“I Ain’t Afraid To Say It!”



Larry Platt – Pants On The Ground

I remember Harlem way back in the forties, we would take pride in our appearance….we worked hard to stay sharp as a tack, keep clean and look good. Now it seems like these young jitterbugs are trying to out do each other to see who can look the most crazy!

Pants hanging off their butts and around their knees!! Lips hangin’ down lookin’ stupid while they are twistin’ all of that uncombed hair, stinkin’ up the the place ’cause they got so much marijuana in their system. Can any of ’em KEEP or even GET a job looking like that?

We marched and protested for civil rights risking our very lives for the righteous advancement of our people, but it breaks my heart to see that we have taken ten steps backward by the way our kids are carrying on, what future will WE have if we have to depend on THEM to create it?
Now don’t get me wrong, I used to have my fun with the ladies when I was younger but I never took anything that a woman never wanted to give….and I NEVER made whoopee with anyone that I couldn’t see myself settling down with, just in case a baby came out of the fun we had.

Now just the other day while walking home from taking care of a client, I had some disrespectful young girl  twelve years old laughing with her friends in broad daylight on 135th street in front of the Y.M.C.A. braggin ’bout how good they can make an old man like me feel with her lips!! Talkin’ bout I would catch a heart attack!! But ain’t none of ’em speakin’ no wisdom from those same lips! What they were talkin’ about ain’t nothin’ that I haven’t experienced even before her MOTHER was born!

Hell, I might be HER granddaddy!

Her grandmomma might have already performed that SAME act on me back in ’51! She better be glad I AIN’T her granddaddy cause grandmomma would have swallowed HER mother and she wouldn’t be HERE right now! She would be spit out somewhere on the damn curb!!

That’s why half of these young girls are through by the time they hit their twenties. Used up and no good strugglin’ with a few babies whose daddies are servin’ time in prison! They think sex is all they have to do to keep a man. Is that all these young girls have to offer? That’s right!

I ain’t afraid to say it!

And then they want to come around a decent man who went to school, lived clean and stayed out of trouble! Too late! See, what they don’t realize is that there is a BIG difference between an easy chick and a REAL lady! But it seems like these horny fools don’t want no lady no mo’!

Used to be you had to wait a few dates to get a good night kiss from a lady you were courtin’ but now it seems like it’s expected that a girl should be garglin’ and burpin’ up a fella’s next generation of babies on the first night like Listerine if ya know what I mean!!!! She would NEVER get a kiss from me….!
A very disciplined & focused Donovan Delroy McDaniel, 76, A Jamaican born man raised from young in Harlem, New York City when his parents immigrated here when he was 9. He is retired from the Marines and The United States Postal Service and is now a very successful and much sought after financial consultant to many businesses in the Tri-state area. He has lived in the same apartment since finishing his tour in the Marines, runs five miles every morning at 5 a.m. keeping himself in excellent shape and it is rumored that he not only discreetly owns the Brownstone that he has always lived in, but the whole entire block!

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