How To Maintain The Personal Spiritual Hygiene Of Your Home


Many do not understand the importance of it.

As I’ve said before in my blog that I wrote many years ago, your home is like the womb. It protects you from the outside elements that may not be to kind, it nourishes you from storage that one should have been wise to gather over time and it is your divine place of rest and a spiritual incubator that has one overall ready to conquer the world.

As you can see, home is so much more than a place to rest your head for a few hours before going back out into the rat race or merely a quick pit stop. A great home life can literally add years onto your life because your entire outlook while out in the world is influenced by what is going on at home. The beauty of this is that you should know that YOU control the factors that go into making a wonderful home that supports you efforts to conquer the world if you wish!

One must be very careful who they allow into the inner sanctuary of their home. Why? People bring their own energy and all people who you come in contact with may not be worthy to enter your temple because they may leave something unseen to the eye that will disrupt the only place that you have in this entire world to truly symbolically let your hair down and drop your guard.

This is why many cannot get it together when they are out in the outside world because they are so worn down from the strange energies that are lurking in their home that were either brought there by other people who live there or by themselves out of ignorance. This is why those “party houses” – as I like to call them – never ever have any long stretches of peace in them because there are just too many strange entities being allowed to pass through at will bringing with them a multitude of energies that will not always be the most wholesome.

Think that I am speaking quackery?

Well how is it that when you return home you somehow automatically know when someone else has been there? I mean, while this may not pertain to someone who lives by themselves (It still does when you are living alone with a snoop of a landlord! LOL!), when you have at least one other person who lives with you and they allow someone else into your home, you will feel the the residual energy of that person when you hit that door whether you know it or not!

If your connection to God is strong and your connection to your house is intimate you will be able to discern others who enter into your inner space in an even more intense manner because this is the physical place where your spirit dominates and rules supreme over anyone else who passes through!

There is so much more to this life than most have the comprehension to truly grasp, as I’ve mention in an earlier article, you have three types of people, the mindless, the educated and the spiritual.

The homes of the mindless are open flophouses for all types of strange and perverted spirits and one who is spiritual should absolutely NEVER enter into these dwelling because they will “pick up” an energy that would rather cling on to their purity and be released in their home upon arrival! It is exactly the same way that one can bring home roaches after visiting a friend who has a home that is infested with those same roaches!

They can get into your bag, your coat or even ride on your shoulder to unknowingly set up shop in the clean space of YOUR home! And then when you see them multiplying there with you, you will scratch your head and wonder to yourself why do you have roaches when you are such a clean person! This is the way that these unclean spirits can latch onto you for a trip back to your place!

Another divine law that we are not intuitive enough to understand is that when we do have a spouse or other family members there in the home that we live with, we have to make sure that everyone (A daunting task indeed!) is at peace with themselves and any issues that they have with there house mates.

Mr. & Mrs. LanceScurv


Because this too can create an opening for these unclean spirits to enter your home and this in fact can be an uphill battle depending what type of individuals you share your living space with. This is why for me the best way is God’s way in being single first, then allowing the Creator to bring to you that same kindred spirit like minded mate where you bring children into the world afterward that possess your same blended spiritual yolk.

If you monitor and oversee their upbringing carefully TOGETHER and set in motion their divine spiritual rhythm, your presence and example will in fact give them an advantage to “knowing” what is around them also in the world because they too have the pure protected base of a nurturing strengthening home life that will innately place the gifts of discernment and the fruits of the spirit within them naturally!

So as you can see, there are many benefits that can be enjoyed once you make sure that your home is respected, cleansed and rid of any person that is neglectful of their personal spiritual hygiene to keep their home the most wonderful place to dwell!

You must always keep a REAL PRAYER on your lips and in your heart before re-entering your home to rid yourself of what might be coming in with you. This is not some weird twisted superstitious practice, this is real! Prayer is taught to us for this very reason and too many of us merely put it in the category of that annoying ritual that we must do when we attend a church service or say the grace before eating dinner at a friends home. we are taught to pray for a very real reason and we usually through away this very necessary practice away because we feel that it is a useless endeavor.

Nothing could be so further from the truth!

We seem to have more respect for the physical laws of this life that we can “see” more so than accepting that there are spiritual laws that are just as much in motion but unseen to the naked eye. In actuality, these physical laws are mere distractions because we get so caught up in the obvious and frequently fail to see what is truly working behind the material world.

When we encounter some bare electrical wires in our path we seem to have more respect in not touching it because we fear being shocked and maybe killed from it because we don’t know if it is holding a charge or not yet we haphazardly allow our personal space and homes to be “touched” by these hypocritical people who carry the negative charge that will reek havoc into our lives! Before you think of handling that potentially deadly wire you “test” it to see if it is live or not so we in turn should “test” the spirits of those who we allow into our lives and homes. You just don’t know WHAT kind of “charge” they possess! Don’t let their kind words and smiles fool you!

We must also stop hanging out in these unruly homes where righteousness is not allowed to rule! It doesn’t make sense to have¬† picnic in a war zone so why would you subject your hard earned “centeredness” to an atmosphere of confusion and now expect it to rub off on you? Would you take a bath in someone else’s dirty bath water and expect to be clean?

We all just might have some “homework” to do, and I don’t mean the maintenance that we execute to keep our homes looking nice because most of the time when we drive through a well kept neighborhood subdivision we are not aware of the hell that exists behind those pristine structures because the people there have allowed the purity of their home life and personal space to be compromised by the entry of these unclean spirits who refuse to leave them.

We make sure to keep our lawns trim and cut but overlook that one who is inside that house who lives with us that needs to be cut out of your life because he or she is bringing in these unclean spirits into that same home.

Our kitchens may produce the finest culinary delights but it means nothing if you are feasting on a side order of hell that came along so easily through that door under the cover of your friends, neighbors or acquaintances!

Many of us flock to the home improvement warehouses like Lowes or The Home Depot in order to purchase that “one more” amenity that would make the house look nice and possibly bring the happiness that has eluded you for so long not knowing that to protect your home from demonic infiltration is what is really needed to be unblocked that will let the flow of joy come back on into your life!

So many of you are running to the shrinks in order to sort out what is wrong with YOU when in fact there is absolutely nothing wrong with you it is just the fact that you are dealing with the unclean spirits that have set up shop in your home that you immerse yourself in every time you GO home!

Declare your home a drama free zone right now and work relentlessly to keep it that way and whoever wants to try to “taint” the purity of your spiritual commitment to yourself and anyone who is a kindred spirit who lives with you, ban them, quarantine them and make sure that they are to never return again because your quality of life, peace of mind and sanity depend on it to thrive!

God wants you to enjoy the goodness that He has afforded you in this life and although He never guaranteed that you will not go through struggles on this level He wants you to know that you DO have the right to have a space in this world where you can rest, nurture, absorb knowledge and prepare yourself free of distraction for all of the challenges in this world that one must face!

But in order to accomplish this you must submit to the divine laws that are not usually taught in a practical manner that we can understand. This must be taught in our homes to our youth so that they don’t grow up unarmed in a world that has all kinds of spiritual viruses that can be brought back home to infest entire families!

But sadly enough, we navigate these shark infested waters feeling that we do not need any guidance or laws to submit to with disastrous results.

Then we feel that the only choice that we have is to visit a psychiatrist in the hopes of getting the divine answers to our issues at home.

If you ask me, a session on the couch and the “psych meds” that will surely be prescribed afterward could NEVER replace the divine laws that we must submit to in order to keep a peaceful home.

Peace of mind never came in the form of a pill and never will.

It’s time to clean house!

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