If You Know The Truth Then What Are You Afraid Of?

If you trust in the validity of your faith, then why are you afraid to hear the song of testimony that originates from a heart whose belief system does not resemble yours in origin? For all of the separatism, division & sects within the religious horizon, one would think that each practitioner of their particular faith would relish the opportunity to prove their views as the single road to a heightened spiritual awareness.

The only true religion is total submission to what God desires. If He said it, then we must obey it. Nothing more, nothing less. But the fact of the matter is that we in our foolishness have complicated something so pure and simple because of our narcissistic need to feel as though we are the author of it all. How foolish we must appear in the eyes of God! We make it hard on our selves. Most individuals who truly navigate through the many man made methods of worship would soon be totally dumbfounded once he/she experienced the many meaningless and shallow practices firsthand.


Because for the various movements that claim to aspire to a high standard of unity in its word fails miserably when the actual deeds of the practitioners are carefully audited and monitored. It will always fail without a proper spiritual connection that cannot be earned by sitting through months and years of a faithful but dead attendance to a religious body without the spark that comes from being joined with Gods Holy spirit. We don’t question anything around us in our houses of worship because we feel it is something that has always been there. We don’t challenge the stance of our religious elders because we do not want to ruffle feathers!


It’s your soul on the line here! I’m ruffling as many feathers as I can until I get a straight answer about what is right! This is why we must seek knowledge for ourselves. Didn’t God Himself say that? So why are we stuck on stupid? We could live for eight lifetimes and never come close to completely understanding what the Creator has put in effect on His earth. We would understand more but we couldn’t get it all. And if we could get all the knowledge about this tiny speck of dust called earth, then how long must we live to absorb the knowledge about the rest of the heavenly bodies of the universe? But as those of us who refuse knowledge and begin to perish because of it, hopefully their demise will alert the few who have a modicum of logic within them to educate themselves. And with this knowledge they wouldn’t become so close minded when it came to speaking with someone who didn’t possess the same faith as them.

They would compare a truth with a truth. Slowly sharing their mutual knowledge and logically shearing away at what is real and what is hearsay. You see, when you speak to a “religious fool” who takes anything their spiritual mentors give to them as gospel without testing it, they will reject your views and refuse to even converse with you. They will block you out with a cookie cutter pre written line that borders on sounding like a chant! If they sought out their own knowledge and was confident in what they have developed into spiritually, they would not fear you. True awareness of the spiritual realities acts as a filter to weed out something that is an outright fallacy.

Truth always compliments truth, so when you are speaking to an uneducated babbling know it all, he tells on himself eventually. But when someone truly makes a point, it strikes something within you to investigate it further. This is how we grow. This is how we prepare ourselves for the next level. This is the true benefit of God wants us to receive when we open our hearts & minds to true fellowship!

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