If U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Wanted To Lock Down The Real Mobsters He Should Have Locked Up Half Of Capitol Hill!

A few mornings ago I got up from the deepest and sweetest of slumbers to answer that oh so annoying call to nature. After guzzling down three sugar free sports drinks merely a few hours before while doing a little artwork that took me into daybreak, this was the payback for the immense thirst indulgence the night before.

It made me to understand something that I knew all along, that the human body always has the last laugh.

You can get away with abusing your system but for so long before the mechanisms that govern your metabolism take over and make the  necessary changes to alter your chosen course of a certain physical destruction in order to save you from yourself and the bad habits that could bring you permanent harm.

Not that rehydrating myself with a few sport drinks was anything over and above what my body could take. But our God given systems stay on top of things since we don’t have the presence of mind or ability to do so.

Imagine, how many of us would remember to breathe while we are asleep if it were left up to us? Most would forget and realize very fatal results quickly…….but if you were in charge of your breathing mechanism, just think of how strenuous it would be to have to continue to commandeer something twenty four hours a day seven days a week when there are so many other things in this world to get done?

Hard work to say the least wouldn’t you agree?

Now if you don’t think that is enough, try overseeing your circulatory system, your nervous system, your digestive and skeletal systems. This would be absolutely too much for one to handle especially when most of us cannot even control our reproductive system, which is the only system of our bodies that if NOT utilized will NOT be a threat to our lives! It might be a threat to our sanity if we don’t ever get to partake in its consequential pleasures, but surely not our lives! Lol!

As we mature and spend a little more time absorbing how our world works, we begin to understand that this level of existence is actually  governed by many systems. Maybe in our youthful foolishness we will attempt to test the authority of these worldly systems, but eventually we all learn that it’s in our best interest to submit and work along without any foolish rebellion.

For a person of normal intelligence it would be hard to challenge the various systems that are in place to keep everyone acting civil and in order. For the most part, one would have to be a literal mastermind to get by the technology that law enforcement has today at their fingertips. Granted, new technology can get very old overnight as there is always the temptation for a so called good guy to sell out the secrets that are so well guarded from the so called criminals to them for a price. But that would be an unlikely scenario as there are so many checks and balances in place to thwart a wayward effort from a turncoat.

With that being said, observe the technology that the masses now have available to them and understand that if WE have such amazing high  tech toys available to US then imagine what the government of the United States has that we can never sample until it becomes a hand me down decades from now?

I am saying this to set up my point later on…….

Don’t forget.

Growing up in New York City you begin to understand the systems that run that sleepless city very fast. You begin to see no matter what anyone else says who may be in denial that the line between the criminals and the self righteous good guys can not only exist as a fine line, but one that is quite invisible indeed. It’s a city where good and bad coexist. This is not only true only in New York, but the entire country if not the world. The systems that we depend on have been co opted. The masses of the common citizens have accepted what is told them by the various news sources so they do not challenge what it all so obvious to the naked eye.

As a young man-child coming up in Southside Queens New York. Certain names were mentioned in “hush hush” tones, as though to say those names too loud meant that you would be in violation of using that name in vain and meet up to an eventual doom. It’s true. The neighborhood boundaries between mine and the alleged “Goodfellas” were too close to play around like that even if as a young man you really weren’t under any real threat as long as you didn’t “meddle” in other peoples affairs. That’s the way it was growing up, we knew who “those” guys were and “we” didn’t dare mess with them. We “heard” of some of the things that went down but it was none of our business to poke around in an arena that had nothing to do with our own affairs.

But we all knew as their businesses dotted the landscape of our neighborhood. The concrete joints. The junk yards. The construction companies. But so what? They didn’t bother anyone. As a matter of fact, from what I can remember personally, those guys always showed respect unless you crossed them. And no one was stupid enough to do that because they did NOT play. I will go as far to say that I knew someone in passing that was “found somewhere.” That’s all I have to say about that. But from what I saw, it was just business as usual. They had their families. Their children. Their graduations to attend and charities to donate to. And if the truth be told I felt a distant kinship to how they operated on a handshake. Sure. There were some who would do really bad things to someone who was in a position that may have been desired. But human nature rears it’s ugly head where ever you have men of money and power doing business. But that slippery creature called greed seems to always have a way to permeate the most airtight of allegiances. Friendships included.

