If It Doesn’t Stop You From Getting Into Heaven Then It’s Not That Crucial!

While the time constraints don’t even allow me to do one of my marathon blogs yet and still I wanted to share a few thoughts that are bombarding my mind so strongly. I’ve notice so many people these days are stressing over so many things, and to tell you the truth, I can understand why. Even though I have pretty much mastered the personal art of taking it easy to maximize my time with minimum stress, I only came to this state of mind by putting things in perspective using this one technique that I am about to share with you. well, it’s not a technique per se’, but it’s a question that I ask myself when the going gets tough. I ask myself…….”Will this stop me from getting into Heaven?”

Plain and simple.

That’s it.

Heaven Or Hell

Because when you really break it down, if it doesn’t stop you from getting into heaven and enjoying an eternal life with your Heavenly Father then of what importance is it really?

Now I am not being cold-hearted in saying this in relation to a family tragedy or some real life concern with a loved one, I mean, if some that you love is injured or near deaths door and you are grieving out of love and because we are only human then that situation is always understandable. I don’t mean things such as that when I made my statement, but what I am speaking about are the things that are so frivolous and minuscule in the overall scheme of your life journey. Things that won’t even mean anything when we pass on from this level.

I may appear to be a bit cold in my examples but do remember that satan will attempt to inflame a situation in your mind in order to make you lose your salvation over something that really should hold absolutely any weight but only did because of a warped perception coming from a whispering lying seducing spirit.

While it may hurt you so badly when you find out that your man has been cheating on you with a so called good friend, this in itself will not stop you from entering into God’s Kingdom but to take matters into your own hands and act in a manner that is not pleasing to God potentially will. Know that every travesty committed against you is an opportunity to shine in the eyes of your Heavenly Father.


While it may hurt so bad when you find out that after so many years the company that you have slaved for just merely fires you over a minor misunderstanding without giving you the benefit of the doubt, while it may be tempting to some to go and shoot up the place in a fit of rage and self justified act of revenge, think to yourself and ask yourself where does this leave you in the eyes of your Creator? You are now no better than the situation that committed the wrongdoing to you in the first place and now you have superseded their evil with YOUR LACK of control! If it doesn’t stop you from getting into Heaven then it really is NOT that important!

The divine filter that we should use in these instances would be to ask yourself that question when you are wronged and want revenge, because the act of you taking revenge out on the person that did you wrong opens you up to so many other things to happen when it may have been better to allow the universe to balance itself out in the long run. You must know this as fact or it will not ease your stresses. You say that you love and trust God in the presence of others in the service and in your personal life, but many of us fail to execute the very practices that we preach.

Now by all means defend yourself with all of your might if someone puts their hands on you, I am not speaking of that. But never get caught up in the vicious cycle of taking revenge in your own hands because your God may have an even more intense wrath for them to face and by you taking it upon yourself to inflict your “little wrath” on them you have relieved them of the more severed doom that was scheduled to come into their life from the Almighty himself. So let God do His work and you execute your personal mission in your designated role that He gave you!

Always know that if it doesn’t stop you from getting into heaven then it is really of no importance at all. You remain covered under the protection of that divine force when you move ONLY in a God ordained manner. To step out of it means that you will lose that protection. It’s almost like attacking the mailman when he delivers the mail to your home. as long as he is operating as he is supposed to then he doesn’t have to worry about anything stopping him from getting his paycheck and maintaining his job. But the minute he operates OUT of his official reason for being in your front yard and on your property then he will not receive the protection that is guaranteed him from the Federal Government.

Understand the analogy?


So if he passes by the mailbox in your yard, walks down the side of the house and tries to peep at you while you are coming out of the shower disrobed then he has opened up a can of worms for himself and is now on his own outside of the protection of a government employee.

Now he has to not only worry about losing his job but being incarcerated with a bevy of charges to defend himself against without a leg to stand on.

Operate within your designated lane and carry yourself with an authority that can only come from someone who has submitted to divine law and you will have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes time to pass on into the afterlife because if it doesn’t stop you from getting into to heaven then it really is nothing to truly stress over in the first place…….


Stairway To Heaven

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