How To Deal With Rude Disrespectful Men – Does Your Welcome Mat Complain When You Walk All Over It?

The lack of etiquette and manners possessed in people these days never cease to amaze me, yet they wonder why they are never blessed with a happy balanced relationship!

Many men that I have conversed with KNOW how to talk the right talk to catch the attention of a woman yet they haven’t a clue on how to keep that same interest over the long haul because of their inability to back up and bring to fruition every little truthful nugget that they previously shared in the spoken word.


How can any man hope for a balanced edifying union with the opposite sex when he doesn’t even have a clue as to how to properly interact in a civil fashion with those around him in the course of his day?

Many of these individuals have an outward demeanor of being a kind and considerate person but when you get past the surface you will see the ugly truth behind the carefully scripted facade and how they are really not about anything but themselves…….

…….an agenda sauteed in selfishness!

This is a MAJOR complaint that I constantly hear from many women who have become fed up with dealing with these self centered men who feel that they don’t have to try to understand what makes a woman truly contented in their heart because they feel as though they are God’s rare gift to women and that they should be overjoyed and eternally grateful just to merely inhale the atmospheric nasal violations of this overinflated egomaniac’s flatulent gut!


Yesssssss! I said it!

Believe me!

There are some men out here who are so delusional and are living in this fantasy world where everyone IN this world “matters not” and are just here to serve HIS whims (At least you could make an attempt to wash your musty balls Brother!) and cravings and if you dare not fall into place then something is terribly wrong with YOU!

But all that I have previously mentioned goes both ways because there are some women who have the same mindset also! But today I am beating up on the men who fall into this category.

But since I mentioned the women let me add a little something here on them of note…….for all of our Sisters who are complaining about how these arrogant self serving men carry on and keep abusing their kind hearts understand that while YOU may view it as having a kind heart HE is probably looking at that same heart as being a WEAK heart!

I hate to say it like this but I’m going to keep it real…….

So many of you actually invite these type of men into you lives to walk all over you! This is not everyone, but it’s too many of you!

Then you want to complain when the truth about what you let into your life comes out for all to see but let me ask you, does your welcome mat complain when you walk all over it?

No it doesn’t because it knows where it stands and what position it is in and that it really has no say so BUT to submit to every stinkin’ shitty shoe that walks across it or wipes itself on it!

Ike and Tina Turner

Many of you ladies seem to have the word welcome written across your forehead judging from the amount of abusive relationships that you have had to endure!

You act as though you have to take this punishment day in and day out just like that welcome mat at your front door but I am here to tell you that you DON’T!

But I can say it until the cows come home but it won’t mean a damn thing until you register this fact internally deep inside the darkest recesses of your subconscious mind!

The rude abusive condescending men that you have allowed to walk all over you do so with your permission. As a matter of fact they had you pegged as a pushover on the very day that they had their first interaction with you.

How do I know this you ask?

Well men will constantly “test” the women in their midst constantly to see how far they can go with them. It’s not the big things that you might look out for initially, but the innocent little unnoticed violations that many of us “let go” because we believe that they couldn’t go further than they did. What a mistake that type of judgment has been for many young ladies! It’s your reaction to the little things that tell a rude self centered man a whole lot about you and if you are a potential victim for him as he weaves his web of deception to get you caught up in it for his benefit. And remember, in the beginning while he is testing you, he will ALWAYS do it in a sweet loving and oh so cute way.

When deeply involved with this type of individual down the road after a bit of time has gone by you will wonder where that charming and engaging individual disappeared to. That fact of the matter is that he was never there in the first place, you “fell” for an illusion or a Trojan horse of a sweet personality that encased a man whose inner qualities came from the depths of hell itself!

Wow! Was this the blog that I intended to write at first? I don’t know but I know someone is feeling these words! LOL!

Let me tell you, when a man that you do not know or even one to whom you may not be to acquainted with takes the liberty to push the line of decency and common sense more than what is acceptable then you must put him in his place right then and there! Not later. Not next week. Not when it may be appropriate because of who may be around, NO! Do it right there regardless as to who is in your midst! He committed the violation right there with no regard as to who was present so you fire right back at him why he was wrong to do what he did and why you do NOT find it acceptable and to please do not so stupid to EVER try you like that again!

If you do not handle a rude selfish man like this he will walk all over you! And this is under the context of him maybe being a coworker or even someone to whom you’ve already started dating or romantically involved with.

It doesn’t matter.

Because if you fail to put your foot down and NOT accept the disrespectful behavior on the spot it can never go back to being treated with respect because he knows that you will take it. So while we may feel as though that chick from the ‘hood may be a little rough around the edges in the refinement area, we all need to take a page out of HER book when we witnessed her put that man in check as roughly as she did!

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

Now I am not suggesting that you get ghetto on anyone but you need to at least put up the front that “your personality vehicle” definitely has that gear as you will give the perception that you can easily “go there” if need be! Trust me, you’ll be so glad that you did!

In closing just remember this one thing. Every time that you see a couple on the street arguing loudly, a woman crying because the way her man has treated her or even catching a major physical beat down by her husband/boyfriend, it never really started out that way. He got “in” by treating her sweet by testing her and he kept on pushing the envelope until he saw where he can let the truth hang out of his despicable personality well after manipulating himself as a permanent fixture in the inner confines of her life.

Please take my advice, file it away for the time that you will need it and make sure to never let one of these rude scheming useless men any closer to you than for the brief time in the supermarket checkout line. And if the truth be told, you wouldn’t even want him close to you in that scenario even then!

Do share your thoughts on this writing and I hope you enjoyed it and maybe have a different perspective on this often overlooked aspect of a highly abused social issue.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,





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