I Don’t Have To Read The Instructions, I Can Get This Together Without Wasting Anytime Doing That!

How many of us have made the same statement in this life about NOT having to read the instructions that came along with something that had to be put together?

I know I did………….

In the highs and lows that come attached and prepackaged in the realm of relationships, it seems as though like that forever positive gambler that KNOWS he is going to recoup BIG TIME on all he has previously thrown away, WE  just KNOW that we will be successful in our romantic unions without ANY outside advice!

And what do we say when someone with experience who really CARES offers to help us? “Stay out of my business! I didn’t ask you to tell me ANYTHING!”

If you didn’t actually say it you may have thought it! Tell the truth!

How sad……

Am I being negative or acting sarcastic when I say this?

Not at all! But let me ask you this:

When you call a fireman to your residence to put out a fire or respond to some type of emergency that might be a little too much for you to handle, you assume that he is knowledgeable and equipped on a myriad of levels to handle the task at hand right?

When you call the police to your home because upon arriving to your premises after a few days away out of town you notice that it has been forcefully broken into and you suspect someone STILL might be lurking inside to do you bodily harm you KNOW that nine times out of ten those officers that arrive on the scene will bring peace of mind to a mind rattling situation right?

When you wake up on July 4th in anticipation of celebrating a day of someone ELSE’S independence at that well planned barbecue, you never anticipated being greeted in your arrival from slumber land with a massive toothache but you have enough confidence in that dentist to whom you now realize that you should have visited more that he has the goods to take that rotten tooth AND the pain away don’t you?

So what makes you so sure that when you get involved with a new mate that you are equipped to handle this strange new energy in your life who has a history of likes, dislikes, hangups, idiosyncrasies, mood swings, cravings, desires, habits set in stone and possibly all KINDS of bizarre (Might be a good thing!) sexual fetishes that you have absolutely NO idea how to deal with!

So what makes you so sure that when THEY get involved with the new mate in YOU that THEY are equipped to handle YOUR strange new energy THEIR life that has a history of likes, dislikes, hangups, idiosyncrasies, mood swings, cravings, desires, habits set in stone and possibly all KINDS of bizarre (Might NOT be a good thing, and ONLY you know the answer to that!) sexual fetishes that THEY MIGHT have absolutely NO idea how to deal with!

Get the picture?

It’s not easy at all so HOW in the world do you think that with the many factors and variables involved with joining two people together that you can accomplish this daunting task without some type of guidance, some type of divine law, some type of training?

To become a police officer, fireman/woman or dentist ALL require some type of intensive training over an extended period of time and while it may seem so very hard of a task to complete, it’s CHILDPLAY compared to keeping a relationship fresh, sweet, loving and downright orgasmic day after day, month after month and year after year!

Think of it this way, if those aforementioned individuals have what it takes to finish their specific academies or schooling to ascend to the top of their professions, then why can’t those SAME great individuals who have displayed the skills, talent and focus necessary to excel in their chosen fields FAIL many times when it comes down to keeping their own personal relationships intact? And if THEY can’t do it after showing through their hard work that they are a cut above the rest, then what chance do you think WE have as average normal law abiding (Hopefully! LOL!) citizens?

We make the mistake of trying to “wing” this relationship thing all by ourselves and there are RULES to this thing that we better heed by or we are just wasting precious time that we can NEVER get back!

When we don’t consult the higher laws of the Divine Creator in all we do we are bound to make MAJOR mistakes!

Why can’t we understand this after living life jumping from relationship from relationship and I am the FIRST one to admit that I have spent many a DECADE doing just this and that is why I am EQUIPPED to speak on it more than anyone else! TAKE IT FROM ME I wouldn’t lie to you!

While the “thrill” of something new is a rush and quite euphoric, it is comparable to the rush from a drug that wasn’t meant to be put in your system! Now our God made this initial rush as a treat and as a bond between to people to “glue” them together until the “soul ties” completely took hold but He did NOT make it for you to go on sampling ALL of the various “rushes” that come (Cum? Lol!) with connecting with someone new! Because you know what? It doesn’t end with just saying goodbye to that quick fling or short relationship, whether you realize it or not, you now have a “soul tie” with them too!

So does it shock you that is the reason why most of us are running around this world in a confused state because of all of the different people we have joined not only our bodies to, but our minds AND souls to TOO?

This is why we cannot be as effective as we were MADE to be in OUR chosen and destined areas of expertise because we are DRAINED from too many unhealthy connections! We are trying to fill a bucket that has multiple holes in the bottom that we can’t see! And when our lives don’t add up to what we thought they should be then we realize what we have done a little TOO LATE if we have even detected our mistakes or misjudgments at ALL!

