Hurricane Irma: For Some Unknown Reason This One Scares Me!

​I have a crazy feeling about Hurricane Irma (September 2017) that I hope doesn’t come to pass. I must admit that it’s not a happy feeling at all.

How could it be a happy feeling when we all have witnessed what has happened to the people of Houston Texas and surrounding areas that had the misfortune of living in the direct path of Hurricane Harvey?

I haven’t felt this type of ominous slow burn of fright since I was a young kid, whenever I felt this way something bad always happened and I hope and pray that the feeling that I have about Hurricane Irma is simply something straight out of an overactive imagination.

But as a creative individual and sometimes artist, my connection to the spiritual realm is very strong and I seldom receive false alarms from that plane and I’m going to utilize this adrenalin rush to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I’ve always been fascinated with the fact that many individuals can live in a place like Florida like I do and sleep well at just a tad over sea level while being surrounded by so much water on three sides.

This is why the weather down here can be so unpredictable. We have an East coast facing the Atlantic ocean, a West coast facing the warm waters of The Gulf of Mexico and the Southern shores dipping down into the tropical waters of the Caribbean. This rare combination in itself makes for swift changes in the weather with lots of intense thunder storms with the most intense lightning strikes which makes Central Florida the lightning capital of North America.

While the swirling and unpredictable  manifested physicality of Florida weather can be fascinating, when you think of the wicked history of this place you’ve got to wonder if some kind of delayed Karma is due to hit even if is years overdue hitting those who had nothing to do with the wholesale travesties of slavery in the form of kidnapping, rape and murder.

Now we easily witness on a daily basis via the news programs and social media platforms what truly lies below the beautiful facade of Florida as we see that not much has changed when it comes to the oppression and outright hate of those who possess a higher level of melanin in their skin.

It’s business as usual in Amerikkka and I feel that something is long overdue as the weather is affected by the injustices levied against an entire race of people and the cries have long reached the Heavens and an answer to the wickedness is on its way.

It’s more about the climate in America meaning the division, the hate, the disconnectedness that is at an all time high. Throw in the North Korea tensions, the potential for World War Three, the unexpected strike of a terrorist attack and we have a dangerous top heavy gumbo of negativity that I feel will cause this storm to come to us with a fury never before seen. 

The brazen killing of innocent Blacks by police and others cannot continue in this modern day with the barbaric mindsets that continue to pull the whole of humanity down unless answered swiftly in a manner that may seem brutal to the unaware.

I’m ready for an evacuation and am watching it closely. The timing is sinister and I feel that our collective negative energies may be pulling this in as the earth always seeks to cleanse itself on many levels. 

If in fact it’s a technologically enhanced situation backed by the government for the purpose of population control, then it’s guaranteed to manifest a destruction previously unseen. PLEASE do not let this thing hit Houston again because if it does I’ll know in my gut that the Elite are behind it. 

All we can do now is remain alert and be prepared to go low tech if our cell towers and power grids go down.Stock up on food, water, candles and gas for your grills. Protect yourself and your property by any means necessary because if this jumps off the way it looks then calling the police would be a futile endeavor indeed. But then again, who really calls the cops for anything and expect anything good to come out of it?

Be prepared to move alone without any external aid and know that If you are living according to divine law and obeying the commandments, you will be spared if you have divine love in your heart and a willingness to help others who truly need it.

But for those who have ignored the signs of the times and continue to push the envelope by possessing a hedonistic wanton mentality, I would say to be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID! It’s not too late to weather any storm that comes but you’ll have to move with an intense sense of urgency and a strong sense of purpose…….

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Prepared Brother,



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