If God Isn’t Your House Guest Then What Hell Are YOU Going Home To Every Night?

I’ve endured so much in this life and many people have asked me what was it that I did to remain strong from within to be enabled to keep stepping strong when the going got rough.

My answer to them is that I merely let go and escape to my sanctuary within.

When I say this to them they give me that official look of being bedazzled like “what do you mean by that?”

Well, what I mean by letting go and escaping to myself within, I release whatever situation that is negative in my path to the universe and refocus myself on what I know to be more important from within. Many will say that God is up in Heaven way up in the sky or that He is chilling out in their church but when you really investigate the matter you have to understand that He truly resides in you!

But in an abstract way you have to look at “The God In You” in the same manner as you would a house guest, you wouldn’t invite someone to stay at your home and not supply the necessary amenities for them to have an enjoyable stay now would you?

Of course not!

You would make sure that the bathroom area is stocked with toilet paper, toothpaste and a toothbrush as well as clean towels and face towels to wash with and a robe to cover themselves after bathing to say the least.

The refrigerator should be packed to the hilt after you inquiring about their culinary tastes as well as having a clean bed with fresh sheets, pillows and covers so that their slumber can be on fit for a King or Queen!

In other words, you want to make sure that everything is there so that nothing from the outside is needed and that you are self sufficient and independent of all outside influences that can control what transpires in your house internally.

Well let me ask you, are YOU self sufficient and independent of all outside influences that can control what transpires in your SPIRITUAL house internally?

This is why I said earlier that you have to look at “The God In You” in the same manner as you would a house guest, except that we know that He doesn’t require the aforementioned amenities that we as human beings do because He is a spirit of the ultimate kind. But for us to keep Him strong within us we have to feed ourselves a constant source of His word so that He will continue to dwell within us in a strong manner so that He will be there to retreat to away from the outside world when we need Him.

This is why I can easily leave all of the foolishness of this world at the drop of a dime and all interest in it as it begins to swirl through the drama that people cause and become a nonentity because I have a storehouse from within that is stocked to the ceiling with God’s presence and the divine sustenance that will feed me, protect me, advance me and nurture me throughout all that comes to attack me!

It’s the ULTIMATE fortress!

…….and to make things even better is that GOD is my house guest through it all!

So really what can touch you when He resides within your “home” twenty four hours seven days per week?


God and the righteous missions that He has set forth for you are the ONLY things that you should put your all into, people, places and things will come and go but the divine principals of our Creator will always remain. So why is it that we as human being always seem to attempt to build our world around the fickle unstable hot and cold individuals who know you today when they need something but can’t remember your name when they feel that they can’t get anything from you?

Sure, we are human and are definitely social creatures who need to vibe and exchange positive energies with each other to feel that sense of overall fulfillment that comes from belonging to a group or connected to someone, but in this day and age the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional resources have been stripped and horded to the point where you MUST have some type of functional backup when the social drought comes your way.

This really is a call to become and remain independent in ALL areas of your life! This is the work that YOU must do and YOU must make an honest assessment of where you stand so that you can build a rock solid existence that supports you in an unwavering manner and allows you to never miss a beat in your own personal God given mission!

If you find yourself in need of someone to drive you around to complete the tasks of your day and they attempt to exploit the fact that you need them by twisting your arm slowly but surely to manipulate you into serving their agenda in a disproportionate manner, then purchase YOUR OWN car! Snatch the ability for them to manipulate your need in their favor away from under their feet!

If a restaurant is charging you more and more for your favorite dish that can ONLY be found at that favorite restaurant to the point of financial abuse, then LEARN to prepare that same recipe at home on your own! You will probably make it even better than they did at the restaurant!

So when you so called friends and associates feel as though you can be put into a place that would benefit them in a sly manipulative manner, learn how to undercut their hustle of you by providing for yourself what they have elected to provide for you whether it was a spoken agreement or inferred partnership, either way, assumptions and deceptions can make for a very touchy situation indeed!

So don’t think that when someone is giving you some good sex that it is always from the bottom of their heart because they merely want to make you feel good, they might be trying to position themselves to having a place to live (With you) or have their bills paid at your expense! Who knows WHAT these entities are thinking and you should not waste one moment trying to figure them out! what you need to do is to retreat into that inner self where God resides and refuel your spirit with The One who can ensure that you have the power to move mountains and touch the sky!

Time is precious while we are on this Earth. Time is non existent in heaven but it is very much a concrete reality in our lives and we are not to waste this very limited resource on buffoonery, hearsay and stupidity. To honor that type of indulgence with the precious time that you have been blessed with will only average yourself out to becoming one step closer to those to whom you pity.

Rise up! Cut off and bask in that internal storehouse of righteousness that can NEVER be touched by the frivolous low minded musings of the low life bottom feeders who are the producers of nothing except a mess where ever they tread!

At the end of your day you should be able to show yourself WHAT you did to advance yourself just a degree (If not leaps and bounds!) better toward your ultimate self than you were the day before and if you can’t show yourself where you’ve improved you need to give yourself a real gut check to see where you need to make changes and what you have to remove to free up your blockage.

A God centered life is the only way to ensure your personal victory therefore all unGodly activities and indulges must be removed or you are merely fooling yourself into thinking that any success awaits you at the end of the tunnel!

If God isn’t your house guest then what hell are YOU going home to every night?

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