“I’m Retarded! What’s YOUR Excuse?”

I’m ‘tarded! What’s YOUR excuse?

I will never forget what the Brother of an old girlfriend of mine said, he was mentally challenged but was brilliant in his deep thoughts and was always on point when he offered his wit at the perfect time when it was needed!

But really, what he said was so true! “I’m retarded, what’s YOUR excuse?”

What he meant was that here he was as a person who is considered retarded by the standards of most but yet and still he held done a job, maintained his bills and asked no one for a handout and was a plus to the community that he lived in. His cutting statement came when he was being made fun of by someone who knew him from a distance and thought they could get in a cheap shot on a seemingly easy victim before having those derogatory remarks turned around and thrown back at them in such a brilliant and effective manner.

You see, his verbal assailants were the typical type of local do-nothings who enjoy tearing down anyone who quiet attends to their business and strives to improve themselves without stressing anyone else for what they desire in life.

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It had to sting these guys to the core when that very one to whom they thought had no sense say something so GENIUS!

But deeper than that, those words that my buddy spoke stayed with me for the rest of my life because here we have in the world so many people who are technically of sound mind but for some reason make nothing of their life when you check out what they have made of themselves over the years.

What is the excuse for these types?

Sure, some of us are late bloomers but after a time there is no excuse for not elevating oneself because like my friend basically said in his short statement, you have no reason for not trying when you possess your full faculties.

Life is too short to waste and if you really knew how fast it goes by those who choose to sit on their backsides might want to get up and run after progress with a relentless sense of urgency!

I don’t know about those types, but I know that I have thrown away a few years of my life on foolishness, freakery (Is that a REAL word? LOL!) and buffoonery and it haunts me as the years of my life pile up into the age ranges that I never thought would get here so fast when I was in my teen years and feeling so invincible and immortal.

Many of the do-nothings have just as many opportunities as anyone else has to make their lives better.

They will complain about foreigners coming into the country and taken “their” jobs but when the jobs incubated there unfilled I never saw these lazy asses going in to take them!

I love it when I see anyone try to take their lives to the next level. You can gauge how healthy a community really is by the signs of striving that we often overlook.

when I see people going out to feed the homeless that lets me know that the community at its core is one of compassion.

When I see women and men running early in the morning for improvement in the area of their health, it shows me that they have a respect for the body that God blessed them with.

When I see parents taking their children to school themselves early in the morning, I see a people who understand that they are a crucial part of a lineage that will live on beyond them and into the future.

When I see a young man or woman listen intently to their Elders, it shows me that all will not be lost in the collective wisdom that is often overlooked as too many do not value the precious perspectives of the aged.

So when I see one who may have more challenges than most stand tall in the face of put downs and ridicule from those who seek not to improve their lives at all, it shows me that living a life of principle will strengthen and under-gird you to be strong in the face of adversity no matter what anyone may say in their immature put downs!

So even though I haven’t seen my long lost friend for a few decades I wish he knew that his comical yet true words ring true with me in my heart every single day!

So no matter WHO you are and WHERE you may stand know that those same righteous principles of living will always bring you higher no matter HOW many attempt to put you down.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Targeted Brother,

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