While it may seem as though I admired these guys as though I aspired to be like them I would have to say no, because I am not cut from the cloth to do the things that it takes to navigate in that world. I could though, only if MY LOVED ONES are under the threat of harm. Other than that, I just want to live a peaceful life and create. But in contrast to what the local police were to us, the “Goodfellas” were Angels! And we never “saw” what the “Goodfellas” supposedly did, but we all knew too well what the cops were capable of. The harassment, the intimidation, the scare tactics that we all had to endure coming up in our neighborhood everyday and night. Looking back, I can see why many did not shed a tear when a law enforcement officer was shot and killed. And yes, I went through my own period of extreme anger after being beat down and locked up by eleven police officers in Jamaica Queens New York for no reason other than driving a brand new car through a neighborhood deemed to be drug infested, crime ridden and known for prostitution. All my friends and I were doing was heading over to the all night store to pick up some things for his mother. Wow. What a crime. But that’s another blog.

Now let’s tie all of these loose points together so you can continue to surf the web! (Thank’s for dropping in for the visit by the way!)

Earlier in this blog I told you how I was awakened because of the urge to pee. well, when I returned to my bed I realized that I slept all morning with the television on. Which explained the weird dreams and thoughts that I experienced all night even though I slept deep, I was aware of the program content. Anyway, I decided to lay down and doze halfway while keeping an eye open to see what was on CNN. I caught the “Breaking News” as it came through……..It said that over one hundred mobsters (127 actually) were arrested in a major sting operation by the F.B.I. which covered New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and even Italy! These arrests included mobsters from the five prominent New York crime organizations which are the Gambino. Colombo, Bonnano, Genovese and Lucchese families. names that were not new to my ears!

I watched in shock as Attorney General Eric Holder made this announcement and felt myself get a little pissed off when he then said: “Today’s arrests and charges mark an important step forward in disrupting La Cosa Nostra’s illegal activities.”

Why did I get pissed?

Well why is it with ALL of the the modern technology that the United States Government has in its possession did it take until NOW to arrest these guys when they have been a part of the unseen landscape all along and in the larger scope of things are merely THE LITTLE GUYS!

The little guys Scurv? You must be losing your mind! (I know that’s what you must be thinking but hear me out!)

Well, sure. The charges are definitely not lightweight but there is nothing new under the sun either. The charges range from conspiracy, arson, extortion, narcotics trafficking, illegal gambling, labor racketeering and murders that date back to 1981!

…….and I still say that they are the little guys and locking them up is like the police coming into the ‘hood and locking up the “Candy Lady” for twenty years while allowing the crack houses to stay open and thrive in that same community! Get my point?

But who am I comparing them to that would make THEM the little guys?

I am comparing them to the U.S. Government! And if you know your history then tell me which one of those charges that they have alleged those Mafia families to have a hand in that THEY THEMSELVES are not actively involved in not only today, but going back HUNDREDS OF YEARS!

You know WHY the government wants to all of a sudden lock up the “evil” Mafia guys? Because they want a cut of the action! The don’t want to see anyone thrive in the economic climate no matter WHAT SIDE of the law that you are on! Plus, the other point that is very important to understand is that we have a Presidential election coming up soon and everyone is jockeying for those precious campaign advantages!


You mean to tell me after ALL OF THESE YEARS with the technology that the government has available that they couldn’t have stopped the Mafia at what they are alleged to have been doing? The government has satellites that can count every hair around your anus THROUGH your underwear in a category five hurricane and all of a sudden in 2011 they finally get them?


