If You Think That Is A Threat Then It Must Be Doing Something Right!

This is just a short thought and a shared piece of data that I want you all to see that will allow you to think along a broader set of terms. When I woke up this morning (A little TOO early I might add! LOL!) I did a few things around the house before turning on my computer to do few things with my blog before going on with the normal flow of my day.

Some things are routine as I always peek in to see the statistical traffic flow on in order to get a better understanding of where my traffic is coming from and what I can do to maximize the effectiveness of my site. Many people out here in cyberspace will fraudulently claim to be a worldwide entity with their online offerings. I don’t know why an ego can get so out of control that one would have to lie about something so trivial, I guess man’s insecurities can surface in just about any area of expertise! LOL!

But the truth of the matter is when I say that my expressions have gone viral all over the world, it’s true. I have absolutely no reason to lie about it. It’s a great feeling to know that the things that I’ve always felt deep down in my soul are appreciated by countless fans worldwide as my circle of influence has long gone beyond the boundaries of the local areas and into the planetary diaspora!

We here in this place called the United States of America are told that we have the Freedom Of Speech. Yes, for now it appears that we do but when one is driven to the extreme utilization of this right and possesses a voice that is not projected in fear then that person has become a threat once it is confirmed that the masses are listening and being influenced in a powerful way DIRECT beyond the limitations of what they feel you should have as far as influence is concerned.

You will then stick out and targeted to have your every move watched and recorded.

They did it to Malcolm X. The did it to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. They continue to do it as they have always done to any independent voice that appears to be a threat to their covert plans for the targeted people that they exploit for their wicked reasons.

While I personally pale in comparison to those great examples of strength who have boldly spoken truth to power, nonetheless in the present day with all of the technological tools that I have at my disposal as a citizen of this country, have become somewhat of a “little potential threat” to SOMEONE who may feel as though too many people are listening to what I have to say.

So the powers that be search the horizon for any influential voice proactively to snuff it out or to start a smear campaign long before the movement of that person gains any credible traction to become a problem.

A problem?

Not that I can say for sure, because in these government agencies maybe a janitor or a bored secretary could have passed through my blog but I have to say that it happens a bit too much when I check my stats to see how many government agencies STAY UP ON


…….just sayin’!

You never know, and while I am somewhat of an exhibitionist and not one who has ever been shy when watched doing ANYTHING (That’s another story! LOL!) I will always be aware of those shadowy figures who lurk off the beaten path to whom may have a mission or purpose that we just don’t know about in its entirety. This can be a wicked place to live in when you have a big mouth but the fact of the matter is I was born this way and will never stop speaking my mind and if someone does NOT like me executing my legal right to do so then just tell me that I do not have the right to have FREEDOM OF SPEECH in this country!

Until then, keep watching and I will keep speaking in the way of those who have come before me, as long as I am in accordance with divine law I will always come out on top as I have always in the past.


Fear is NOT from God and I just can’t diss my Creator by being fearful of a damn devil who is known to be so destructive, so conniving and the all time biggest thieve, killer and propaganda spreader on the face of this earth! You do YOUR job, and I will do MINE!

If J. Edgar Hoover were alive today, he wouldn’t miss a DAY of getting up on, but all he can do right now is twist and turn in his grave! LOL!

I’ve always known that some of my biggest fans worked in various agencies around the world, so check out this snippet of my blogstats this morning to see the latest visit of a faction of my most dedicated fans at the number forty-four (#44) position, if I happen to disappear one day off of the face of this earth never to be seen again then you just might know why:

1.    26 January    00:59        Service Provider Corporation, United States
2.    26 January    01:08        SBC Internet Services, Orlando, Florida, United States
3.    26 January    01:17        Comcast Cable, Parker, Colorado, United States
4.    26 January    01:24        Comcast Cable, Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
5.    26 January    01:25        Google, Mountain View, California, United States
6.    26 January    01:26        Comcast Cable, Mays Landing, New Jersey, United States
7.    26 January    01:26        SBC Internet Services, Homer Glen, Illinois, United States
8.    26 January    01:29        Qualitynet Co., Kuwait, Al Kuwayt
9.    26 January    01:42        Google, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
10.    26 January    01:42        METRO PCS, Dallas, Texas, United States
11.    26 January    01:56        Novus Entertainment, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
12.    26 January    02:01        Suddenlink Communications, Alexandria, Louisiana, United States
13.    26 January    02:07        Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, United States
14.    26 January    02:20        Comcast Cable, Houston, Texas, United States
15.    26 January    02:23        SBC Internet Services, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
16.    26 January    02:24        SBC Internet Services, Los Angeles, California, United States
17.    26 January    02:28        Cox Communications, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
18.    26 January    02:28        Google, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
19.    26 January    03:20        T-MOBILE USA, Orlando, Florida, United States
20.    26 January    03:30        Verizon Internet Services, Fontana, California, United States
21.    26 January    03:32        PT. First Media, Tbk., Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
22.    26 January    03:38        Road Runner, Orlando, Florida, United States
23.    26 January    03:45        Google, Mountain View, California, United States
24.    26 January    03:49        PRIMUS TELECOMMUNICATIONS, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
25.    26 January    03:52        Google, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
26.    26 January    03:59        Deutsche Telekom AG, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
27.    26 January    04:10        Comcast Cable, Port Norris, New Jersey, United States
28.    26 January    04:11        Telefonica de Espana, Las Palmas, Canarias, Spain
29.    26 January    04:20        UPC Ceska republika, a.s., Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic
30.    26 January    04:21        Telefonica de Espana, Las Palmas, Canarias, Spain
31.    26 January    04:22        Comcast Cable, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
32.    26 January    04:35        TalkTalk, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
33.    26 January    04:36        HARI UBR10CAMD, London, London, City of, United Kingdom
34.    26 January    04:39        Comcast Cable, Donora, Pennsylvania, United States
35.    26 January    05:36        Telecom Xtra, Christchurch, New Zealand
36.    26 January    05:38        Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
37.    26 January    05:39        Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
38.    26 January    05:43        Foris Telecom Malawi, Kampala, Uganda
39.    26 January    05:49        terranet sal, Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon
40.    26 January    06:21        University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
41.    26 January    06:21        TeliaSonera AB, Täby, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
42.    26 January    06:40        Neuf Cegetel, Canet-plage, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
43.    26 January    06:57        Stockport College, Stockport, United Kingdom
44.    26 January    07:13        FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems, Burke, Virginia, United States
45.    26 January    07:15        Infostrada IUnet, Rome, Lazio, Italy
46.    26 January    07:34        AGENCYW, Seoul, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, Korea
47.    26 January    07:43        Bayan Telecommunications Incorporated, Quezon City, Philippines
48.    26 January    07:53        Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Limited, Bridgetown, Saint Michael, Barbados
49.    26 January    07:56        Comcast Cable, Ogden, Utah, United States
50.    26 January    08:18        Service Provider Corporation, New York, United States

Now does it really surprise you that the moves are being made to eventually shut down the internet as we now know it? If someone with the right communicative skills can utilize the reach of cyberspace and mobilize the power of the people, you will also become a threat in the eyes of the oppressor!

Something to think about…….

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