Hustling In The Name Of The Lord

Seems like there is a hustle out here for everything…….and I do mean everything!

You can’t hardly get out of your home before the confetti of flyers rain down on you from the local pizza joint and Chinese takeout spot stuck in your door!

Aggressive gypsy cab taxi drivers with a green card in their pocket where the ink hasn’t even dried on it yet stare blindly at you as they honk their horns as though they can’t understand that you don’t need a ride and the meaning of the word no.

You see the same guys on the corner begging for money for food yet their breath is laced with the aroma of alcohol so strong that you pray that no one within a five mile radius lights a match!

You simply go to purchase an item from the local electronics store and have to fight off their annoying attempts to sell you a warranty plan that costs just as much as the item itself. You then get mad at yourself for allowing you to feel stupid for the first few moments after you denied their offer. It must be some kind of mind control tactic but you are determined to keep your money in your pocket and your resources where they belong!

Why does it seem as though the masses of hustlers out here possess the attitude that the money that is in your pockets belong to them?

Everybody has a method of getting in your purse or wallet and by now you are old enough to see it coming from a mile away!

But that doesn’t stop them from trying even harder…….

As soon as you get over one holiday financially, here comes another one to prepare for. Why doesn’t the government force everyone to celebrate these holidays all on one big day or week concurrently instead of these consecutive money draining  extravaganzas?

Concurrently and consecutively?

Dang! sounds like we are now talking about a case in court!  But I guess it is only fitting because when you get caught up in the hustles of our pockets it can be an incarceration of the worst kind!

But seriously! We do it to each other also, we put ourselves out there in ways that is not authentic in order to attract something more than what we have and oftentimes deserve.

What do I mean by this?

Well look at the men at the club on any weekend, half of those jokers don’t even have a pot to piss in or a toilet to sit down on. They will be seen shaking some car keys that are attached to a luxury car key chain that indicates in no way of fashion of the fact that they got a ride from their buddy “Junebug” (Who hasn’t ever had a job since sweeping floors at the local supermarket after High school!) and is hoping and praying that the public city bus will still be running when it is time for them to leave if they didn’t get lucky enough to get picked up by you after believing half of their lies.

You know the lines…….”Baby my real car is in the shop”, “I decided to come back home to live with my momma because she is sick and she needs me to be there for her”, or “Me and my old lady aren’t together anymore but we still live under the same roof but have AN UNDERSTANDING until we part ways after the lease is over!”

When you hear any of those lines it’s time to break out with those high rubber rain boots because the B.S. will begin to get pretty think out here.

Ladies, NOT ALL of you but some of you are no better!

We as men will run across these women who are just as full of the games and hustles also!

Some of them will have a good man at home and still want to play around on the side but just can’t admit that that’s all they want.

You will hear them say stuff like: “We have drifted apart and he doesn’t take care of my needs anymore, I don’t think there is anything wrong with me having a little friend on the side.”

A little friend?

Gentlemen, when you hear the “little” word being mentioned whether you are down for the scenario or not…….dig you toes into the ground, push off with all of your might and RUN!

Anytime a woman says a “little” ANYTHING that means it’s drama coming your way! How come some of these women think that they can minimize the seriousness of a situation by prefacing the desired item by saying “little!”

I guess the mentality of the time is to get all you can get without being taken off of anything that you have acquired. It’s a shame because we were not made to be put into the mentality of being in the battle mode twenty-four seven to look at those around us as mere opportunities to get more stuff that we really don’t need.

It does nothing for us to die with more toys than the next person and lose our souls to end up in eternal hellfire. You know we all have seriously lost our minds!

Speaking of hellfire…….

How can I ramble on about the hustles of the day and not mention our good old fashioned churches?

Yes, I’m on it again and I really can’t stress it enough!

The church is the ultimate hustle and if I didn’t have any scruples or possess a conscious, I would dive head on into the easiest most legal hustle in the United States of America this side of being a politician!

I would be a Pastor.


But I just couldn’t do that and have peace of mind knowing that I am merely prostituting the name of Jesus just to turn a buck!

Now we all know that I am not speaking about every preacher out here but there are far too many in proportion to the exploitation, poverty and silence on the conditions that reside in OUR communities.

Tell me this please if you are upset with what I just had to say, if your preacher isn’t hustling you then how come nothing has ever change for you financially and HE is rolling pretty in the latest luxury car?

Does he even wave goodbye to you after the service while he drives past you with your money in HIS pockets as you stand there on the bus stop hoping that you have enough money to pay the bus fare after “giving your ALL to the church?”

As a young child I was taught that God has created everything in the universe and that He is the mightiest omnipotent entity is all knowing and the beginning and the end of all things!

I still know this to be the truth.

But way back then I never understood why some man told everyone that God needed our money to continue His work! If God was as powerful as we know Him to be then why does He need our money? Will the universe stop working if some type of Heavenly bill isn’t paid like a light bill or something?

Will the rain cease to fall if you don’t fill up every one of those ten tithing plates that are shoved your way while everyone watches to see if you put something in it or not?

Will the sun cut off due to non payment?

Will the seasons halt and refuse to change until the bills are caught up?

No! It doesn’t work that way at all and while I do believe in tithing, I DON’T believe in the hustle of the the tithe as it has become in our modern houses of worship today!

Tithe with the resources of your heart by helping that elderly woman down the street who is trapped in her home with nothing to eat!

Tithe with your hard earned money in order to take up a collection to help that young girl with an immense talent go to the specialized school that will manifest her greatness because her crack addicted mother is too busy turning tricks to even think about her precious child!

Tithe your finances into meals for the hungry instead of paying out the backside for years into a “building fund” that never gets built!

Don’t be a fool to the hustles of the world and you damn sure shouldn’t be a victim to the hustles in the church either! When they say for us to come out of the world and separate ourselves why is it that the hustles of the world are waiting right there for us in God’s hijacked house for someone else’s benefit?

You beautiful Sisters try to get away from the womanizers in the club yet walk right into a worse situation in the house of the Lord than you could ever experience when you were out in the world and down for whatever!

You walk into the house of God with a blind faith and while your eyes are covered your pockets are being fleeced of every penny and piece of lint! Pick-pocketed in the name of the Lord!

When will realize that you are waiting for a bus that will never show up?

When will you take control of your life and the people who come to you with their Colgate smiles and deadly intentions of draining you like a vampire each and every time!

You will run the risk of being called selfish and labeled greedy because  YOU have finally put your foot down to stop the madness that you have been subsidizing all of these years!

If a church brother, sister or street corner hustler never speaks to you again because you woke up to HER game then consider it a blessing because they are one less leech that you have to support in your now peaceful world!

While they move on to the next victim you will be blessed by God Himself because you discovered that those who hustled YOU in HIS name blocked you from seeing His true face.

Isn’t THAT a reason to praise God today? It sure is, ’cause God never had to hustle those to whom He wishes to give his blessings to!

Never forget that when the sob stories and tear jerking diatribes come your way…….

You’ve been warned.

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