Hell! They could have gotten Osama Bin Laden a long TIME ago but they know that he wasn’t the one behind it, George W. Bush was the payoff man! Bin Laden is actually that dude who sold you your coffee and donuts this morning at Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s called the U.S. Government Fallguy protection program!

It’s more to it than that even IF I may be wrong in MY observations, the one thing I will stand by is that it is more to it than meets the eye.

As a matter of fact if the truth must be told I believe half of those men who were arrested could probably run the country better than George Bush did! I know one thing is for sure, THEY wouldn’t have left this country in the mess that it was when President Barack Obama came into office.

So if Attorney General Eric Holder wanted to complete the job that he started with those aforementioned Mafia families, he should have brought down his eight-hundred man task force down to Washington D.C. and locked up half of Capital Hill for the crimes that they are committing on the hard working families of America RIGHT NOW!

CONSPIRACY: I don’t even have to explain this one. Conspiracy is Washington’s middle name! Every few month’s (If THAT long!) there is a new one in Washington! Heck! There will probably be a new one brewing before you finish this blog! Check your local news station afterward! LOL!

EXTORTION = Taxes. Rising healthcare costs. Diminished wages from the working blue collar citizen that they skim and pocket for themselves.

NARCOTICS TRAFFICKING = Drugs allowed and placed in the Black & Latino neighborhoods for gentrification purposes, to kill us off from the infighting for turf to make sales and keep to us incarcerated to keep the judges, lawyers, law enforcement and prosecutors PAID WELL!

LABOR RACKETEERING: Neglecting to face the issue of job creation for the people living “check to check” while the pencil pushers in Washington get paid well for merely showing up for work!

MURDER = This is a no brainer. The so called authorities have been killing us off ever since we landed on these shores, in whatever form they take at the time, all through slavery, the deep south in the civil rights movement and in the well hidden well covered “Black Wallstreet” (Google it and LEARN something today PLEASE?) travesty in which a well to do affluent Black Community was mysteriously bombed with military planes and arsenal for no other reason than the jealousy of those who couldn’t stand to see Blacks living well! And you say I’M PARANOID?

ARSON: A well known favorite tactic of those in power when you are targeted for government termination. Ask Malcolm X about his Queens New York home. Also preferred when the evidence of official dirty dealings must be destroyed!

ILLEGAL GAMBLING: It’s only called illegal when the government doesn’t get their cut! Otherwise it is called the lottery! But go into any big city and you will find the “numbers” spot where you can play a single number or play it in combinations. (What you know about that? LOL!) But while the local numbers man may be called a criminal, no one calls those mysterious characters who take a walk into the back room with him for a few minutes to get paid off a criminal now do they? How do you think the numbers man can stay in business? THE GOVERNMENT GETS THEIR CUT!

PROSTITUTION: I had to through this one in for extra credit. I just have to mention how I was cracking up when I saw former new York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer talk about how he was instrumental in the tactics used in busting the Mafia back in the early nineties with the fake businesses that the government created to infiltrate the inner core of the Mafia enterprises. WOW! I guess he was doing his part to investigate with his penis the inner core of the Mafia prostitution enterprises (He sure entered HER and got a surprise alright!) when he got busted for spending over 80,000 dollars of the taxpayers money just to get some ass behind his wifes back! How quickly we forget! Now this clown has a TELEVISION SHOW! What gives?

So now the WORLD gets to see things as they are in the same manner that I witnessed growing up. But the media will continue to twist the facts in a way that will mold public opinion where they view the obvious happenings in a warped manner because they refuse to think out of the box. But I was made in a special way to see things the way they really are! No nonsense or fluff. Just plain reality.

So at the end of the day the only difference between a “mobster” and a “politician” is that one was ELECTED & PROTECTED to do the SAME criminal acts! When a mobster does it, it’s a crime, when a politician does the same thing it’s good politics. Think about it.

I wish John Gotti Sr. were still alive today and could run for office. He would damn sure do better and make more sense than Sarah Palin EVER could.

And he wasn’t a quitter.

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