name for reasons other than being in the spirit!

God doesn’t need ANY middleman.

He deals direct!

Religion is man made!

NOTHING that is man made can compare to the divine system created by God Himself!

Religion is our crutch that could hopefully guide us in the right direction into the use of our THIRD EYE.

Like a dull blade of a cutlass being sharpened on a stone continuously long before the battles begin, we are to use religion to jump start the use of us walking in the spirit and utilizing the VISION that our Creator has instilled in us that will have us thinking on our feet AS things happen and actually seeing things BEFORE they happen in ones life!

This tells me that we ALL better “sharpen our blades” because when the day comes that our beloved government shows it’s true intentions and makes it mandatory that possessing a Bible is illegal and will kill you for you having it in your possession, you BETTER have every life giving scripture retained in memory to get you and your family through the rough times to come!

Think not?

Well haven’t they removed prayer from the schools?

And their is NO outrage over it as it should be because you are lulled to sleep!

You have Oprah Winfrey parading around with Ellen Degenerate….oops, I mean Ellen Degeneres on her television show and on the cover of her magazine like featuring a practicing transgressor of divine law is fine and dandy! Oprah seeks to placate the world in their filth because the world’s love is more important to her than Gods love! She will have to answer to our Creator about the misuse of her platform that she was given! And if she ever DID truly use it to speak TRUTH, her character would be assassinated if not her physical person, remember “this guy” who sung pretty good named “Michael Jackson?”

How quickly we forget! It “ain’t even” been a year yet and no one questions the reality of a situation as we are lulled into a deep sleep from massive brainwashing (Did anyone say Reality T.V?) while those who attempt to speak to us are killed off!

My God is a powerful God because He allows me to see things right before they transpire IF I am connected to Him properly. Now I am NOT going to sit up here and tell you that I can know when a plane is going to crash or when my time on this earth is up. That would be foolish. What I mean by my earlier statement was that in my dealing with PEOPLE and the spirits that they cover so well, I can eventually figure them out on instinct alone even as they have that Colgate smile on their face and hiding a dagger for me behind their back!

This is one of the benefits of having a POWERFUL God…….

So do question everything around you because this wonderful creation that we live in is PERFECT! If something doesn’t appear “right”, it is not because or Maker did a faulty job, it’s because WE as rebellious creators have meddled in it! Creation has become tainted because of OUR meddling into the divine processes that we have REFUSED to submit to but have been so arrogant to feel as though we are above. We are NOT wiser than our God and need not question certain things, it has been worked out already long before we were conceived.

So in order to receive the blessings, the vision and the protective hand of God over ones life all we have to do is SUBMIT to His will. That’s all. Because if truth be told, the only true religion that works and is 100% guaranteed each and every time is TOTAL SUBMISSION TO HIS WILL!

If He said to do it,

Do it!

If He said to turn away from it,


By following this simple law, our lives would literally change overnight!

And when someone like me walks up to you to ask you how powerful is your God, you wouldn’t have to dig deep for an answer because your very life would be a living testimony and example on how powerful He truly is!

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April 25, 2010 5:43 PM

You know you are going to get hated on for this one. I hope you are bulletproof. Lol

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