Is It Impossible For A Woman & A Man To Be Just Friends? – The LanceScurv Show

Madamwhipass & LanceScurv chop it up in an amusing conversation that tackles the notion that most people tend to believe that women and men cannot maintain a platonic relationship without yielding to the temptation or desire to take things further.

Listen to their answers as it will most likely take you by surprise.

They both speak from their experiences that you will discover definitely overlaps in a very unique way.

What’s your opinion on this?

Do you feel that men can resist the urge to go beyond the realm of all things platonic with a woman and do you also think that most women wouldn’t resist the advances of a man who is in the friends zone to whom they might feel a spark for?

Situations are all varied with many different factors pulling on an individual in unique ways, so in essence it really is hard to predict a chemistry between different couples who are as different as night and day.

No matter what one feels about this scenario, no one answer is completely absolute as the sexual tensions between the sexes are built into us regardless as to how strong we are as individuals!

Feel free to share your perspectives in the comment area below. God bless!

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  • Beautiful Brown says:

    Nope, men and women cannot be friends. You don’t know how many male “friends” I had to stop talking too just because they liked me when they know I was not interested

  • abasi charles says:

    I think men and women can be friends but not for the most part.

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