How To Maintain Hope, Certainty & Fearlessness In A Negative World

When I witness the overwhelming amount of hopelessness, uncertainty and fear in my midst I think to myself that if we were a bit more aggressive toward taking action in our lives then we wouldn’t have the time to be fearful!

The presences of hopelessness, uncertainty and fear to me means that one has the time to think and has allowed these thoughts and feelings to wash over their being while remaining passive.

Sure, we are all human and will be under attack in our mind constantly especially if we stand for something that can affect others in a positive fashion.

But since we know that these attacks will come we have got to adopt the mindset of being prepared for when they do set up shop in our lives.

Being prepared to me is actually finding yourself to be always in a state of motion. It is harder to attack a moving target than it is to decimate one that is stationary. You movements will be harder to calculate and pinpoint when you are always moving toward a new goal and striving toward a new reality.

There is no way for your enemy – external and internal – to set up any attack on your mind, body and spirit when you are also staggering your movements in order to be unpredictable. It’s like fighting a prizefighter who has no predictable set style, his opponent cannot watch recordings of him from his previous fights to get an idea of what he is up against, because every fight for him has been executed in a much different faction utilizing the tactic of being unpredictable. One fight he fights as though he is a slugger and yet in another he is a pure boxer utilizing great technique.

This is the mindset that we must incorporate in our lives to offset those external attacks on us that come in the form of jealous associates, nosy neighbors and envious coworkers. If you are not always in the same rhythm you will work them hard just to be able to lay a glove on you. This will literally drive them crazy and force them to give up on trying to figure you out and move on to easier prey. This is great for you because this will free up your time from being on the defensive and now enabled to pursue developing the abilities that made your enemies jealous of you in the first place. So this is a win-win situation for you all along!

Lance Scurv

On the internal level, you will be so caught up in what grand plans lie ahead of you that you will have no time to be depressed, fearful and feeling hopeless. Feeling these emotions, mindsets and strongholds over your being requires great energy. To fight them requires even more of your energy. Let them be and get busy in doing something. Anything. As long as it is something positive and out of the normal routine for you.

You see, it is easy to allow negative feelings and thoughts into your world when you are enveloped in a routine that is to predictable. So the same goes for those internal demons as it is for the external ones too! Be too busy for them to saturate your mind and find a home there. I’ve found that in the past when I had too many visitors just “drop by” unannounced I would meet them at the door ready to leave as though I was going somewhere. They got to see me but they didn’t get the opportunity to lounge in my private space at home and leave their energies which were not always a positive thing most of the time.

After a while they saw that I was too busy for them and they would move on to dropping over at the next persons house to dump their toxicities on them.

That brings up another point that I want to stress in the hopelessness, uncertainty and fear department, make sure that you are not inheriting someone else’s depression and never share the same space with someone too long who is negative or chronically down (And not desiring a positive change) when YOUR energies need replenishing and recharging. Sure, you want to be there for the proven people in your inner circle but other than that when outsiders spot you as you are known for boundless energy, they are ONLY coming around you to siphon off some if not ALL of your special brand of magic for THERE benefit! This is why they were not ever placed into you inner circle in the first place.

Your brain and emotions are just like a computer, have you ever had a problem starting your computer because of some slight malfunction that prompted you with a blackscreen where one of the choices was to start it up at the last settings when it was working properly? Now, to use this concept personally, when you are feeling a depression or hopeless feeling coming on, you have to go back to using the variables in your midst at the time when you were the happiest last. Think back to what it was that made you happy no matter HOW trivial or small those factors may be. For me it will be to have a clean blank sheet of Bristol Board Sketch paper in front of me on my desk after two big homemade veggie burgers with an entire afternoon free while playing Eumir Deodato’s famous song Whistle Bump on YouTube! Does it for me everytime! Now what is it that will bring you to that state of surefire happiness hands down each and everytime?

Conquering the world around you is a matter of conquering your lower desires that run unchecked and become exploited by those around you who have an agenda with your energies, talents and abilities. Corral those lower desires and use the surplus energy from them to keep yourself busy in a manner that will seal off all openings that allow those feelings of hopelessness, uncertainty and fear that come when you are idle. Use your energies to benefit you and nothing will come between you and the productive successive and highly enjoyable life that you desire to live!

Success cannot be earned by sitting down feeling sorry for yourself! When you feel the pull of negative feelings hitting your soul, it’s time to see who is plugged into you and robbing your feeling of hope, certainty and fearlessness!

…….because if you weren’t being robbed you wouldn’t feel as down as you are now. Check your so called friends and associates. If they were really all for you they would be trying to boost you up.

Never forget that.

…….I know SOMEBODY felt this one! Let me hear from you!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


Check out my all time favorite song to lock down in my office and draw to! Eumir Deodato’s Whistle Bump – I’ve been addicted to this song from when it came out in 1978 when I was 15 years old! It makes me happy EVERY TIME I play it!

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October 3, 2012 2:14 AM

Love this positive message. Being around negative people will certainly effect you. Stay around them long enough and your positive energy will be replaced with the negative. You will find yourself acting just like them.

Reply to  Anonymous
October 3, 2012 4:35 AM

Yes indeed my friend! I make a point of running away from those who are negatively based in their general energy. It's the only way that I can be as productive as I am!

Reply to  Anonymous
October 3, 2012 4:33 AM

Yes indeed my friend! I make a point of running away from those who are negatively based in their general energy. It's the only way that I can be as productive as I am!

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