Illinois Law Would Make Recording The Police A Felony! – The LanceScurv Show

In Illinois the laws are being manipulated in a way that will make it felony to record any police activity.

Is this definite proof that we are living in the beginnings of what many would describe as a Police State?

Some would say that we already have been living in a Police State especially if you’ve lived in any of America’s downtrodden poor Black neighborhoods for any amount of time.

The handwriting is not only on the wall but also now in the law books as an unaware American population goes about living life in the illusion of a false world created by Reality Television Shows and other media created to distract the masses.

For the most part, when most people realize what is transpiring under the radar it will be too late.

Now is the time to fight to maintain what little rights we have as citizens of this hijacked country because if the powers that be have their way, we will be living in a dictatorship!

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    We need to stop focusing on Hitler. No so called world leader can do
    anything without help form other white people in the shadows. Hitler took
    the fall but the same people are still running around today creating new
    Hitlers. All these European and American presidents have been Hitlers
    against black people from the start.

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