Illegally Harvested Body Organs & Missing Black People: A Suspicious Connection?

Stolen body organs is big business on the Black Market here in the United States.

After hearing about the mysterious death of 14 year old Jason Smith who lived in Louisiana, I couldn’t help but wonder out loud about the other young Black children and young adults who’ve gone missing, had accidental deaths or who were just outright murdered in similar fashion.

Similar fashion?

Yes, the common thread that runs through the death of young Jason Williams is that when his body was found, it was intact except for the fact that his organs were missing.

Jason Smith -Organs

Now in this particular case there is a strong suspicion that he was killed by an FBI agents son and the reason why his organs were removed was to cover up the fact that he didn’t drown like the authorities who were covering this crime up say he did.

While this case clearly has a motivation as to why young Jason Smith’s organs were removed, what about the other cases known and unknown where this is also the case for no other reason than for a profit?

Remember how 17 year old Kendrick Johnson was found inside of a rolled up mat hanging upside down behind some bleachers in Georgia’s Lowndes High School?

Kendrick Johnson Autopsy File -Organs

His organs were also missing and if you think I’m simply being paranoid then how come USA Today did a story on the then 16,000 families (The count at the time of that story written in 2006, which should be a lot more by now!) who were represented in lawsuits saying that their beloved family members who were deceased all had their organs removed mysteriously?

It appears to me that illegally harvested organs are big business in this country and poor Blacks who would never warrant any substantial media attention are in the cross threads of this ever increasing practice.

Why aren’t the big major news media networks screaming out about this twisted and deadly trend?

If this can be happening to this degree right up under our noses then it simply can’t be a figment of my imagination and surely not able to be pulled off by a few sick people.

Michael Mastromarino - Organs

This has to be a big operation when you really think about it.

Michael Mastromarino was a former New Jersey dentist who was sentenced to 18 to 54 years in prison for his role in selling human organs after robbing thousands of human corpses from funeral homes in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York.

Thousands of corpses?

…….and you mean to tell me that he worked alone all by himself?

All I can say is that we have to protect and watch over our young children and adults like a hawk to make sure that they are not at risk for being snatched up to be declared missing and never found again.

What lengths do you think someone would go to if the price was right to make large sums of money if they could produce an organ that went for top dollars in the Black Market?

If you ask me this has to be a covert network and I wouldn’t be surprised if law enforcement is a part of it as well as each and every hospital that dots the landscape in this country whose soil is soaked with our ancestors blood.

Stolen Organs

Now matter how much progress many say that we’ve made, we are still viewed as second class citizens and are scorned until we are needed on the front lines of their wars, or as an object of pleasure when the mood hits them in their twisted lusts.

We are tools in this system only to be used at their disposal if they so need us. If you can remember that then the shock and denial of this twisted reality that we live in won’t send you off to a nervous breakdown.

When little Amber, Becky and Ashley go missing for a mere hour the world shuts down until their precious little angelic selves (Purposely said sarcastically!) are found and recovered.

But when Shaquanna, Shaqueeta and Raheem go missing, the most that we will get from this unbalanced system is a picture on a milk cartoon that will eventually be thrown away like the rest of us.

Let’s protect our children from all predators in the medical profession!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,



P.S: If there is anyone out here who wants to speak with me to get their story out if they had a family member who passed on under these same mysterious circumstances, then feel free to give me a call!

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    I know a guy that went to Las Vegas and came back to Newfoundland Canada with a kidney missing in the 90’s. It is really going on, watch your drinking and being drug.

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    I read the other day that 200000 people per year go missing each year in the US. I hope that they are not being harvested !!!!!!!

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