In 2013 You Must Unfriend All Drama In The Facebook Page That Is Your Life!

I woke up on the first day of 2013 feeling so very good.

In part I think it’s because I slept for at least nine plus hours and since I haven’t had that kind of sleep for so long it felt as though I was a new man.

I finally had the luxury on this free day to surf the internet (Watching some classic boxing matches on YouTube!) as well as eating at leisure never really consuming a full meal but picking here and there at what my culinary laboratory afforded me, and to climb back into the bed even if was for no more than 20 minutes at a time to top off my already euphoric state of being that I have now pledged to maintain constantly for the rest of my life.

But while that was merely the physical component of my refreshed existence, the other parts that were not as evident and obvious in my great spirits I would attest to the fact that I had made peace with a few loose strings in my life that needed to be dealt with and therefore they ceased to weigh me down mentally as well as spiritually.

Positive People

So it was more so my ability to self correct my dealings with some personal issues that changed the outlook on my life from my perspective which freed me up to see the beauty of the world that is around me in great abundance. This is why I titled this blog article like I did because in my self exploration I can really see how we drag our same old issues, drama, hangups and mainly PEOPLE from one year to the next.

But to tell you the truth it is not really about the time span of a complete year, but how we approach every single day of our lives that makes the difference in the quality of existence that we will eventually enjoy. If we took a year to realize that there were major things that needed to be altered in our inner circle then we would never elevate our lives the way we should and it would probably be on a high speed downward plunge in no time.

This is why I never really subscribed to the notion that things should be tended to resolution and commitment wise only on New Year’s Day or New Year’s Eve.

Do you wait to wash your backside once a year? Don’t answer that, judging from what feedback that my nostrils give me when I am at work driving the bus in the public domain, I firmly believe that some of you just might answer that question with a huge YES!

But do we wait to clean our yards or wash our cars or at least check to see if these chores need doing? If some of us neglect the mandatory physical tasks that should be automatically completed then why is it such a surprise that we neglect the very much real intangibles that can truly turn our world upside down when we ignore their cries for attention?

We usually don’t reach out to our loved ones or seek to squash any differences that we may have had. We want that relationship to work but we shy away from actively pursuing the upkeep that will cause it to be all that we want it to be.

…….see where I’m going with this?

So we need to do a gut check of our lives frequently in order to ensure that things don’t get out of hand to the point where it is unmanageable in an out of control dangerous situation.

But sometimes as human beings we may not always be on point in our lives and sometimes things HAVE gotten out of hand. Yes, it may have been your initial fault as to why it got that way but if you make every reasonable attempt to correct a situation and the participants involved don’t want to make a change then you must move on in a guilt free manner and never allow anyone to continually beat you over the head with it.


But human nature being what it is on the negative side, your long held constituents will sometimes NEVER let you live certain events down in your life so in order to receive less stress if they insist on supplying you with the huge dosages of mind/spirit numbing negativity then you merely have to minimize THEM to a lower priority position in your life or just plain ole UNFRIEND THEM!


Feel no guilt as you do so because the life you now have came directly from a God who wants you to have it and enjoy it to the utmost! So how dare someone else come between that and attempt to make you life miserable?

But you can’t be afraid to banish them merely because of the length of time that you’ve known them or some other silly perceived element of loyalty that is dragging you down because of your non productive union. Remember, people sometimes grow for the better and sometimes people change for the worst, if they do not desire to maintain the upkeep of their lives on so many levels then why should you have to feel the brunt of it and suffer because of THEIR neglect?

If you know where you want to go in this life then why should you court the energy of one who wants nothing for themselves except for the stagnation that is guaranteed to sabotage your ambitions?

Now human nature as it is on the positive side there are many individuals out here who are driven to ascend into a positive destiny and would love the company and camaraderie of one who is motivated in a similar manner even if your area of expertise is totally different. Positive people love other positive people because it is that universal positivity that is the currency and fuel to reach your high goals and achievements! It is not relegated just to one particular church congregation nor is it copy written to that old set of clowns to whom you spent your younger years with doing pretty much of nothing! It is a thing that flows freely in the universe and can be captured and embraced by anyone and everyone if they so desire it so never feel that you are backed into a corner or cut out of a blessing since you are not with the “in crowd” when you can deal direct with the originator of it all!

Positivity and the components that will stoke the motivation in your soul are out here for you in abundance so if you are not feeling UP the majority of the time then there are definitely some things that must not be brought into this brand new year as it will have you wondering why you are not making the progress like that next person.

A New Year’s resolution? To HELL with a resolution, we need a GUT CHECK in order to TAKE EFFECTIVE ACTION NOW!

Resolutions to me are the little verbal bits of self delusional bull crap that we romanticize and tell ourselves (And others) while having no plan of attack or present motivation to accomplish what is needed to be done like YESTERDAY!

I have no time to make resolutions because I am always out of breath from actively working MY PLAN for an improved life in the present!

To me a New Year’s resolution is like telling the passengers in your car that you will soon check how much brake pads are left in the car you all are sitting in and speeding at 110 miles an hour toward a brick wall as the brakes don’t seem to be working! It’s too damn late for that! You need action NOW! This is how I get so much accomplished because I am not into the worthless projections into the future – I’m trying to make it happen NOW!

Brick Wall

So if you as a person refuses to understand my drive then consider yourself history because I refuse to let you or anyone hold me back and I strongly suggest to you who are reading this article that you adopt the same agenda or waste another year of your life going nowhere!

…….and if you think I am speaking harshly then think of all of the years that you spent allowing others to pilfer away your mental, physical and emotional resources that could have benefited you right now that you can never get back! What many so called trusted confidantes in your life have done qualifies as nothing short of a BANK ROBBERY!

So trim away the Drama Queens (And Kings!), negative people, the whiners, complainers, the do nothings, the presently dead masters of reminiscing who live only in the past as well as the spiritual vampires who are waiting to assassinate you at the first opportunity with a smile on their face and replace them with the motivated, peaceful, drama free people who have pledged to use everyday to move them closer to their righteously ordained goals without using anyone to get there and who are toiling honestly to earn their dreams in a system that God has made for everyone. THAT’S what you want in your life as the first day of the rest of your life starts RIGHT NOW!

LanceScurv Steps

Happy New Year everyone and if our Creator blesses us to be here this time next year I want you ALL to have 365 reasons to show that your life has been an undeniable SUCCESS!

Let’s get to it because we ALL have some work to do and if you need me I will always be here for you if it is a positive based need! NO DRAMA!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Relentlessly Raw Brother,


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January 1, 2013 8:14 PM

I agree because it's time to clear one's life of the BS that has kept many prisoner for so long. Realistically many people need to unfriend those people who serve them no real purpose in life except to keep the stress and nonsense going. Many of us are tired of the haters, cheaters, users, abusers, and the game players who suck the life out of many of us from living a peaceful existence without the elements that drive ourselves to being stressed and tired many times. When do you say enough is enough? In reading this article you are addressing a long standing issue with people letting them know it's OK to let people go who are no longer conducive to your life. Some people fail to realize that more than half the people they have on their Facebook pages are people they don't really talk to and many of them are just the catalysts to the drama and nonsense they involve others in causing conflict and unwarranted stress.

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