“I’m Not Black, I’m SPANISH!” My Raw Feelings About Our Black Identity Crises”

“Your Sister got that GOOD hair, what happened to you GURL?…..yours is so nappy!”

“I think I need a nose job, it’s a bit too wide!”

“I swear I wouldn’t mind having a baby by him, all his kids came out looking white with green eyes!”

“Ever since she graduated from college, she don’t talk like she’s Black no mo’!”

“Why would you say I’m African? I don’t know nothin’ ’bout that jungle, I came from Dothan, Alabama!”

We are so divided as people of color in the world! We have major issues on race, culture and identity. Most of the time it is a case of having the same skin/ different mind….and the oppressors of the darker peoples of the world are quite pleased with this! No matter where we come from or what our culture may be, Black unity is the culture and connection to which he wants you NOT to embrace.


Displaced Black Africans have seemed to have lost the bond that we had many years ago. And from what I see nothing powerful enough is being done to reverse this strong trend that needs to be addressed before it is too late! Some of us, as African as we are can be heard saying things like: “I’m not Black, I’m Puerto Rican!” What???? Since when did Puerto Rico become a race? Puerto Rico like all the other islands of the Caribbean is a country with its OWN unique culture that ANY race who was born there is a part of.


As a displaced African ( Puerto Rico is made up of many diverse races of people.) the reason why you are there in the first place is because African slaveships dropped you off there and now you are not Black? Or better yet I’ve heard this one and I’m quite sure you heard it too: “I’m not a Black person, I’m Spanish!”…WOW! Since when has a language become a race?….


You see, you have some Black people in the world who will claim EVERYTHING else but their own race!!!! This is the point I am trying to make here. Yes, you have African descendants who know nothing about Africa because of the ties that were severed during the African/Black Holocaust but what they fail to understand is that ignorance doesn’t change who they really are. What’s funny for the most part they know who they are deep down, that is why they work so hard to appear OTHER than what they are.


Many have told me I am twisted for speaking like this, but would you say your doctor is sick for coming to you with a definite diagnosis for an ailment that YOU possess? Would you say that something is wrong for him to point out YOUR sickness? Or would you accept his assessment and try to get well by what proven methods are available? And only after getting well you will realize how sick you were in the first place! Is this hate? How could it be? I am telling you to LOVE who you are and you are taking it as hate talk! By loving yourself you may anger the oppressors who have your mind so caught up in fear because strong Black love is unacceptable to him! How crazy!

To try and alter what God made you to ME sounds like you hate yourself! To bleach your skin chemically to try and look like something you are not and will never be is a sign of self hate and mental sickness. “Some” of those who come to America with the many beautiful diverse accents (From the caribbean especially!) try so hard to LOSE their native accent and tongue to fit in and be Americanized when it is so obvious that they are from somewhere else! Certain words when spoken ALWAYS give them away! LOL! But since I am pointing it out many screw their faces up at me like I am “off” in the head. That in itself never ceases to amaze me! So let’s pull the covers off of ignorance with an explanation to what the REAL deal is here…..


From what I see, you have three major issues of confusion here, they are Culture, Race and National Identity. Class and Status in the society are also factors as well as a few other minor ones but for the most part to prove my point, we will deal with these three.


Culture is a shared set of customs and style of living that are unique to a people no matter WHAT the race. Hear that? I could be a Black man born in Japan and know the language, indulge in the customs of that country but not physically BE a Asian man! I am still a Black man of African descent who has not partaken in the customs of my bloodline because I was born elsewhere. This is not a crime. But if I were to tell you that I am an Asian man and I am not a Black man of African descent, then now THAT’S where the real crime of self hate, ignorance and denial is being committed!

And not to get off topic but in Japan, while you may have problems there as all societies do, they do not have a problem with race amongst their people like we do here in America because they are ALL the same race and originate from the same country! They do not have problems with culture there like we do because they are all partaking in the culture of their bloodline. They may have class issues and issues of sexism, but the reason why they rose so fast and progressed into a world leader in many industries across the board (Putting the so called great U.S.A. to shame!) after having the Nuclear bomb being dropped on them is because they had a UNIFIED MIND without the  trivial “waste of time foolishness” that we go through here in amerikkka!


Imagine how powerful as Black people we could be if we were not hung up on who was lighter/darker, or who has good hair/bad hair (Whatever the hell THAT means!) or who was from which island in the Caribbean or country in African or just in plain old denial of being black at all!


We look so foolish to others and this is the reason why many do not want to deal with us because we do not even have our acts together! We need a UNIFIED BLACK FRONT! Case closed…….. Now that you understand that you can be of ANY race and indulge or be a PART of any culture without being a member of that cultures dominant race, we can move on!

Next is Race. What is it? It might be considered by most to be a defined group of people who share the same unique physical traits that separate them from others. Example: The slanted eyes of an Asian person. The dark skin of an Black African combined with the wider nose and thicker lips. The blonde hair of a Caucasion and thin lips and narrower nose etc. etc. Now, for many this will be difficult to conceptualize but I am going to ask you for simplicity purposes to allow me TO simplify the complexity and magnitude of this issue to make a point. After that, you should completely understand where I am coming from…….