All of this drama because we did not learn how to choose a mate, when to choose a mate and when to know that we are READY to even HAVE a mate!


We ALL need it!

But what “academy” do we attend to get extensive training in the matters of the heart?

Did you EVER receive instruction on these things in life? Sure, we have learned about the birds and the bees from early on and back in my day when my folks sat me down and had that “talk,” I already knew what time it was and could have told THEM about a sexual technique or two! LOL! But I wouldn’t DARE move my mouth to tell them something like that, I would have been TOO embarrassed to do so!

But THESE days, if truth be told, adults don’t HAVE to go out and discreetly purchase a sex manual to learn how to extract more satisfaction from their intimate lives, NOOOO! All they would have to do is to sneak up on their pre-teens bedroom door and press their ears to it to hear what they are saying in their conversations in order to gain valuable information and sex education as well as catching a heart attack in the process!

Our kids get it before we can give it to them the right and proper way so if WE are off the mark from NOT having instruction, being naive and going about things OUR way, what about these youngsters out here who are getting their information directly from the internet and seeing EVERYTHING at the click of a button, being aroused and titillated by it then going straight out into the world to try what they have absorbed in their mind in complete detail!

Have you ever attempted to put together a computer desk or some inexpensive melamine furniture WITHOUT reading the instructions?

Looks easy, but when you spread out the pieces and parts it becomes an entire different story! Now you are sitting there dumbfounded that the task at hand is NOT as easy as you thought it would be.


Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Many relationships are enter into because they appear SO EASY! But after the pieces and parts are “spread out” it becomes an entire different story! Now you are sitting there dumbfounded that the task at hand was NOT as easy as you thought it would be.

What we have to realize is most of us have NOT received the adequate instruction to be equipped to deal with the complex issues involved in the relationships that we pursue. And to tell the truth, if you have read many of my other writings, you would know that I believe in God bringing us that ONE person that HE has made for us. So it’s a damn shame that we go dippin’ in the wrong pot and getting a taste of something that was made for someone else prematurely and getting FULL so that when OUR God given PERFECT designated meal comes along, we are TOO FULL TO EVEN EAT!

Now is THAT fair?

And then we say (Lie) to ourselves and our mate by saying: “Well that was BEFORE you came along so you CAN’T get mad!”


….Because if truth be told you have given something away that was meant for THEM! But you rationalize your actions by saying such an asinine comment! Sure! If a person is jealous of a dating situation or insecure about a platonic friendship that transpired BEFORE he/she got there then THAT is a different story! But if truth be told, God’s ordained mate for you wouldn’t walk about with such insecurity because THEY would know that THEY are the one!

But to make such a statement to validate you “PRE-CHEATING” is not a valid reason at all! And yes, I made that term up just now and it is self explanatory indeed! LOL! Bet you never looked at it that way did you?

I want you to REALLY add up the pain, heartache, disappointments, loss of resources and finances, loss of time, broken friendships and damaged family ties that you have garnered in your life as you acted as the Captain of your own ship in these shark infested waters of the dating/relationship/emotional investment sea!

Can you truly put a price on the time lost that could have been minimized if you had only listened? Is it too late? No! But you cannot afford to waste ANYMORE time if you want to have a semblance of a fruitful life. Just realize that it JUST WON’T WORK without submit to the laws that God has put forth to us to protect us from the pain of a breakup as well as the frustration and horror of your doctor telling you that you have acquired a disease that they are NOT able to ever cure!

So understand that when God says DON’T do something, He is not trying to stop you from having fun, He WANTS you to have fun! He is protecting you from what satan has in store for you that in actuality is a SUBSTITUTE fun that just CANNOT compare to the bliss, happiness, peace of mind, STRONG righteous soul ties and downright righteously freakish (With all of the delicious fetishes that you can shake a nipple clamp or a stiletto heel at! LOL!) sex life that God Himself will bless with those OVERWHELMING ORGASMS that will flood down sweetly over your every fiber and put you into the deepest sweetest and happily groggiest of slumbers that you have EVER known!

You’ve tried it YOUR way, now try it the RIGHT WAY!

Pick up your Bibles right now and answer me this:

Have you ever read the Song of Solomon…………..?

Read it literally and you will agree that even the great Zane (The famous renown author of the steamiest erotic writings) couldn’t write stuff like that!

Just follow the instructions therein and you can NEVER go wrong!

Thus sayeth the Lord!

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