In Dedication To Sandra Bland – The Dr. Ramona Brockett Show

Like Sandra Bland, Dr. Ramona Brockett has had more than her share of battles with the powers that be that would still love nothing more than to silence her words and stop her divine mission to empower the people and release the deadly grip of oppression that is a constant deterrent to our people waking up.

What happened to Sandra Bland could have happened to her and many other influential individuals who are deemed a threat by those wicked entities who sit in high places holding great power.

Listen in as Dr. Brockett once again makes sense of the madness to bring an understanding to the distractions and smokescreens so shrewdly placed by the media spin-masters who work hand in hand with the oppressors of our people to keep us unaware of the time, ignorant to the facts and blinded to their true agenda.

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Culture Critic, Podcast Host, Blogger, Cartoonist & Social Media Activist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! Call/Text Direct: 407.590.0755

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