If You Dont Taste Her Nectar Then The Next Man Will! – The LanceScurv Show – Once again Carlos and LanceScurv chop it it up in a raw uncensored conversation that we know the ladies will love.

You know that we are not afraid to speak on those taboo situations as we see it in the world and this one was no different.

Today we spoke about those men who demand that their lady please them in the bedroom – or the back seat of the car – yet refuse to happily return the favor as though this one sided relationship will last very long this way.

I mean, what man wouldn’t want to make their Queen feel so good especially after she come through with the bliss each and every time?

But to add in my two cents, it should be an honor and pleasure just to inflict the most delicious sessions of overwhelming sensations flooding her brain just because she is the love of your life.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of men out here who possess such a barbaric mentality to never consider, embrace and understand that their woman needs love and attention also.

She cooks for you, she cleans for you, she gives you those wonderful sessions to banish all of the stress from every fiber of your being yet you feel okay with leaving her high and dry after you roll over and fall asleep leaving her to masturbate with tears in her eyes and frustration in her heart!

That beautiful woman should look down at you enthusiastically serve her to eventually to see you wear her juices on your face like the badge of honor that it is…….

…….and you wonder why she’s smiling from ear to ear when in fact you’ve done nothing to put that smile there but SOMEBODY did!

Between you and me, when she’s wearing that smile it’s because another man took the time to swallow every drop of her sweet nectar when you refused!

But these self centered clowns will never understand that…….

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