I’m Tired Of The Revolutionary Looking Cardboard Cutouts Who Take Up Precious Space On The Front Line Of The War Zone!

This is 2011 people. 

But by the looks of things most of the time you would never know it. Why? Because we are still bitchin’ about the same old crap here in Amerikkka. The civil rights movement has come and gone and so was the progress that came with it.

Yes it did. And don’t tell me that we are better off, and if you believe that we are then you are a damn lire!

Can you prove it to me otherwise?

Don’t tell me that we made progress because we have the illusion of a Black President in the White House. How in the hell does a puppet make revolutionary change? Doesn’t the hidden hand control the marionette from the shadows and not the other way around? Think about it.

Don’t tell me that we made progress because we drive better cars or live in bigger homes because most animals on the plantation farm felt like they were living and eating pretty good not knowing that they were merely being fattened up before the slaughter. Think about it.

Don’t tell me that we are making progress because we now have complete access to the very schools that lock our potentially unlimited and very powerful minds into a very narrow way of thinking that really only shines when subservient to the very oppressor that has indoctrinated you and will only reward the trained puppies who will “tap dance” the hardest while skinnin’ grinnin’ and cheesin’ for the scraps off of the table! (“Look Massa! I’m no threat, I’ll be a good little non threatening Negro just please pay me well enough to be able to afford some of your toys! Can I tote you a dip of water Sir?”) Think about it.

Don’t tell me that we are making progress when there are more and more prisons being built in anticipation of your dumb Black ass being its primary resident. You don’t see see the hot dog stands before the game being set up for business unless they anticipate the huge crowds that will justify the substantial investment of food and equipment. They DO anticipate a return on that investment. It’s called doing good business. Incarceration in Amerikkka is no different. Now go stick up the local gas station, get locked up so you will have lots of time to “think about it.”

Think about it.

That’s the problem with all of us these days, we DON’T think about anything other than the hedonistic rewards to our five senses that we will receive. If it ain’t feeling good, then we don’t want anything to do with it.

And this is the problem with these lame ass revolutionaries who posture and look good talking the right talk and saying the right things but merely take up space on the front lines when there is a cease fire but run like a bitch when it’s time to go to war!

War? What war you ask?

Do you think that the war in Iraq is a war for YOUR interests? Think again.

Do you think that the war in the Middle East is the only war going on right now in your world? Think hard before you answer because if you think that all is well in your life then think again because I am going to prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are locked in battle everyday of your life and the sad part about it is that many of you don’t even realize it.

And while I speak of the “tap dancin’ always grinnin’ Negro posse” don’t think that this article is aimed at Black people alone! This is a universal dilemma for ALL races of people who are under the gun of the corporate and governmental oppressor and must push hard to make ends meet with the ever diminishing resources that seem harder to come by every time we get paid.

If you can’t stop working and live well for the rest of your life as well as the next five generations of your bloodline then YOU AIN’T RICH! Just because you may have the trinkets of success in your life how long can you sit down on your ass and maintain that lifestyle without having to work for someone? Even if it’s yourself that you work for you STILL have to make it happen by generating an income.

Stop working. How long can you last? A year? You wish! Four weeks? Maybe. But MOST of you are living check to check and can’t even keep up while doing it that way because if you were there wouldn’t be so many “PAYDAY ADVANCE” joints dotting the inner city landscapes with an ever growing frequency multiplying at such a frightening rate! Demand and supply, they wouldn’t be there if the people of this country weren’t utilizing them.
And you say that YOU are not in a war other than the corporate war for oil in Iraq?
But how many of YOU are willing to stand strong on the front lines here in Amerikkka and all over the world against your oppressor’s and spiritual vampires to fight to change ANYTHING of note in a system that will continue to suck you dry of your mind body and soul? Most of you will “punk out” as usual because you have absolutely no confidence in your abilities and talents to provide for yourself because you are afraid of losing you (Just Over Broke!) jobs that pay most of you so bad that you consider your banks overdraft protection as part of your regular budget!


You speak of leaving this world in a better state but you are to damn afraid to do anything to change the present that it is in. Does that make sense?

The fact of the matter is that most who posture on the front lines as though they are all about making something divine happen are only taking up space and are dead weight to anything positive happening because all they want to do is be seen and heard for there own narcissistic needs.


I do what I do because it is what I was put on this earth TO do! what makes me different from any of the people who have those punk traits that I discussed? Well, for starters I am not hiding from ANYONE and have put in YEARS of intense work to manifest this artistic and motivating body of work. Long sleepless nights and the constant mentality of being on the grind is NOT for the faint of heart. Years of sacrifice that was laughed at in the beginning by the “posse of mediocrity” but now is peeped at in awe from the shadows. I fear none but God and will move boldly to infuse my creations with a truth that will slay any devil who attempts to prove otherwise. God has given me all of the knowledge and motivation to move independently, therefore NO ONE can infiltrate this movement because I am an army of one. A one man gang!

A terrorist to the oppressor until the day I die! My bombs are truth. My tactics are legal. But the effect is cataclysmic to those who desire the masses in the chains of mind control. So this is the path that has been bushwhacked for me by Marcus, Malcolm & Martin. No compromise. Zero tolerance and your worst nightmare!

Watch my flow over the years…….

Naming names and calling it out as God instructs me…….

I walk in God’s “light”, not satans…….

But if you are taking up space on the front lines of MY revolution then expect to be smashed down like the cardboard cutout that you are! I’m salivating for the showdown…….

So keep on watching and prepare to shit your pants because my God is REAL!

You have been warned.

(Let’s see if you can decode this one devil!)

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May 22, 2011 11:59 PM

Absolutely well said!!!!!!!!!!… NO ONE CAN BREAK YOU LANCE… your mind is all too powerful!!! and so it should be….

until everyone wakes up and creates a better and more loving and spiritual world… live in the eyes of God… then this blog will FOR EVER stand true!!!

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