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Mrs. Scurv and I have been toying with the idea of “Going Off Of The Grid” or “Living Off Of The Grid” for some time now.

……and while I refuse to reveal the details of what is now happily transpiring in our lives, I want to share the thought processes and revelations that brought us up to this point.

Remember, this is simply our opinion.

For Mrs. Scurv, this move was a no-brainer, she was born and raised in mountains of Jamaica so the rural country life is what she knows and loves best over any seductive trappings of the artificial living conditions in what we call an urban or suburban area.

In fact, when she first arrived to these shores back in the mid-eighties, her initial reaction was to leave immediately because she was in a great shock from seeing how disconnected, crazed and toxic this place called America appeared to be from all things nature and immediately felt the high stress levels, tsunami of tensions and overall sense of hopelessness that the people felt as they lived under a hierarchy of the rat race that benefited a few.

Why I'm Going Off The Grid!

Now what I’ve found out about myself in recent years was that I am now in the exact same mindset of Mrs. Scurv. To explain further, this was not a state of mind that emerged overnight, as many of you know, I am what I call a Super-New Yorker. I’ve done so much in my 38 years of living there that the stories that I have to share are countless.

With this amount rapid fire experience with human nature, my insight has been heightened over the years so after living here in Central Florida in the last 16 years I have had my fill of the toxic elements that are thriving in a place that is the second fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States. Number one in case you were wondering is the Ft. Myers Florida area.

That being said, this place is turning into what I’ve run away from. I love New York City and I am a New Yorker at heart until the day my Creator brings me home. But the world is a big place with many destinations to call home that possess many different planes of energy for us to absorb.

Let’s get to the meat of it all…….

The bottom line is that the more densely populated cities are artificially forged living conditions that are what I believe are far out of line for what we were created to thrive in.

The bigger cities – or rather ANY city – doesn’t resonate with me anymore and the longer I live around so many people is the faster I am going to leave this earth in an early transition because it is not feeding me the way that my mind, body and soul craves.

While I appreciate the vast experiences that came with living such a fast life, my spiritual stomach is full and it is now a time in my life that I must live out in nature and prepare myself to hone my talents, abilities and insights in order to be a light to those who follow behind me.

The only manner in which I can achieve this higher state of being is to isolate myself from the confused entities that infest the urban areas with the strange spirits that they bring.

After the switch at CERN (Please Google it if you don’t know what that is!) were thrown and activated last year, I have noticed an increase in demonic activity across the land and have seen many friends/acquaintances of mine regress into a lower state of being to house a diminished vibration.

Why I'm Going Off The Grid!

These people have become twisted caricatures of themselves and do not have a clue that the voids that they possess in abundance can never be fulfilled by indulging in the repetitious habits and addictions that’s comparable to attempting to fill a bucket with water that has the bottom cut out from it.

It’s a huge waste of time!

My other concern was that no one for the most part was concerned about living a life of independence and self sufficiency away from the motivation sapping creature comforts of city life.

If there is a power outage, you are at the mercy of those who control the power grid to be able to function as you have before. Also, look at how the darker side of human nature rears its ugly head whenever we have a loss of power.

Many who were previously civil law abiding beings instantly become crazed opportunistic beasts who are hellbent on raping, robbing, fighting and rioting as opposed to coming together as humans to rectify a situation that could have been handled in a peaceful and safe manner.

In other words, I have absolutely no time to discover what demons are lurking below the surface of your Colgate smile. Let me enjoy the distance of that 1.5 hour commute because when you are stuck in the valley of a mayhem ridden society that when the madness hits the fan, I’ll be no where in sight basking in the afterglow of a very peaceful tranquility.

But seriously, when you are placed in an “up close and personal” toxic living environment where space is at a premium, mental sickness looms heavily over all involved and this is why we have so many people losing their sanity in record numbers.

How can I prove this? Well, just look at what happens when someone is committed to a healthy program to restored one’s faculties on a mental, physical and spiritual level…….and NOT these institutions of forced mass drug engineered addictions for profit. When one has their stress removed and sanity restored, it best happens in an environment of fresh air out in the woods away from the urban environment while consuming healthy raw foods living near a lake/river close to nature. Throw in a regular program of exercise and what was lost will now be restored completely.

Why I'm Going Off The Grid!

So this tells me that to live not only in the big cities – but also under the demonic hierarchy that never allows us to have even a quiet moment to recuperate – literally guarantees that those living there will find themselves in a state of insanity.

The sad part is that many feel that relief comes in the form of a bottle of synthetic medication such as Prozac and other life force robbing concoctions meant to keep one forever trapped in the very profitable dependency that keeps the big pharmaceutical companies rich!

Frustrations build when those meager paychecks can’t cover even the most basic necessities while the big bosses enjoy the overwhelming spoils from the endless hours of work put in by the invisible slaves called employees.

I can see why crime to many can be a viable option when the lie of working for this system hits the consciousness of the toiling masses.

When do we have time to “enjoy” the passage of time without thinking of what our next survival move must be? When do we get the chance to wake up from a deep delicious slumber and decide to lay back for another 90 minutes of sleep if we so choose? When do we ever have the opportunity to save 90% of our paychecks because we are living rent or mortgage free?

My way has been made and I thank my Creator that all of that worldly confusion has parted like the Red Sea because my answer has been given to me very specifically.

Why I'm Going Off The Grid!

After we made our decision to make this lifestyle a reality for us before years end, much of the heaviness that weighed on my shoulders to find a way out of this matrix vaporized immediately only to be replaced by the carefree joy that I possessed as a young teenager growing up.

As I write these words that feeling that I thought I would never experience again is giving me such a hope from within that the very thought has added an extra 30 years to my life.

The fog of man’s world is vanishing fast as the reality of our Creator’s world is becoming clearer to me as every second passes by.

You see, while God has created a perfect world and system, man has hijacked it and with his barbaric reasoning fells as though he can do a better job than One who created it all!

It is for those reasons that I look forward to “Going Off Of The Grid” before years end never to look back at the madness that many refer to as “The Civilized World”.

Civilized? Ha! Even the so called lower “animals” have more order in the “wild” and respect for creation than man does, and I can’t wait to live amongst them to enjoy a level of peace that most human being will never see!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Focused Brother,



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