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We all as individuals have many varied tastes, while you might know your man’s favorite dish, favorite outfit or even his favorite slinky outfit that he likes to see you wear around the house for his eyes only. But little do many unsuspecting ladies know that he just might have a taste for something far different than you could imagine.

The following expressions are a compilation of the many text messages, e-mails and phone calls that I have received discretely literally begging me to cover the topic of down low men, secret bisexuality in men and the discovery of men who love transvestite/transsexual porn. I have the complete permission of those who have shared their tales yet understand that this is a blending of all of them.

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From Darlene G., 33, Atlanta, Georgia:

At first I thought I was imagining things. But I could have sworn that I caught him really zoned out looking at the guy in front of us on the escalator studying his ass in a way that most men look at women on the sly. After inquiring about it, he said that he really didn’t know where his eyes were because he was zoned out deep in thought.

…….now what could I say to that?

I remember when we first started dating many years ago how he looked at me this way and I never forgot that look.

Since we’ve been living together he never seems too enthusiastic about the subject of marriage the way he had been when we first started shacking up together.

His rhythms have changed somewhat and he never seems to be in a rush to get home as fast as he did in the past. I mean, I have a stunning hourglass shape with killer legs and blemish free skin, I’m a certified freak in the bed and possess a sex drive that would leave any man drained but these last few months I must admit that my battery Operated Boyfriend just has not had the opportunity to collect any dust.

Why is this so?

I am humble and down to earth even after being told how beautiful I am. I am a hard worker and my time is accounted for and he never has to worry about my faithfulness to him or my whereabouts.

But recently I’ve noticed that the dresser drawer that contains my lace underwear is always rummaged through and this is the case when I get home from work on those two days where he is home before me for a few hours.


What could he be looking for? He knows about the toys that I use when he is away on those long business trips so I know he doesn’t have a problem being tucked away under my sexy thongs and panties. We even use my toy on me and in me in our foreplay as I especially love when he inserts it in me while he serves me orally. Talk about explosions? Whew! That’s the BEST!

But I noticed when I indulged in one of my solo sessions that my toy seemed to be tampered with in some strange way, I couldn’t put my finger on it but in looking at it closely I picked up a musty scent coming from it and dear Lord it smelled like my man’s ass!

Could he be using the same toy that i do to do something that I never knew he liked? Oh my God! If he is using this toy to simulate gay sex is there a possibility that he is open to try the real thing? Has he tried the real thing?

I can deal with any sexual fetish or request but having a man who wants to be with another man is NOT my ideal situation and I refuse to be with someone like this?

How should I approach him about what I suspect without damaging a perfectly salvageable relationship from a possible false accusation?

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Michelle E., 49, Prince Georges, Maryland:

My husband has become somewhat of an introvert after 25 plus years of marriage and with the raising of our 3 kids that are now independently on their own, so I let him have his “man cave” time to himself locked away in his home office.

He has sacrificed so much over the years and has been such a great husband, father and provider that i would just about let him do what he wants as long as he doesn’t have an affair on me or gets into something illegal.

But after doing my regular cleaning in his office, the thought hit me to check a few sales on the computer and I was a bit lazy to go to my laptop in the bedroom upstairs so I camped out on his for what I thought was a hot minute until I finished surfing.

But what I soon discovered had more of a devastating effect on my life than if a nuclear bomb went off in my face!

I swear on my Mother’s ashes that I was not there to snoop as he has never given me a reason to ever feel that he has been unfaithful, I know how those internet porn sites can have a way of popping up on your screen out of nowhere because it’s happened to me. So after a chuckle and a few curious moments of viewing I’m ready to move on and as far as I knew, he never expressed an interest in pornography but if he did I wouldn’t want it to be what i saw minimized on his computer screen!

I found several picture sites and even more videos of men having sex and group sex in drag as well as some strange looking transsexuals having all different types of unprotected  sex with groups of strange men and even couples!


Now I put two and two together, in the last two or so years, my husband fancied me inserting a finger in his backside – not too deep – when I’m sucking him off. i thought that some men like this type of stimulation because the prostrate gland seems to intensify his pleasure but now I had a very different perspective on why he likes it.

This wasn’t a curious indulgence, as I check through his computer history he has been watching transvestite/transsexual porn for years! Since he isn’t as computer savvy as I, he didn’t know how to erase his viewing history and that’s what did him in.

Now this discovery alone would have sent most women off of the deep end but now I realized that an e-mail account that I never knew he had was minimized and i now took the liberty to read through it after discovering the dirty little secret that he had in his secret life away from me.

His e-mail address was something to the effect of Bottom_ Bear or something like that, he is a big hairy bear of a man alright and I found out that he frequented message boards searching for others that have his same desires. I am so through and ready to murder him! But I will mark my time and get out of this lie of a marriage and the good thing is our kids are grown. I wish I could wake up from this nightmare but this was too much to bear and NO, I do NOT want counseling, I WANT OUT!

I am literally afraid for my life and need to get an HIV test immediately because this can really be the ultimate nightmare!

All I want to know is, is there anyone else out here who has gone through something embarrassing like this?

Now that’s just a taste of what many women in question have shared with me from cyberspace and in person. I am calling on those same individuals as well as the silent masses of ladies who have suspected, discovered and busted their mates – whether they are married to them or not – who have a secret life that includes the kinky desires that you never knew that he had.

Call in to the LanceScurv Hotline anonymously at 407.731.2945 anytime 24/7 and share your story or the story of another that you know to shed some light on a topic that many are too embarrassed to share. While the subject matter in this show may be bizarre or entertaining to some, this is a serious topic and those who are going through it understand that there is NOTHING funny about it!

It can leave a woman broken, with no confidence, damaged for life and turned off to ever being close and intimate with a man ever again!

Don’t let this become you and attend this broadcast and help others who may be too shy to call in for some firsthand advice that just might save their sanity!


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    Practical, real advice for anyone looking for healing from sexual abuse and dysfunction….a MUST READ for church leaders who are struggling in this area….MALE and FEMALE.

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