I Only Date White Guys!

I don’t care WHAT those girls in my class say, I can date who I want. They talk behind my back in a really bad way because they see that I only date white guys or white looking Spanish guys.


I mean, can’t I do what I want?


What’s wrong with the fact that I don’t like Black men? The ONLY way that I would go out with a Black guy is if he had lots of money to spend on me and he speaks proper English ( without his pants hanging around his knees).


And please!


NO GOLD TEETH! No kids! Have a job that you were on for over ten years with no criminal record and a credit score near 800….and since black guys like that are far and few between, it’s not gonna happen!


Plus, I want a baby one day and I want them to have GOOD HAIR and a shot at a normal American life!


I mean, if my children are too dark, the world might think they are black or something. I myself am mixed and proud of it, I have German, Scottish, Native American Indian , Cuban and maybe just a “touch” of some black in me somewhere….but not much.


I hate when I have to fill out a job or medical form and I have to check the box that says black or African descent!


Imagine! ……….AFRICAN!!!!

Do I look African to you?


So what if I use fading creme to lighten my skin, it’s only for the pimples that I have. So what if I have blue contacts on? Or my long weave (That hides the nappy hair that she is so embarrassed to admit she possesses).


Have you ever seen those commercials on television late at night with those impoverished Africans that have NO food, have AIDS and a bunch of nasty flies on their face? Do I want to be like THOSE people? And my classmates make fun of me because I absolutely stay out of the sun at all costs! Why do I want to get any darker than I am? They think because I speak French that I am Haitian! I’m NOT Haitian! My parents are but my mother had me in Paris and nobody believes me! They are just mad because I am beautiful and they want to look like me! I have no time for those types, I have my reflection to tend to! It’s all about me! Haven’t you heard?


…..A loosely warapped Oreo cookie proudly exposes to the world the “mixed up” creme in it’s middle! Revealing words from the very confused 21 year old college student Marie Dejois Jean-Baptiste whose both parents just happen to be of African descent via the island of Haiti. It is VERY frightening that there are still some black people who think this way! Tell us if you know anyone like this.


Lance Scurvin

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