I Cause Fear In The Heart Of The Oppressor As I Fearlessly Share My Undisputable Truths With The World! – Part One

Out of anything that I have ever written, illustrated or spoken in my life, I hope that these words live beyond the short lifespan and time that I have to share the vast thoughts that run through my mind so swiftly and freely. If you are one who possesses a talent that is special, no matter WHAT your present circumstances you must always take a little time each day to hone and develop the God given gifts that you are responsible to take care of. While sometimes it may not seem ‘worth it” to continue your craft, believe me when I tell you, there will come a time in your life when you won’t seem to have enough time to spend alone to enjoy bringing out in full bloom what thrives so richly in your heart.

The life circumstances, the unexpected twists and turns of events will lead you time and time again back to that very talent that in some darker points of your life you’ve tried to avoid. The faster you embrace and accept what God has put in you the quicker He can utilize your life to Hid glory! It will NOT go any other way.

In the end, your designated destiny will fulfill itself.

There will be times when the various unrelated “scraps” of your life won’t seem to make sense when compared to that career person who has his/her next twenty years precisely mapped out in a so called guaranteed fast lane to success. Pay them no mind because life does NOT work in such a fashion, people like us must dwell in a very intuitive space, taking each day as it comes. Sure, while it is not desirable to be a drifter even though at times you might feel like one, always remain connected to yourself from the inside because if you are living a God centered life and are a seeker of truth for the most part, then eventually everything that you have endured, experienced and lived to look back on will become that precious experience that will guide you to higher peaks and greater victories.

But always remember, those unrelated and seemingly useless “scraps” of your life, whether they be the jobs that you’ve worked and gotten fired from or those strange relationships that you’ve found yourself in and in hindsight wondered what the heck were you thinking to be involved in them, will eventually all be enabled to be sewn together to create one big beautiful quilt. And at the end of the day, that beautiful quilt of a life that you’ve put together would be the envy of most who cross your path.

What a liberating feeling it is when you can publicly admit your flaws and mistakes because in the present you have conquered them to the point where they could never be the thing that defines you.

How empowering a thought it is to know that with everyday God sends for you to utilize, you are creating yourself and added NEW branches on the tree that is you! Never trade in your “uniqueness” in to be a follower in ANY endeavor that you undertake, you were born different than everyone on the face of this earth REGARDLESS of the surface similarities. Never attempt to blend in with the crowd because this is an insult to your Father who created you in HIS image and in unique fashion. Be proud of who you are and cultivate wholeheartedly those talents that were instilled in you from birth.

I have found in many crucial periods of my life that the only thing that I’ve possessed to actually validate my individuality WAS my talents and creative offerings to the world! You can be in a relationship where all traces of individuality are looked down upon by your mate who may have extreme dysfunctional issues in THEIR past and will attempt to ignore or snuff out what your creative destiny is in a subtle manner but you are to NEVER allow a day to go by where your level of expertise is quelled by an insecure significant other.

Whether you realize it or not in this particular junction point of your life, your unique abilities are the very thing that will help you to maintain your sanity if you have to endure any rough times in this life. I know it has for me, I don’t know what kind of mental space I would be in right now if I couldn’t shut out the attacks of the outside world on my sanity if I wasn’t able to recalibrate my soul by the indulgences of my writing, my artwork and the running of this blog. Where many times there has been the major disappointments in my life because I always thought that the people who were close to me would support  me the most, I have found that the divine trade-off of support from the hundreds of thousands of kindred spirits who I’ve met online have given me a support that is above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined!

But it dawned on my if I didn’t toil in the shadows for years to develop my craft and lurk patiently and never give up on my dreams that I might not have EVER connect to those once distant strangers to whom have joined onto me in such a loving warm manner. So if the truth be told understaqnd that what is coming to you WILL come to you. Sometimes……no let me correct that……MOST of the time if not ALL of the time there will be major delays and roadblocks, accept them as character builders but NEVER allow them to force you to stop swinging in the fight of life. The minute you take yourself out of the battle, you’ve lost that precious momentum gained and may never ever recapture it again!

Understand that EVERY piece of creative expression that you offer up to the world is a deeper peek into the true inner being that is you! You are literally excavating deeper into your soul and every expression created will give you an inner calm that no one else will ever be able to comprehend. It’s somewhat a divine detachment. It’s not bad but trust me, in this life when trying times come your way you will need it! It’s living in that zone that will shield you from the assinine reactions of the masses when they freak out to situations that you will take control in. Not to say that you won’t hurt like everyone else but you will be able because of your different mindset be able to put certain events large or small, good or bad into it’s proper perspective and not have it blown up in your mind more than what it is in the scale of things.

