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In the many neighborhoods across America, when government and large developers lick their chops at the profit margins that can be gained financially from rebuilding the neglected destroyed downtrodden black neighborhoods, they season the minds of those who live there about their home areas in a very negative manner. Plans are made literally YEARS before you see it take action. Because of huge inner city growth and the lack of available units for the commuting “so called affluent” (And you know what that means!) individuals who are tired of the long drive, the task is now to somehow get the blacks out of the prime real estate areas without them knowing how much money they are sitting on! So how do the powers that be accomplish this seemingly impossible stunt?

Call it paranoia if you will, but if you have been on this earth and in this country any number of years to see the same formula executed, you may agree to what I have to say. And in explaining what I have observed, I will not explain it in statement form, I will merely ask it as a question. Remember, these events transpire over not only years but DECADES! So here it goes……..WHY is it when a Black neighborhood is targeted by high end developers, drugs and crime were ALLOWED to destroy the people of that neighborhood in epidemic proportions? WHY is it when a crime is committed in a black neighborhood, it is blown up out of proportion in the media, news and press more so than when the same crime is committed in an exclusively Caucasion neighborhood?

Why are there always signs put up in these downtrodden neighborhoods advertising to “Buy You Home Now! Any Condition!” or “Immediate CASH For Your Home Now!”….If these black neighborhoods have NO value what so ever, then what value do these investment companies and real estate companies see when they make such offers? Is this racist to ask these questions for something I have seen in every major city that I have traveled to in America? Why would they offer you money FOR your house so quickly, yet if you wanted a loan just as fast it is like trying to extract blood from an onion?

Why are we so damn stupid, believing what these snakes tell us about the neighborhoods that they are trying to lure us into discovering later on down the road that we have been deceived. Deceived and heavily in debt to a bank that cares not about our well being but the well being of THEIR financial portfolio. If as black people we have a problem with our own, DON’T run from it! Correct it! We have nothing to gain from leaving our “family!” Others hope we adopt this mindset so they can benefit from our twisted brainwashed minds. Doesn’t the same sun that shines in the most money laden of neighborhoods shines just as bright in the so called ‘hood? Isn’t the air in the southside the same as the air in north side of town? Who determines what part of God’s green earth is more desirable.


Who has been lying to you and preparing your mind for a sick unbalanced way of thinking? An unbalanced way of thinking that now has YOU paying so much more for a property that would cost half as much if you stayed your black tail close to where you came from! Those folks don’t want you near them! And then you pompously come back to those who are still there in the ‘hood who “weren’t lucky” to make it out, bragging about living next to people who despise you being around them.

They only TOLERATE you….they don’t love you….’cause as soon as THEY can, they leave immediately. And the cycle continues….

Now, you may have some say to you that in the Black neighborhoods, there is much more drugs, crime and prostitution going on, and that’s their reason for leaving….I say this, there may be more visible evidence of these things going on but it’s everywhere! For every 10 crackheads that you see in the streets of OUR neighborhoods looking for a hit, there are 50 people in the affluent neighborhoods addicted to pain killers, sleeping pills, alcohol, heroin, ecstasy, cough syrup AND crack!

They are doing all kinds of things on that side of town but since it is kept on a discreet level, their property values are maintained.

So why would I want to trade the old crackhead who I knew since elementary school, who won’t steal from me but will clean my yard cheap for five bucks, for the closet case of a neighbor who is so much more of an addict than one could ever imagine? They can afford to go to an exclusive white collar drug rehabilitation facility while on the ‘hood side of town, the closest thing to rehab is the county JAIL! They know the licensed doctors who can do them a favor and give them a LEGAL prescription to go to “CVS” or Walgreens”, feeling superior while they step out of their luxury vehicle gazing over that “disgusting low life” of a poor Black addict in order to legally get THEIR next hit!

This is not hate talk! This is reality and I am NOT afraid to call it like I see it!

Give me the damn hood ANYDAY! The people look like me and are more down to earth, too busy trying to get their next meal to hate on me! And you know what? Chances are when I open my front door, I will be bombarded with flyers offering to purchase my home! Any condition, all cash! That’s when I will know that I am sitting on a goldmine as I toss those flyers into the nearest trash can!

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