“I Just Shakes Muh Head!”………….The Dating Game According To Leroy Otis Lamont Duke:



These sorry ass men need to tighten their game up! Got their good faithful women cryin’ their eyes out wit’ their head hung low. These fools do the same foolishness over and over again!

You see them at the club all up under some strange woman that they done picked up. Don’t these clowns realize is that these chicks are going to go home with WHOEVER spends the most money on them at the bar?

Nappy Roots – Round The Globe

I see these hoes in here week after week lookin’ to hustle these weak ass men for a few drinks wit’ their titties hangin’ all out of their clothes and flirtin’ with them while they are suckin’ on straws in a way to make these dudes know how much skills they got wit’ they mouths.

I just shakes muh head.

False smiles and promises. All for what? And all the good ladies at home don’t have a clue as to how a REAL man should treat them.

Now you say Leroy, what are YOU doin’ in the club every week?

Well baby doll, I OWN the joint! And I’m tellin’ you from now that THAT’S the only reason why I would even be there….to make my money ’cause I damn sure wouldn’t EVER look for no woman up in there! I KNOW the game! Men in general don’t know how to handle a real quality woman. It’s a whole different level than those club hoes.

They don’t know how to hold a door for you but they damn sure know how to hold your thighs open when they want to get your sweet lovin’!

They don’t know how to say an positive word to lift your spirits, but they are quick to know how to get in position to lift your skirt!

Now I know I ain’t know pretty boy, let’s be real….some would say that Big LeRoy is kinda on the ugly side! But you know what? That’s okay wit’ me… know why?….’cause I keeps a beautiful young lady on my arms 24/7!

All these in shape brothers sportin’ these “six packs” can’t understand how a ugly man with a big fat stomach has to DODGE so many intelligent, progressive, quality ladies when they can’t pull none!

While the only six pack I got is the one in the fridge chillin’ on ice to drink later on while watchin’ the game!

What you got to do is treat a woman like she never been treated before. After you done checked her out to see she ain’t no hood rat and she can be trusted, bring her to the crib….let her see you keep a clean place.

Let her see that you pay your bills and have a sense of responsibility. Impress upon her that you will not be a liability in her life but a plus!

Make her feel at home….leave your answering machine on up loud so she see there ain’t 50 million chicks callin’ you. Cook for her and entertain her, be a gentleman to where you can talk about EVERYTHING but don’t be so fast to want to jump up in the goodies to at every turn.

Blow her mind by not even going there….now take care of her by all means if she craves it but you have to stress the point of makin’ it all about her. Let her know point blank that if anything sexual happens, it’s gonna be because SHE initiates it ’cause you are a gentleman….and STAND BY THAT! It’s funny how fast things happen when the burden of satisfaction is placed on them! LOL!

Now don’t carry no hoochie-mama home and do no mess like this, you only askin’ for major drama….it happened to me back in ’96 and the cops were all up in here!….Chick got up in here and not only thought she lived here, but she brought her six kids too that she never told me about!…..

Do it only for a quality woman who got some sense that you are hoping to marry one day. Why not? If she is THIS special then she deserves the Queens treatment! Some days have her over to the house when you are not there, let her relax, sleep and chill, tell her that you are expecting an important phone call and ask her to answer all calls for you….do you know how good this will make her feel?

No matter HOW a woman wants to act proper with good manners, she STILL wants to be able to inspect sh*t for herself! Let her feel comfortable at the crib and if you got nothing to hide homeboy, you got the woman’s trust for life!

Then check out how her girlfriends look at you the next time they see you…this will let you know if you are in great standing with your lady friend or if you are on the outs!…..’Cause you KNOW they gonna talk!

LeRoy Otis Lamont Duke a.k.a. “BIG COUNTRY”, 39, an overweight Memphis Tennessee nightclub owner who hasn’t let his success with money change him, offers his insight as to how he has always maintained relationships in good standing with beautiful women who others thought would never pay him the time of day!

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