How To Play Toxic Tag With Evil People And Always Come Out The Winner!

Today for me seemed as though it was the official “We Must Piss Off LanceScurv Day” because ever since I stepped out of my house it was one attempt after another to devastate and destroy my sanity through the sick game of Toxic Tag!

But lucky for me and terrible for those who tried it is an extremely hard task to accomplish! It would be easier for New Jersey Governor Christie to Hoola-Hoop inside an eye of an needle than it would be to truly get me upset to the bone.

New Jersey Governor Christie speaks at a campaign rally with Republican presidential candidate Romney in Exeter

And the mastery of that skill didn’t come easy for me because I was known long ago for my explosive and sometimes violent temper with the huge scars on my knuckles are visual proof of this fact. That I must say is after my long fuse was logically burnt, never over foolishness, but when I got angry in my younger years all who witnessed my transformation from a laid back care free individual to one who would wreck anything in my path would usually say that it was well earned and understood my frustration.

But with maturity and two wonderful parents to teach me the correct manner of responding, I took what was a budding character flaw and turned it into a strong point of mine. It wasn’t easy, but the results were well worth it! I’ve learned to meter out my intensity in small increments towards all things positive. Yes, I would be lying to you if I said that I don’t begin to feel the frustrations that most feel, but now I have an outlet that is fueled by these feelings to bring my finer points to a higher state of being. So to piss me off in the present day will only serve to make me better. Make me more formidable and even more of a nightmare to my naysayers and covert enemies. I feed on negative energy just as easily as I do the positive! I’m a hybrid whose system of motivation cannot ever be clogged and I won’t stop until my God calls me home!

I am so glad that I focused on improving myself in that crucial category of character because if I didn’t I would probably be locked up somewhere for making someones dentist rich! Seriously! While I try to see the good in people to whom I cross paths with as I make my personal journey through this life, I have to admit that my outlook is not looking too good overall as my ability to discern these spirits pretty much has made me make the assessment that people are ASSHOLES much more than they are nice!

But that’s okay because I have to thank them for helping to mold me into the person that I am today. I wonder if they have really embraced this fact and I do wonder how they feel about it. LOL!

But seriously, today was a rare day as the entire world appeared to be on some negative vibe and it amazed me how consistent this was throughout my day. It was like this mindset hung over the city like an overcast cloud that wouldn’t blow away, yet I and a few others had the advantage of a spiritual ray of sunlight piercing through that cloud onto us to keep our spirits up during the spiritual drought.

Whenever I witness the childish games of frustrated people come my way in an unavoidable fashion, I will take a deep breath and put my mind somewhere else and move a few steps slower. I detach myself out of the moment while they do what they do and look for the frustration in my demeanor but frustrate themselves when it never happens.

There are a lot of hurt people out here and for the most part what I’ve found is that whichever way THEY are hurting is the manner in which THEY will attack you!

Now it’s no secret that I drive the public transportation bus here in Orlando, so needless to say you could imagine how much crap I see and hear during an eight hour shift.

When you are a captive audience to the passengers boarding your bus, you get hit with all kinds of attitudes and frustrations that are so saturated into that persons basic makeup that they cannot even help it from oozing out of their every pore in their dealings with you!

For some it’s the only time in their day that they feel as though they have complete and total attention in the spotlight so they do everything possible to keep that moment lasting forever!

It’s human nature at its best and I get to absorb every moment of this rare unguarded insight into these strangers who haven’t a clue that I am peering into their souls. Heck. If one of my sexier female passengers pulled her panties down, bent over and spread her butt cheeks it wouldn’t show me any more of her soul than I already know from my brief encounters with her over the years on the bus without hardly speaking or even know each others names.

This is the depth and range of perception that I possess with these unsuspecting strangers so when they come at me in a manner to frustrate me or raise me to anger then who am I not to utilize what I see in them and turn the whole scenario around in my favor?

Well it came to me one day this past week when a young female (I would have preferred to call her a young Lady but she relinquished that title!) who had about five young children boarded the bus. I already knew that it was going to be major problems with her by the way that she took her time to gather her children’s belongings as well as her double stroller and her children. Sure, I know this takes time but she took three times the amount of time to board the bus that I thought was unnecessary.

