If Al Sharpton Fights For Black Liberation Than Why Is He Loved So Much By Our Oppressor?

Am I the only person on the planet who remembers when the Reverend Al Sharpton wore wires for the Feds in the late 70’s and early 80’s?

Why is it that any record of him doing so on so many websites years ago don’t even exist anymore? There are a few small hard to find internet message boards that mention this but for the most part his former activities on this level have vaporized from sight.

Sharpton Blue Background

Now I’m writing this piece as though I’m thinking out loud, so for the most part what I say here is my opinion. Many times in the past I have written about people only to have their most loyal supporters hunt me down online to chastise me and challenge what I wrote as though I don’t have a right to my opinion.

So if you who worship this man feel bad about what I write then too bad, it’s my opinion.

That being said, I think you might find it interesting that I am an active member of the National Action Network, but even when you are part of an organization you still can have an opinion of the one who heads it even though you support any good that it can bring about.

mike-tyson nan

I am all for supporting any group or organization that is moving toward justice for any faction of the human race, not just Black people. But from where I stand just like anyone else who is sensible, you want to really make sure as a priority that justice is served for anyone who has been abused in any way that comes from your community.

So this is not a sour grapes article hating on Al Sharpton like so many do, but I can’t deny the doubt I feel when I try to look at him like a bonafide civil rights activist when I happen to know some conflicting things about him that he never seems to want to address publicly.

Has he ever spoken about the time period in which he did work along with the Feds? And if not then why would he not want to address it once and for all to quell any doubts about his current character so that this type of information can be used against him in the future?

From what I remember her was attempting to get close to know several individuals who were associated at one time with the exiled with Assata Shakur – aka Joanne Chesimard – probably for some eventual strategic positioning to getting close to her to capturing her back to the United States from Cuba.


And then I recall how Mr. Sharpton was used again by the Feds to get closer to boxing promoter Don King to see if his affairs were on the up and up.

I will supply two independent links at the bottom of this page to articles that speak on this topic a bit more in depth. But the main thought that constantly bugs me about the Reverend Al Sharpton is he merely being set up as the premiere leader of Black America today as some kind of reward for being an operative for the Feds for many years? And who can say that he ever stopped doing their bidding now that his profile is higher now than it has ever been?

Anyone with any sense of how the United States Government has worked in the Black community over the centuries knows that they’ve gotten slicker over the years to not only observe the activities of the revolutionaries but to also infiltrate them with agents in order to get their information first hand.


I now believe that they have taken this tactic a bit further by not only infiltrating any independent and influential movement in the Black community but also by shrewdly setting up their own “Super Agent” to actually BEING the Black Leader that “appears” to have the best interests of the community in mind.

Now understand these manufactured movement can and will have sincere members who although my be naive, are of a pure heart and want to bring about a positive change in a lawful manner but are merely misled by that engineered figurehead who is directly controlled by the invisible puppeteer called the Unites States government.

I believe that this is the reward that the government crony will get for the years of service of infiltrating and retrieving the information desire by the covert investigative wings of the government. The powers that be can guarantee an image makeover down through the years as well as the media mind control that is a built in perk guaranteed to make the people see something so different externally than what really is hidden so deep down inside.

Sharpton and Oprah Winfrey

And if you haven’t figured it out yet I am referring to Al Sharpton in his present imagery and how far he came from an entity so far removed from what he displays right now.

I happen to also be privy to some information that tells me that he would never go after certain particular corporate entities because he is connected to them under the covers.

Just like any other manufactured leader that is CHOSEN to represent Black people, the groomed one must have a way with words to appeal to the listener on an emotional level which doesn’t necessarily provoke any common sense thought.

Just like a distant reflection, a cloud of smoke or a temporary illusion experienced that never manifests itself to be more than merely a passing glimpse of things to come.

Al Sharpton 50th Anniversary

The well trained well schooled charismatic orator will get you caught up in an imaginary euphoric reality that never arrives but feels good from the words uttered in the present which serves as an escape from the sorry state of affairs that the Black community is sinking into deeper everyday.

This is all they ever do because their role as a manufactured leader of the Black community created by the enemy is merely to become a pressure valve to let off the pressure so that a real leader who is rising amongst the people won’t be able to get any traction to gain the credibility over the imposter whose name is up in lights and has a measure of rank in the mainstream world with their television shows and new found image.

So how does one go from being an errand boy for the Feds to a mainstream so called Black leader when their was no damn election for the position?


How can you be one who fights for the people yet the find favor with the powers that be in their all powerful institutions of mass media mind control?

We as Black people first have got to get an agenda of our own that must be met and we must stand behind it in unity never to be swayed or intimidated by anyone until it’s realized. If a so called Black Leader is too afraid to stand up for what we want and need, then he is not the one for us and he can go back to wearing wires for the one who is our oppressor and his long time employer.

I’ve also heard the statement from those who have been hit by the Reverend Al love potion that no change can happen overnight and that things take time. Well how long does change take I ask?

Several other races and cultures weren’t even here on American soil for the most part and they are living large and prime examples of the American Dream while the unwritten rule for us is that we always have to wait for a dream to manifest that will never come true until we TAKE it!

These false Black Leaders are trained to keep us feeling good while sinking into the deeper abyss of poverty, incarceration, ignorance, hopelessness and death. They are the designated distractions designed to keep us relatively ineffective in our pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sharpton and Girlfriend

So now that Reverend Al Sharpton is a well paid celebrity who has achieved his lofty position off of the pain and suffering of the downtrodden and disenfranchised Blacks who are on a collision course with extinction, we need to cultivate a collective mindset and course that will move us forward with the checks and balances in place that doesn’t allow our struggle to be used and prostituted against us as some payoff for another snitches agenda!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

The Boldest Man On The ‘Net,



Here are the two links that I promised to leave for you:

Al Sharpton Accused of Helping Lead FBI to Assata Shakur

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