The Immoral Demolition Of America

Why waste time striving for equality with a people who control a system that are morally inferior to you who seek to demolish anything left in America that may be good for the people?

Buckle up two faced hypocrites, part time revolutionaries, subservient Negros and closet racists.

Let me ask you something…….

Let me ask you something point blank…….

In the judicial system utilized here in the United States Of America, when someone commits a crime and has a history of such violations against the law, what do you call that person?

A repeat offender?

A career criminal?

Well, when a wicked system set up by a demonic entity over many centuries treat their citizens  unfairly to crush their lives with unjust decisions, where is the justice coming from to stop such a system?


To make matters even worse, these evil entities feel as though they are right and exact in handing down such treatment to the poor and defenseless while giving their own preferential treatment as though this is proper.

You see, in America on our diminishing currency it says “In God We Trust”, I now truly wonder what God they were speaking of when I see the injustices that are becoming increasingly commonplace from sea to shining sea.

I am so glad that more and more people are opening their eyes to the travesties committed by the U.S. Government and their strong arm wing of collective Police States across the land.

Why do you think that we are being dumbed-down and entertained so much? Why do you think we are being distracted with so much gadgetry in the last few years?


We are so caught up in things that are totally irrelevant while our basic rights are slowly being taken away while the only concern that we have is surfing the fetish laced porn on the internet and reaching that high score on the XBox.

The common man has now been taken out of his mind and off his post while the movers and shakers who mold our world take advantage of the openings that we give them as they set up an even more severe system of exploitation that we won’t be aware of until it’s too late.

These well paid career criminals in the political offices across the land are their own secret society of leeches that take the best of all things for themselves while leaving the few scraps for the 99% to fight over.

It doesn’t matter whether they are Republican or Democrat because away from the staged broadcasted media battles based on a scripted political stance, they are all on the same team of deception to fool the masses into believing that they fight for your best interests.

democrat vs republican

We as an exploited people in America are reminded how different we are in the media everyday in order to keep us separated with their divide and conquer tactics.

This ensures we will never see them for who and what they are to come together to fight their agenda on a unified front.

Our differences in culture and race are a beautiful thing for all to learn, grow from and enjoy/experience.

But the hypocritical mainstream media mind control machine is very deceptive as their artificially engineered news anchors who you foolishly trust claim a righteous stance in front of the camera while being instructed of their dirty agenda behind the scenes.

News personalities like Anderson Cooper are carefully trained after being chosen to be the face of a multimillion news conglomerate called CNN to gain your trust.

Anderson Cooper

These plastic news personalities make it more convincing to absorb the propaganda that they so shrewdly administer to an unaware people who were not trained in these schools to challenge what is so freely given and think for themselves.

And absorb it we have because how else could you get a grown man to go out and “fight for his country” in a patriotic fervor when in actuality he is fighting for the corporate interests and stronghold on another nation who has the absolute right to do there business without another country butting in on it because they feel as though they’re running the world?

How else can we support a political system that does more harm to our lives than good year after year as we complain about the same damn things that Marvin Gaye sung about over 40 years ago in his songs?

Marvin Gaye

This system of government has done absolutely nothing for us except to take away what’s left of the moral fabric of our society as they make provisions to push every agenda that is unGodly and kill off any semblance of support for the traditional family.

We are simply too distracted and dumbed down to see it!

Morally inferior? Without a doubt! Am I talking about White people? Yes, some of them who are the upper class elite. Why? Because they are the ones in power at this particular time in America but I am speaking in actuality about ALL people who seek to emulate all things pushed in this immoral system.

That includes all races, White, Black, Asian, Native Americans and Indians. If you condone the wickedness going on in this world today then you deserve the imminent spiritual consequences that will surely come along with it!

But also understand that all races of people are also suffering under the present day rule.

We work hard all day long and still can’t seem to stay afloat financially and you mean to tell me that all is well in America? We work two and three jobs going to work half asleep and you mean to tell me that this is the place where the living is the best in the world?

expensive healthcare

We live in fear of getting sick not because we fear losing our lives but of the costs incurred by all of the expensive overpriced medical procedures that our insurance companies will attempt to wiggle out of paying even after we’ve been diligent in keeping up with our end of the bargain.

We live in fear more so of the police than the so called thugs that they are supposed to be protecting us from as WE all seem to appear to be the criminals to them even though our hard work manifests the taxes that pay their salaries.

Our schools used to be the safest place in the world for our children yet it has become more and more evident that it’s nothing more than a meat market for the predatory teachers who seem to be interested in teaching them more about sexuality hands on than the reading, writing and arithmetic that they were sent there to learn in the first place!

American’s have become the second class citizens in their own country and they better get hip to the game being pulled over their eyes as this place is being “hollowed out” of their jobs, resources and future as the career criminals and repeat offenders otherwise known as the wealthy set up shop worldwide so when the economy falls they can watch safely from abroad like a well executed demolition.

Glencairn Tower Demolition

I’m through shouting the obvious and will simply observe from this point on because it appears that we are too far gone in our aspirations to embrace a path of existence that will lead us all straight to the deepest recesses of hell itself.

Applaud me for my foresight after the demolition of America is successfully completed…….but I probably won’t even be here.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Ranting Brother,


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