Now while we know that because of race mixing there are literally an unlimited amount of combinations that would through off my point but what you have to understand is that like a well detailed painting, the artist (The Creator took his colors BEFORE being mixed from a palette of BASIC colors that he masterfully blended ( Through your fore bearers sex drive!) to MAKE that final beautiful work of art! Now as far as race is concerned, what are the basic colors that God took from before the eventual mixtures and blendings? Well again, for simplicity sake let us say there are FIVE basic races to choose from. Caucasion, Asian, Black, Native American and Indian. Each of these in there full strength share the same identifying traits across the board more or less. Now for example we know that we can tell the difference between a Chinese and a Japanese individual as well as minor differences with other races but I said this will be a broad explanation to prove my point.

Now you can be of the Puerto Rican culture (I am only using Puerto Rico as an example for making my point since most Americans are aquainted with its culture) but yet be a mixture and ANY combination of Black, White and Native American with a dash of Oriental. That is not a crime. But to understand how that very beautiful mixture came to be is where most of us go wrong. If we would step back and think for a moment as to how this beautiful result came to be without attempting to paste our narrow self serving label on things, we would have a better perception of who we are and erase the self hate that has been injected into our minds by the oppressor.


All across the globe in various countries we find transplanted Africans who haven’t a clue as to their origins in Africa and how powerful African culture has been on the development and advancement on the world, therefore making them feel as though they haven’t contributed nothing to the world. You should not ever expect as a Black woman or man to be taught how YOUR fore bearers taught the world how to live in a civilized manner. They praise the Romans and Greeks for having such an impact on the world with their influence on the higher levels of civilization but you were never told in the “amerikkkan indoctrination units” of the young Black mind called public schools where  Romans and Greeks got THEIR training from!


The so called great leaders, thinkers and philosophers all came from afar to learn at the feet of the African masters but their history books will never reflect that. So by keeping you blind, ignorant and just straight out DUMB by never teaching you the truth but subconciously teaching you to deny YOUR culture and race keeps them in the lofty position they enjoy over you now, and they also know they will continue to rule over you as long as you talk as stupid as you do now! So when one appears on the horizon who speaks differently from the common “negro” that they have programmed with THEIR agenda, the oppressors and their negro puppets must discredit them somehow so you won’t absorb the truth of their words.


And from the looks of how certain things NEVER seem to change, their plan is being executed quite well because we as a people are STILL powerless…….


The only way most home trained (subservient to everyone else’s advancement but their own!) deaf, dumb and blind “negros” will even lend and ear to you is if you can proof how much schooling (Indoctrination) you have received from the oppressors “intellectual programming chambers” called college……only then will the masses of the blinded will listen. But what most do not understand is that our young Black minds somehow LOSE the ability to creatively think outside the box once they have given their minds to these schools and allegiances to this system.

Isn’t it something that the majority of the movers and shakers of Black business in our communities have not even touched a day in the oppressors schools? They had a dream and a desire to work that dream until their change came!……What I found so ironic is that these mavericks often hired those that are college educated to serve their purpose in business because again, these schools teach you to fit IN to an already flawed system that serves you not. But it never teaches you to create anything new for yourself!


I say this for the individuals who love to interrupt the issue of color when discussed by saying: “I don’t see color! We are all a part of one race and that is the human race!” Were we part of the human race when those dogs were turned on us during the civil rights movement? Were we part of the human race when you quietly panicked to your local realtor when those Black folks moved next door to you in your affluent (“How in the HELL did they get the money to move in here with us?”) neighborhood?

You try to sound so upright and holy when you say that asinine statement of “how you don’t see color” because we both know damn well that everyone sees color! You want to wash your hands of your well-documented historic hypocrisy and the huge disadvantage/chasm that it has created today in all pertinent categories (Housing, healthcare, education, wealth etc.) across the board between the children of the oppressors and the darker peoples of this world in the pursuit of life, liberty and justice.

Saying it doesn’t make you innocent at all!

Don’t get mad at me for saying it, my buddy Michael Baisden says the same thing! He even has a new website up by that name! There is no crime in seeing color, God made us this way and it’s a beautiful thing. Yes, we are all family under the banner of the human race but we have many beautiful differences about us that keep this world interesting.
Imagine having a garden with just one type of flower?

When you go to the Home Depot or Lowe’s to purchase your paint to decorate you homes, is it a crime to state which color paint you desire to purchase to achieve your goals? And imagine going to order your paint and telling the associate: “Color doesn’t matter, it’s ALL paint to me! Just put anything in my shopping cart!” Well, don’t complain when you go home to discover you have bright lime green paint for the walls and neon enamel for the trim!

Once we get our heads straight of who we are and extinguish the ignorance amongst us on race, culture and identity, we won’t see each other as being so different because we are wearing another mans garment, but will see the common thread and root that we share in our hungry African souls. Let us pray that we can see this happen in our lifetime!



Lance Scurvin


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November 10, 2012 3:50 AM

We have to be at peace with who we are before we can be comfortable with what we are and how we look. Once we learn to accept the good or stuff on the inside of ourselves THEN we can begin to accept what we are and how we are. I just don't think understanding what happened is enough. Acceptance coupled with knowledge and understanding may do the trick.

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