How To Cleanse Yourself Of The Toxic Residue That Comes From Living In A Racist Society

It’s been a wonderful and productive weekend for me and I have to say that I’m feeling more peace in my heart more than I can recall in recent memory.

While I am always centered and focused very intensely from within, the recent months have been very trying as the external events of the world had me frazzled a bit because of my involvement in the community in a social activist capacity.

It truly hurts me on a personal level to see how far off of the mark we are as a people. I know things can be so much better and I cherish the memories of the times growing up when they truly were.

Now while we’ve always had poverty, war, famine, racist low lives, unemployment and severe injustices hanging over our heads like a deadly guillotine, the difference between then and now is that we had an unconditional love for each other in our community that gave us a cohesiveness that translated to a joy that glued us together in a way that supported us through any obstacle in our midst.

Now with all that we have coming at us in these days of mass media mind control as well as the popularity and push of being in transgression to God’s will with these filthy lifestyles, the conscious of us often feel an occasional wave of hopelessness as though this battle to uplift the world around us just might not ever end.

We’re only human.

So we will feel drained, beat up and run over at the end of a particularly trying day but that doesn’t mean that you will lose the fight!

In recent times we have seen the tensions rise up once again between the races because of the George Zimmerman verdict and acquittal in the murder of young Trayvon Martin.


Many don’t understand how the so called “mainstream media” has mastered the art of fanning the flames of controversy in order to profit from increased advertising revenue. They do this at the expense of peace in the very communities to whom they are supposed to serve.

What does this do?

Well after their divisive techniques are executed, we are left with even more of a gap between the races and it feeds on itself long after the corporate checks have been cashed and those major new networks laugh all the way to the bank!

In this separation, we have to endure so much ignorance and discrimination in our lives and most of us just simply don’t know how to deal with it. It’s an unseen constant stress that can drive the joy out of our daily lives and cause us to negatively go in on each other leeching the love that we have out our very own communities that I mentioned earlier in the beginning of this article.

I have a personal way of dealing with the toxicity of racism so that there are now lingering after effects that will affect me in a negative manner and impact my health to cut my life short before its time.

If you don’t have an outlet or method to “burn off” the negativity that will linger on in your being after having to constantly deal with the slights that will be thrown your way in such a racist society such as this, you will find your life to become more crippled, ineffective and choked due to the buildup of emotional residue that was never ever dealt with.

You will not be able to enjoy life as it was intended and receive its goodness because of the years of being dumped on!


While you can’t stop being hated because of the color of your skin, you can empower your life to not carry the burden of fighting this ever present beast by exercising love to your sisters and brothers after having to deal with the sickness of another persons racism.

What do I mean by this?

I’m not suggesting to turn the other cheek nor am I advocating punching (My former method of choice! Lol!) someones lights out on the spot either.

What I am suggesting is that instead of carrying around that deadly toxicity in your heart that can build up over time and kill you, release it by reaching out to one of your own in a loving supportive way by some kind of random act of kindness.

Trust me, it WORKS!

When someone attempts to make you feel as though you are an outcast, come home to your community and make another feel as though they are the best of he best!

When a racist tries to make you feel as though you have nothing good to offer this world, make sure to build up one of your brothers or sisters who may need a boost in their esteem to keep fighting the good fight.

By not REacting to the negativity that is sure to be thrown at you on an obvious or subliminal level and making a positive of it by taking an ACTION by making the decision to convert that negative energy, you have in fact cleansed yourself of the deadly residues and made others feel better because of it!

When the racist mind comes at you with it toxic agenda, ensure a victory in your life by reflecting just the opposite to YOUR people because in actuality they are going through the same things too.

While we can’t control how others ACT toward us, we can damn sure CHOOSE how to react to the onslaughts! Never forget that!

But the greater good that comes to you in this is that the toxicity is burned away forever from that loving act of unconditional love that you have extended. Remember, love and hate cannot coexist in the same temple and we as human beings are no different.

So make the pledge to not waste the time trying to convince your oppressor or enemy that your points are valid and that you are worthy of their love. That in itself is a waste of time.

It’s best to relieve yourself of their sickness by uplifting those in need and subsequently building your community up to restore those missing precious elements that we had in abundance not too long ago in our past.

It took time to fall this far and it will take some time to come back but the effects of maneuvering in this manner has too many benefits to not be felt immediately.

Life can sometimes be rough when you wear the skin that many despise but it can be literally Heaven on Earth when you come home to a community that greets you with open arms.

Let’s make it happen so that regardless what comes at us we will always walk strong from the love that we share in the trenches of this twisted country.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,


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November 25, 2013 8:33 AM

i just took my a$$ to africa, and wow that gave me a serious de-tox from american racism. for once i was the majority and everybody looked like me, i was able to mentally heal. so while i am back in america, i’m always planning to head back to africa and that is what keeps me going. though I appreciate your pledge of doing for your own ppl where u are, we need more of that.

Ihla H.
Ihla H.
July 22, 2013 12:44 PM

I will certainly take this pledge, thank you for the inspiration…especially in these trying times.

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