How To Discern The Madness Behind The Masks

Some days I am more sensitive to the spirits around me and in tune with myself than in others. And today after enjoying such an awesomely deep rejuvenating slumber, I left my home with the full power of my third eye on point.

I am now in the moment. Every second that passes feels like it is taking five seconds to go by. My thinking is swift. I can see through the intentions of those who approach me with hidden agendas. It is in these times when I feel this way that I can get so much accomplished. It is such a natural high. It is times like this that is actually the culmination of all of the healthy mental, physical and spiritual habits that I have made a point to include in my daily life.

When the Bible speaks of “spirits” that wander about the earth seeking to devour, we know that it is something unseen to the eye that we wrestle with every single day of our lives. But most individuals do not understand that it’s those very smiling faces you so easily allow into your private space and inner circle potentially contain these wayward evil entities that you would otherwise seek to avoid!

They enter into your life in the manner of a Trojan horse, masked with a smile and armed with a cold vicious intention that you never knew they could ever have possessed until hopefully not too late. They can pass through your life in a swift moment, doing a lifetime of damage in the twinkling of an eye just as well as they could tarry on over the years and pretend to be a friend, waiting for the most opportune moment to assault you in the most lethal of ways.

But in hindsight after such a shocking assault and violation of what was once considered a cherished friendship, you realized that you ignored those subtle signs that were indicators of the bigger issues that lurked beneath the pristine surface of their paper thin facade.

God doesn’t leave his delicate creations in nature without protection. Those beautiful flowers have thorns. The egg that contains a delicate life germ has a shell. The bee has a stinger. The cat has its claws. Therefore, our Creator has equipped us with the gift of discernment, it works wonderfully one hundred per cent of the time.

The reason why we get ourselves into bad situations from the poor choices we make is that we have disconnected ourselves from that divine mechanism that would have prevented us from falling into that sorry situation in the first place!

You MUST always keep yourself centered everyday, especially as you leave your home. If you are not totally prepared, motivated and focused on what YOUR mission is on that particular day, your energies WILL be usurped for another entities purpose! So to be clear on what your purpose is for that day, but remember, you have to KNOW what your goals are as well as its value in the overall scheme of your personal mission.

Guard you precious and limited energies. Do not waste time and the resources of your enthusiasm by babbling with a foolish soul who will only deplete you because they cannot conceptualize the broad scope and depth of your dream. If they want to argue that it can’t be done, let them talk, they will SEE its manifestation soon one day and will be unable to argue with the proof of living breathing accomplishment that was born out of your blood, sweat and tears!

Protect your ears at all times! People who harbor negative spirits love to invade your space and throw off a word that will permeate your psyche in order thwart your righteous efforts. They know that to upset your thinking from what you are focused on is the first step in bringing you down to their level of inactivity.

Positive energy begets positive energy. Find yourself around others who are striving for advancement in some positive arena in their lives. Look for individuals who spend their time wisely and avoid those who waste precious time as though they have all the time in the world to blow. the most frustrating aspect of getting older is realizing all of the time that you wasted that could have been utilized toward something lasting and edifying. DON’T become one of those people….it is NOT a good feeling!

This advice goes for those in potential relationships. Do NOT think for one second that because someone looks good or talks good that they ARE good! This is not to say that one should in a state of paranoia 24/7 but in fact if you happen to be in THIS day and age, it might not be a bad thing!


But when you join on with someone in Holy Matrimony or even in a sexually charged sin laden overnight rendezvous for which I wouldn’t recommend, you must realize that there are forces at work unseen to the eye that are not only binding but very potent as well!

When you as a woman go to bed with a dumb man, you wake up a little more stupid, a vice versa! There are things too vast for our limited minds to grasp on this level so that is why it is said that we must TRUST in what God tells us to do! There are strict laws to our mental, physical and spiritual well being that we MUST submit too and when we do although we will be on the level that our creator wants us to be on, we will appear larger than life and superhuman to those who practice the worldly laws of death!

How can one discern spirits when your body is clogged up trying to digest the cursed flesh of a pig? How can one have total focus when lust blocks the windshield of the third eye from focusing on the task at hand? How can one truly love when envy rules all other sides of their life?

It’s time to stop explaining away those hidden faults that we hide so well and instead of hugging them up and becoming cozy with them, look then dead in the eye, stop giving them power over you, demand better of yourself and rid them from your life……..and in exchange for your efforts your creator will replace the old clunker of a life with one that is shiny and new for the rest of your existence!

And yes, this goes for those toxic relationships too that you can’t seem to let go! Stop tolerating the crap that’s draining you down because you are hooked on something that you may feel is salvageable in them. Some of you men may tolerate a woman who you KNOW is just using you but because you are weak for her “head game”, you just keep on doling out the cash while the disrespect she displays while she brazenly plays with other men continues to irk the hell out of you.

Some of you women may feel that you have to stay with a man because you can’t make it on your own…..”What am I going to do with the little money I make? Live on the streets?” But it’s better to live in the streets for a time and gain the strength necessary to pick yourself up than having to go every other month to the local clinic to deal with the S.T.D’s that are being delivered to you in a so called relationship of convenience that is destined to have you lowered soon in a casket when you get something that you can’t get rid of!

Refrain from the foolishness of this world in order to allow the power of discernment that you already possess to make your life easier, to avoid the unnecessary and very much avoidable bumps in the road and to live beyond the great potential that God has put in all of us!


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