In my life I’ve needed this ability and fully utilized it as I’ve gone through many trials and tribulations in this life. My cross to bear was that I’ve always seemed to have it tough emotionally. I mean, I don’t have any major emotional issues but I’ve always found myself in a position of being extremely hurt, being told hurtful things by those who were supposed to reassure me in times of crisis. I must say that this pain did not come from my wonderful upbringing that my parents afforded me, I thank God everyday for the beautiful memories that I had growing up and the vast exposure to many cultures, different people in that rich period of time in New York City during the sixties, seventies and eighties. Others have to travel the WORLD constantly to gain the level of diverse exposure that I’ve had because of the upbringing that my parent made sure I had. There is not a day that I do not thank God and thank my Mommy and Daddy for the time invested in me.

This is the main reason why I share so much of myself to help others through the sharing of my experiences. It’s one big system this life is and the quicker we learn that it is more blessed to give than receive then the faster it is that we can allow the joy of our Creator flood every hidden nook and cranny of our hearts affecting our outlooks making a rainy day look and feel like a sunny one!

Understand that this has preserved me throughout my soon to be half century on this earth because with the packaging that I arrived to this earth in coupled with the mental sickness of the mainstream culture called racism, it has been extremely trying to maintain the internal equilibrium necessary to navigate the hostile waters as a Black male through a school system that indoctrinates rather than educates and if you display the threatening qualities of an independent thinker than special attention is paid to you to snuff those uncontrollable fires out of you. Why? Because it was identified that I will definitely be a threat somewhere down the line.


And you know what?

I will make sure to be the biggest troublemaker righteously that this world and wicked system has ever seen! I will be to the unrighteous world what a computer virus is to its operating system! As independent thinkers you are already revolutionaries and the designated soldiers in spiritual warfare. No matter what the creative post that you man, you must use it to share and spread the message of change in your own unique way!

Why do you think that the arts programs are the first to be banished in our school systems?

It’s because it has been discovered that those who think outside of the box are usually the people who are strong enough in their vision, who are charismatic enough to reach the masses of the deaf, dumb and blind people and who have the drive to get the job done! So they would rather beat your spirit down and try to have you fit your square peg of a personality into a round hole of their system.

It won’t work!

But yet and still the establishment will have you thinking that something is wrong with you and if you truly internalize this wickedly deceptive mindset, then they have won! I’m here to tell you that if something in your life doesn’t “feel” right then it “ain’t” right! Always look within for the answers and never relinquish that connectedness to self to some outside entity in an organized religion who will only look to siphon your energies for THEIR benefit.

Heck, most preachers are on the payrolls of the various government entities anyway and are there to keep the people asleep and not wake them up for extreme revolution. Isn’t that something? And I am NOT afraid to speak on my observations! Yes, the churches will feed a few homeless and donate some resources for an outwardly good cause but they will NEVER develop you into the fully working independent self/God generated mighty individual that your Creator intended! This is why when you claim religion in the midst of your oppressor he knows that you can NEVER be a threat to his satanic hold on your life! There are so many more points that I want to share but I will continue this tomorrow in part two……
Do know that these words were unscripted and typed out in my free flowing fashion as led by the spirit. I KNOW these words have reached someone just as I know that they may have confused a few. That’s okay, every message isn’t for everyone and every command is not for every soldier in the field to execute. If it didn’t register with you then maybe it wasn’t meant for you. We are coming into some very crucial times in history and it’s going to take a direct in your face grassroots approach in order to wake our people up from the deep sleep that they have been put into. I take extreme joy in doing my part! Talk to you tomorrow and have a blessed and prosperous New Year!

God bless you and empower you!

Always on a mission, Always with a message, ALWAYS with the TRUTH!

Lance Scurvin

About The Author

Media Personality | Culture Critic | Podcast Host | Digital Nomad | Blogger & Cartoonist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!  THE LANCESCURV SHOW PODCAST focuses is on current events, trending happenings, news and thought provoking topics of interest in an uncompromising uncensored manner.

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December 19, 2011 11:56 PM

I know exactly what you mean Lance. Three quarters of the worlds population died at birth- they never lived. When you are in this world have lost your connection with the creative force of nature and the creator, you'll have no other choice but to plug into the drugged life-support system that the world's manipulators invented. I bet the executive producers of the Matrix are laughing at the world. They told us to our faces that they were controlling us and we enjoyed the movie without having a clue.

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