She Devil Horns

But of course I didn’t even say a mumbling word.

She, like so many other people in her spiritual/mental condition, believe that to rid themselves of their pain they have to bring others around them into that zone and therefore (Somehow) sharing the burden of what they feel inside. It doesn’t work that way and this is why you will find so many confrontations with these types in their world. Since birds of a feather flock together, it’s just a matter of time before these individuals who subscribe to this mindset have a massive falling out with everyone around them.

So one of my strategies to dealing with those who do not want to be accountable for their screwed up lives is to keep our encounters brief and to the point before swiftly moving on. There is no other way to do it because to fight their fire with your fire will be a sure disaster in a no win situation for you.

Well, this particular female was hellbent on having some type of encounter on a negative level with me and I knew it. Her loud teeth sucking and animated style of ghetto body language let me know that she was in full battle mode by the way she fluffed her “weave-feathers.” LOL!

When playing toxic tag with these people, you have to absorb the concept of what you might represent to them and in essence understand why they are coming at you the way that they are. Now, what I’ve come to understand on my bus why I have more than a few come at me with these intense attitudes is because they see in me what they don’t have in their own lives. Now I’m not saying that I’m ALL THAT but what I am trying to explain is that because I am a working man, married, clean cut, mannerable, a picture of stability, obviously gainfully employed in a good job with several hustles (If they know me close enough to know that!) and not too bad on the eye for fifty years old.

So when you have a young woman who thought she owned the world because her entire existence at one time was all about going to the club with no plans for a future or stability other than the cash that she would get from these two bit now incarcerated drug dealers to whom she depended on to keep her hair done, nails done, rent paid as well as recklessly breeding with those pleasure seeking hooligans, it became one big shock when reality and life hit her from every conceivable angle in finding out that the world it so much bigger than her previous backward existence and that her old hoochie money making club tricks aren’t valid anymore or even worth a dime!

Whore Tattoo

So of course she will be mad at me when she sees an “older representative” of the honest hard working educated guys that are free of a criminal record that she was too good for because she was the hottest (And also the stupidest, but she found that out too late!) thing out there, now understand that she blew it because the good guys are not even interested in her because of her ghetto baggage of bad choices and lower pedigree. So much can be picked up and exchanged between two people in passing in the public especially when ones life is one big tangled ball of overwhelming regrets!

So no matter how brief an encounter you may have with someone in public or how long it is with someone who is in your immediate circle, you must always put on the armor and protect yourself so that you can accomplish in your day what you’ve originally set as a goal. To many times we go out into the world unaware of what is at stake as far as those entities who will attempt to hijack your life force for their own merely to leave you confused, befuddled and rendered ineffective to do a damn thing for yourself while they run off happy and recharged with YOUR hijacked hard earn positive energy! They move about the earth like that pick pocket that went into your pockets or handbag to hit the jackpot and blow every single last penny on a hellish shopping spree enjoyed at your expense!

Don’t be that victim!

Your happiness and peace of mind MUST come from within and should not be dependent on the external often turbulent conditions that are sure to swirl around you constantly to take you out of your zone! Your biggest victory to these daily storms that we are sure to face to to emerge from them unscathed mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally as they will soon vanish when they see that they cannot get a rise out of you. Understand this because the moment that you begin to unravel you will find yourself unable in most cases to rebound successfully.

Once your day is blown in the deadly game of “Toxic Tag” for the most part it’s a WRAP!

Freeze Tag

…….and if for some reason you get caught up in fighting a Toxic Attack in an uncharacteristic non dignified level, then chalk it up to experience and learn from it. Write it off as something that will never happen again as long as you make a point to ensure that it doesn’t! Always remember that it is never a good thing to fight fire with fire and that one day you will look back on your Toxic Attacks with pride if you handled it in a cool calculated fashion but know that it will forever be a thorn in your side if you lower your standards to compromise and fight on an ignorant ghetto-fied manner.

Your dignity is not worth exchanging for a cheap victory over someone who probably already has a less than pristine reputation anyway. They have nothing to lose, YOU do! Remember that. Hold your head up and always use a cerebral superior strategy when playing Toxic Tag with evil people and ALWAYS come out the winner!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Shrewd & Calculating Brother,



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